We loved. Part 2

Part 2
Natasha I now shunned. Not to say that we had a falling out. We discussed, of course, her parting with virginity. She was proud that it is impossible to, and I on the contrary all happened seemed solid pornography. Natasha patronizingly patted me on the shoulder and announced:
- Little more you, Pauline. Do not ripe, girl ...
Natasha went everywhere now with Artyom and Svetka. They were whispering and giggling at the corners. And I was terribly lonely.
Mariana began to organize rehearsals. They held a total bunch, and I was in the circle did not take. But I'm not torn. I still felt ashamed eye contact with earrings. It seemed to me all the time that he sneers.
On that day, the rehearsal ended earlier than usual. Mariana let go of all and clean up our top five left in the hall. Told not to stay, then pass the keys on the watch, and she was gone. I went to get a bucket and mop, and when I returned, I saw that they are in full momentum. Sveta sat on the edge of the stage, and Eugene, located between her thighs, with all his strength drove his penis into her vagina. He, flashing bare ass, retreated a step and acceleration pierced into it. She asks every time published the voluptuous: ah-ah-ah ... She throws her head, writhing. Her legs lay on the shoulders Yevhen, and the entire contents of the perineum was in sight - greedy hole and twitching clit, which she shook his hand and fiddled furiously.
Artyom sat in one of the seats of the auditorium. Natasha was standing in front of him on his knees and licked his penis. However, it periodically withdraws it into itself to its very foundations, rubbed on the lips curly shoots him in the groin, then released slowly. The left hand she was thrust between his legs. She is actively doing something in his pants. Here she moaned:
- Theme, I can no longer ...
Artyom picked it up and planted a vagina on his rebellious member without removing the panties, just pushing a narrow strip of jersey between the legs to the side. They actively twitched.
I grabbed a rag and a bucket, went to the far end of the hall and began to wash the floor there. They met and gathered around me.
- Poor Pauline fuck with mop - Sveta laughed.
- Do not worry, - said Eugene. - She was out there somewhere waiting for Gray, catch up. It you like a fuck, Paulie? Cancer? At the entrance on the windowsill?
I broke down and looked at him angrily.
- Op-pa! - Said Eugene. - So this weak that just because you never opened it? This case must be corrected! What do you think, girls?
- I think it's time - with these words betrayed me, my bosom friend of Natasha.
- So - I ordered Eugene - you, girls, wash the next, that she immediately start, and we make it easy with the theme classmate existence. Come on-it there, behind the scenes.
- Eugene, - Artem said cautiously. - Do not.
- What did you think? - Eugene grinned. - We will not rape her. So, raskochegarit little - and added, turning to me, - And if you start to twitch and scream - fuck with cruelty, okay?
I nodded, took after them a few steps, and then rushed to the door. I was hoping that they will not catch up or that people will be in the hallway. But in the hallway was empty and half dark, and Eugene broke me like crazy. He caught me by the stairs already promised in my ear, that is to fuck me all night in every hole, and dragged him back into the room.
Behind the scenes were sports mats that have dragged on stage when acrobats performed. They threw me and Eugene. He leaned on the top and began to tear off my clothes. I squirmed and pushed him away.
- Eugene, stop - I heard a voice from Artem.
- I have not yet begun, - he panted Eugene and suddenly with all his might hit me head on the floor.
I have dark eyes and weakened arms and legs. Eugene took advantage of it, pulled up my skirt on the chest, and pulled the tights and shorts to the knees. I zakamenela fright. And suddenly he gently ran his fingers over my stomach. I shuddered. He began to paint in my stomach circles and arrows, gradually picking up the secret to the little town. For some time he played pubic hair, and then dipped his finger in the crotch. To my shame, I felt a pleasant ripple as his finger began to stroke my clitoris and gently pat on it. I struggled squeezed his legs. Eugene laughed. He threw my labia with two fingers and thrust sharply between the third and scratched with a fingernail. I was seized with real terror, I began to struggle violently, and he pressed me with his body and everything plunges and plunges into a finger for me. The finger was cold and probably dirty.
Eugene again switched to a pat on the clitoris, but this time no good feeling did not arise. I began to cry. And Eugene reached for my lips to kiss, but suddenly his head slowly and with difficulty, as if against his will snapped back. I looked up and froze in horror and shame. Above us towered earrings. It tore it from me Evgena, clutching him in his long hair.
- Gray, leave - he said Eugene dull and cried. - Subject, remove it.
Artyom spoke with a hidden pleasure.
- Well, I do not. I warned you - do not touch Pauline.
Eugene got up and on the go adjusting clothes, ran away. Seryozhka busily odrnul my skirt and held out his hand.
- Come on, let's go.
When we left the room, Natasha vyaknula:
- A duty? ..
- Work, - Sergey let her off the chair and picked up my jacket.
We walked in silence. I'm still shaking. We retired from the school about a quarter when we caught up with Eugene.
- Well, slow down, Gray! You correctly calculated that I will not fight at school, but wrongly decided that I will not catch you on the street.
Then there was a fierce fight. At the same time Eugene was more massive, more trained, more satiated. Realizing this, I stepped aside, briskly and decisively crucified were lying here some boxes, chose thicker rail, jerked. Stick leaned surprisingly easy. I almost fell. Stay on his feet, he caught the rail comfortably. And then, putting in a blow all his hatred, Evgeny punched along the ridge. He somehow stifling grunted and settled.
- Good caressed - Seryozhka grinned. - Well, what to do with him now?
Out of the shadows made by Artem.
- Go guys. I will help.
- No, wait, - began to Eugene.
But Artyom asked him to be quiet.
- With a girl because you're not going to fight, right?
Eugene was forced to admit it. Then I threw a stick at his feet, and we left.
Sergei could not stop the bleeding from the nose sochivshuyusya. Do not helped nor snow, attached to the nose or throwing the head back. Near our house, he looked down at himself and sighed disappointed.
- That ugly, ruined my clothes. If I am in this form I come home, mom mad descend. Listen, - he said to me, - Remove any stain remover ...
But I'm scared it dragged pallor earrings to our home.
Dad opened.
- About how! - He said loudly and called out. - Alina, come here!
Mom came running, razahalas. And something happened, what I had hoped. The parents worked a professional instinct. They are my doctors. Earrings emptied of clothes, drove to the nose cotton swabs and dragged us both to feed. Seryozhka tried to make excuses, but my mother did not even hear. It simply presents us with plates, cups, pulls the bread basket, then the oil can. Then came Pope has withdrawn, and earrings in the room, and my mother took me. I said I do not know who attacked me, and that's Seryozhka rescued.
- Lord, what a blessing that this boy happened to be nearby! Or not an accident? - Mom caught on.
I admit that I do not know.
- What a beautiful boy - and suddenly my mother said sadly.
My mother could see it right away. But it took me God knows how long.
On that day, the pope drove home earrings ... a car like that nor protested. When he returned, he stared at me in surprise and said:
- Great guy. Smart, independent, courageous. Where did you find this, Pauline?
- Ten years in the same class - I sighed and she is horrified at his own words. Ten years!
- Yes? - Dad said. - I Never heard of him at parents' meetings.
- At the parents' meetings, - condescendingly explained mom - or say about standouts, or Losers. And as far as I understand, this boy to be an excellent student just once.
- Well, yes - Pope affirmed. - He said that he only lives with his mother. Incomplete family. The last two years moonlights to make life easier for the mother. He engaged in computer design. And you know - my father laughed ruefully, looking at mother - earns more than I do!
I was surprised. Not the fact that it works. We have a lot of money zashibayut, who as you can. And just as the pope said about him - almost with envy. And it was clear that this applies not envy the amount of money, and something else. Dad and explained his words, because my mother felt the same as me, and looked at him questioningly.
- He seems to be very talented. He trusted orders very solid clients. Even I know the names of these companies ...
Mom suddenly happy laughed, grabbed me by the shoulders and shook her back and forth.
- Look, Pauline, do not do something silly, - said cheerfully she added. - How quickly you've grown ...
The next morning, my mother lectured me a book, revealing that, I blushed. There physiology of men and women have been described. This university textbook I have repeatedly studied the sly. But my mother did not know about it. She advised me to become thoroughly familiar with the content of the section on contraception and ask questions if something is unclear. In short, I received official permission to dispose of their bodies and their sex lives.