Summer Adventures

Prologue. Part 1.
A couple of years ago, I rented a house in the village. House with bathhouse not far from deaf forest lake, and the village was a deaf-five old women, that's all its population. The village is far from the main roads, then-mistress garden itself lost, while was taking mene show their mansions, I was going to shoot in the summer. My conditions were calm, not far from the presence of the reservoir or river, all of these conditions in the spinner, so called village were. They shook hands, and now I'm the owner of the forest lair.
Not clever furniture in the house, and the most important Russian stove was in good condition. Room is not big, with a set of gangs and all the bath inventory, following instructions hostess, lit the stove. Melt and the furnace in the house to dry it after the winter. I decided to settle in tomorrow, but tonight decided to take a steam bath and go to bed. After nine pm bathhouse was ready napar enough, went to sleep in the loft, the oven giving a cozy and good heat.
Screaming speakers woke me, wow quiet village! Slide the shelf to look at the source of the noise, so blatantly and rudely violated my rural idyll. Near the front of the house stood a few cars, one cried all this cacophony of sounds. Near machines scurried company of boys and girls, unloading, they tried to drown the music, until one of them is not turned off the radio, once reigned. Of medium height, brown-eyed boy with no hasty movements, self-confident man who was undoubtedly the leader of the noisy company, after his actions, no objection. Unloading has continued in silence, seemingly all source of irritation disappeared and you can still lie on the stove, but I am like a magnet attracted to the window, giving off the brown-eyed contemplation of grace.
Inspired, touched the curtain, and this gave himself, eyed glanced at my window, we shared a narrow street, so the front garden before the house, recoiling from the window, I stepped back into the room. Only for a moment, our eyes met and it was enough to make my heart began to beat faster in his chest, the body crawl and become itchy ass. My temper is known to me, and how to cope with the sudden tide of passion, too, so it is not without effort, but I pulled myself together.
Washing and Breakfast took a long time, soon have opened the gates for the exit to the street, the fact that the wood is almost gone, you need to go after them to the nearest forestry. Prudent garden hostess told us how to get there, even a plan drawn on a sheet, and the Food, too, must go. Closing the gate, I heard behind the greeting:
- Good morning, neighbour! He turned and saw him, he was smiling at me, and a pleasant, open smile. My heart sank, began to redden the ears, as manifested my anxiety and embarrassment, I almost lost myself.
- Good morning: I answered.
- Do not tell me how to get to the store?
- Theoretically I know where he is, but in practice it has never been.
- Not local, or what?
- Yeah, the first day.
- And so do we.
- Tim: he introduced himself.
- Kim: I said, we shook hands.
- Look, old man grasp, someone or whether from ours?
- Progress.
A few minutes later, the car sat a long-legged girl.
- Face: it had the low velvety voice.
- Kim.
- The Communist Youth International: she immediately deciphered my name, my name is generally accepted as foreign, and only the older generation remembers that this is actually an acronym.
- I have not offended you with his erudition?
- No, I am pleased that the young lady does not think my name is Korean.
It is certainly good-looking, brown hair, a high forehead, sensual lips, ox-eyed, beautiful hands, long legs modestly overweight, not big, but firm breasts. In general, if not queen, so at least the princess escaped from the king daddy. Although with all of this it behaves simply and without affectation. While we were traveling with Lika, talking about that, about this, approaching the timber enterprise for almost all knew about each other and about her company. Upon learning that the first'll pick firewood, Lika jokingly said:
- Lumberjack, they are people with great .... axes!
- Rather, with blue noses!
We all laughed. Woodman was precisely with blue noses of them carried the fumes, I could not come together to take off the price, it was sky-high, if bought mahogany, not ordinary wood. Proving them wrong, at some point I realized that they were open-mouthed look behind me, then I felt the touch of roundness elastic breast, and then Lika took my arm and pressed her body already. I was attacked by tetanus, and she said in mock exasperation:
- Honey, let's go, look for other woodcutters, maybe they will be more amenable!
Itself did not move. Blue Noses, after a pause, began vying with each other to offer their services, generally reducing the price, and a liter of vodka even agreed to unload and lay the wood in the woodpile. I told them where to go, and gave a deposit, and learned from them how to get to the store. Already in the car Lika looked at me, they say, well, how?
- Beauty terrible force !: said in her opinion I am.
- Charm, Smoothie: Face retorted.
- Finite course, I thought, charm, growing from the beautiful neck, slim and terribly sexy, charm, swaying slightly and not slightly protruding from under a translucent topic two sharp peaks of rounded hills.
Shop, rather rustic storage shed only with glass, immediately found, surprisingly there was what to choose cottagers, resting from the busy city. Shopping is easy to fit in the trunk of the car, there was no sense to gain a whole lot, do not travel far from their dens and periodically need to be selected to not run wild with the country. What there was napryazhenka so it is with condoms, local people do not need them, remembering my neighbors on the spinner. While Face turned away, I bought a pack of those that were, at the Face and acted relaxed, at her particular behavior does not seem like, like here I am, look, see, and do not touch.
Faint hope was, and she is not going to die. I behaved with Lika exactly trying than not to give his growing interest in it, any views or involuntary touches, with a clever woman is not passed, the pupa hungry adoration, and no matter from whom, even peck, but clever ever! Clever Girl know their value and if they want to close, then make it clear that, of course with all the rules of decency. Coming out of the store, we went to the improvised market, there was all that rich district, the milk in plastic bottles from under mineral water, poultry, egg, fish and other Misc necessary and not very ubiquitous inhabitants of tropical countries with their fruit and vegetables .
I bought meat on skewers, eggs and a couple of chickens, the packaging of fresh strawberries, which treated the Face, she gladly accepted a feast, and all the way back, we ate it. Already before the house of Lika said:
- Join us as our friend successfully defended, and we will wash his master's degree.
Loudly said, in a tone that brooked no objection, so that would be thrown out of the house heard all the company. I muttered:
- Is it convenient to both at once, and in a foreign company?
- Are you with me and that's enough!
- Of course: Tim answered for all.
- Who will deal only with wood and ready to make a strong contribution: I answered. forestry workers already being unloaded and stacked in the woodpile firewood, they worked the dispute and half an hour later, having received the money, and a liter of good vodka, left. The car has not disappeared, and Lika have come to call me, she introduced me to the whole company. We decided that we will celebrate in the evening when it gets dark, we expand the fire. Dima offered is marinated meat to swim in the lake, was the second half of the day, the sun was at its zenith and thoroughly beat down, several voices have agreed with him, I said I also want to marinate the kebabs on your prescription ... for a change, and wandered until evening directions.
Almost finished marinate skewers came when Tim:
- How is it going?
- Almost finished.
- Let's go swimming?
I did not answer immediately, I wanted to Leakey, although Tim attracted me, too, did not want to offend his refusal.
- Come on, let alone melting wear.
What to wear, I knew immediately, tight ass pants that do not cause but also emphasizing the roundness of my. I have a good figure, slender legs straight, to girly they certainly far, although some do not, and such. Wasp waist, small hips, round ass, all this does not create a bad effect. I was not just confused with the girl sunbathing in a bikini, it is annoying, since I do not sunbathe and swim on the same beaches. Do not hesitate, Tim dressed pants, I took a towel, and we went to the lake. Go not away, I thought feverishly as Tim divert from the general company.
From a distance, we heard the splash and cheerful cries of bathers.
- Namutili probably went away from them.
- Hugo: I mumbled.
Everything went as well as possible, swimming alone with Tim, and in the evening will Lika, that will be at least peting, I was sure about one hundred. Stepping out of the toe, we went into the water. Water has warmed and pleasantly refreshes the body. Tim showed different styles of swimming, diving was at the hands of the shallow water, then completely went out at the hands of the water. Jets of water running down his roast swarthy body, all spoke of strength and agility, the hill on his swimming trunks showing a far mediocre content size. Tim was sexy and relaxed, he caught courage, take it right now for almost any business, all waiting for him luck. I do not swim like a sausage in a pan, diving, I saw cancer.
- Tim, there is a shrine, let's catch!
- Yeah, but I can not.
- This is a piece of cake, you are not the main water turbidity, while I'll run behind a mask.
- Let's I run, and you sexually, so where is it?
- In the hall there is an old table, in it.
Tim as he was, and ran in batches. Mask I found by accident, briefly examining the house, stumbled on the bedside table, there with all sorts of rubbish, lay a mask and a pair of his short fins, it is useful, I said. Tim came back very quickly, gave me the gear and watched what happens. Rinse the mask, drove it for themselves, too, made with fins, I told Tim that he had collected in the pack with algae crabs discarded me.
He dived, the water was unclear, but you can see crabs. They were then darkness, a place untouched cancers are not frightening. Diving is not tired, is the breath knocked completely.
- Class !: Tim said admiringly.
- Where so I learned?
- Childhood in the south of the grandmother, we boys all day and only hunted the river.
Rakov nalovleno much, they have not put in a bag, and Timka apparently fearing them, so funny trying to collect cancers in one pile.
- So, I for algae, and you fasten shirts node.
Cancers barely got into our spacious t-shirts, load, moved towards the house. Before reaching the outskirts of the village, met Lika, not anxious not surprised look she looked around us.
- Where have you been?
- Cancers caught: happily snapped Tim.
We showed her the bag and T-shirts.
- Oh, how little!
- Yesterday, five large well, and now three, but small !: unanimously pronounced that we are old as the world pun.
Cancer was not large, so-so average, but it was a lot. not knowing himself, not guessing, I became the hero of the day, and if anyone had any doubts on my account, they instantly vanished, the company has adopted me. Rest of the day until dark was held in preparation for the feast, the girls are not planed artful salads, and we chopped wood and preparing to cook crayfish, roast barbecue. Face and Tim were always somewhere near me. The situation was interesting, I've never enjoyed much success either with girls or guys, if only he did not aggressively sought proximity. And two-thirds of my attempts ended in nothing, and of the remaining, the unit brought what they wanted at the moment.
I do not know, visible to others was shown by interest in me two different people on the floor, mene is flattered and amused. Anxious not comfortable it was when died down congratulatory toasts when the hero of the occasion after the third glass could not clearly pronounce the name of the work, when the riotous revelry and fun. Face and Tim began to show signs of his persistent attention, alcohol stirred up dormant desires under wraps. People are intelligent and banalities like grabbing, hugging, patting not allowed, but through the flames I caught myself on their quick questioning look, what are you? When played a slow melody, I invited Lika dance.
All and all melted in my gas, only now Lika and I were real, everything outside became a dance of shadows. Spinning in a slow dance, we are pressed tightly against each other bodies. Cool of the evening forced us to wear jackets, but now it has become hot from the embrace and love the heat. Slowly circling, we began to unbutton our deterrent gusts jackets. Our hands glide smoothly over the body, stopping its motion when it encounters something interesting on TV partner for long delayed, gentle touches examined every centimeter of flesh liberated.
Here and below, so long as our hands touched the secret places of each other, more reverent and softer steel of our movement, we froze, substituting hungry weasel their secrets. First, in passing, as if catching his hands comes from us warmly amorous languor, then all passionate feeling and stroking each other. Through the soft and thin fabric stretch bryuchek Leakey, my hand caressed the quivering flesh of the pubis, palm felt growing and throbbing bump clitoris. Trembling all over, her hips swaying, Lika moved forward in time with my hand, trying to grasp the very same time all my scrotum, drove up it in the bottom. Her thin delicate fingers fluttered over the swollen member, gently stroking it, frantically clutching.
Slightly aloof from Leakey, I turned her back to him. Placing his hand on the pubis, tightly pressed her to look pours phallus. Lika and pushes her ass, her head thrown back, his neck held up under my kisses. My hand is raised gum Licinius topic and felt the cool breast firmness. In my hand rested erogirovanny hard nipple. By passing it between the fingers, I began to gently squeeze her breasts. Lika trembled even more, the fabric on hand to wet pubic hair, her movements became rapid and jerky.
She trembled in loving ecstasy, wriggled his whole body. And I kissed her lips Licinius. My hand tightened her grip on her chest, the other hand, I quickly began to drive on the clitoris. A couple of quick movements and Lika huddled in the throes of ecstasy. After that, she went limp. Turning Face to face him, put his arm around her, she clung to me all over and gently trembling.
Junket was in full swing, the company relaxed the full program! One girl shows striptease, two guys she applauded. Trinity - a boy and two girls were engaged in full swing petingom, I found a guy in Tim. Even someone squeezed someone, music, noise, scream, dark, illuminates fading fire, that was the background against which occurred with our Lika love game. Without saying a word, we went to me. A couple of times stayed, hugging and kissing. So far, reached the house, the excitement enveloped us. Before bed we just tore off his is not a lot that did not manage to take off, went into the house.
Lika attacked me furiously hungry tigress. Before I touch on the bed, she immediately straddled me. Quickly introduced my cock into itself and began moving at a furious pace. I felt her clit rubbing against me. Lika sit down on my cock with the frenzy that I was afraid she might break it in a fit of passion. Groaning, uterine and hacking, Lika huddled in ecstasy, increasing the already fast-paced movement of the body. Soon it ... convulsive movements stopped, and Lika fell on me, almost smashing my face with his head.
A few minutes later she was comfortably settled on me, stretched out his legs along my legs and clasping my neck, my phallus deeper introduced himself. I stroked her back and buttocks, straining member, and every time she shuddered from my caresses. I liked it, and I've done it more than once, feeling Likino body shook for a moment after my actions, strained, then relaxed.
The next day, the Face behaved like, not what had happened, exactly as a good friend and nothing more. Rest of the day the company was going to sluggish Track-track, the evening finally came, they set out. In parting, they promised only more likely to wrap in this backwater, and did not want to miss me.
So come my privacy. Evening coolness pleasant refreshes the body, I brought a chair in the garden and enjoy the sunset and night Memories Gone. That one I do not get bored here, it was clear, that's just the first one, he or she will find an excuse to come to visit. And it did, in four hours after their departure, the bell rang, called Tim. The connection here is useless, broken, all I could make out, it's to see in the house and around the clock and that he would come. While we were talking to "broken telephone" in our conversation trying to wedge another interlocutor is Lika.
She told me about the makeup, supposedly forgotten in my house. Everything was as I expected, the main thing that did not come in one day. My imagination took me away from the real world, and when I got back, the street has been pretty cool. At night I dreamed of Licinius breast and something in batches Tim.