A meeting

I drew attention to it immediately. Why? Beautiful? Yes, but that's not it. Beautiful I've seen before. And this girl was struck my fancy at once. Above-average growth, platinum hair color, not perezhzhnnaya blonde, namely platinum. And his eyes are black, dark brown or rather, why they appear black. Long slim legs. High breast, which emphasizes a red dress with an open back. And was there any magnetism, attraction. I usually pay attention only to the men, it is with me for the first time. No, I'm lying, it is not the first time. When I finished school, spring break came to her grandmother Sveta. Svetlana was my neighbor. She was six months older, but I do seem terribly grown-up. Past Svetka could not safely pass any man, it's crazy. Tall, thin, sandy hair, a figure with curves such that it is impossible to look away. I was bored on vacation. My best friend had gone somewhere and I missed alone. Light has come to ask for charging cell phone and we talked. It turned out my new friend sews perfectly, and I just had to sew a skirt. Fabric I was a black, shimmering, feels like a tight silk, it was for small, sew, but this talent I have, alas, did not possess. She asks kindly offered their services. She took measurements, the length I have chosen such that practically had only to lift his leg as it becomes visible panties.
- I'm sure? - I asked doubtfully Light - maybe a little longer.
But I stood my ground.
- While on your feet, she continued dreamily ..........
- And what are my legs? - I asked in surprise. While I was still unaware of its appeal, and the body to show love, as Emmanuel was read and tried to imitate her.
- Oh, with your feet, Evochka, with your full lips, with your breasts, the boys have to go on your mind.
- Hmm - I chuckled - that do not go.
- Wait a minute, all ahead.
- Eve, and you see "Bitter Moon"?
- Yes, of course, it's my favorite film.
- Do you remember the scene in the end where Mimi and Fiona kiss?
- Oh sure.
- You know, we are the one girl Zhanka, so too were kissing.
At these words, I felt a strange excitement, and I wanted to kiss madly Svetku, as well as in Bitter Moon. But I was embarrassed of his own thoughts. A few days later the skirt was ready. Satisfied, I turned to the mirror. Sveta offered to dance. She turned on the music, the one with Bitter Moon, we danced, looking at each other, and suddenly our lips joined. I felt Svetka tongue in his mouth. I was pleased, my hands touched her breasts under the thin T-shirt. The doorbell interrupted our dance. Came Svetkina grandmother. Holidays over, Sveta went to their city and never came. We met after 5 years. She married, expecting a child. We drank coffee and left. This was my first time with a girl. After Svetka no girl did not cause such feelings in me. In one case, at corporate parties, we went as a group for the city, an all-female staff. They drank a lot of martinis and climbed into the pool and swim naked. My boss Natalia A. admiringly stared at my chest, and then suddenly pressed her lips to the nipple, I felt the excitement and confusion at a time. Natalia A., not yet old, forty, plump, desire did not cause me, but I'm allowed to fondle her breasts. I was too much to drink, I took possession of relaxed bliss, but when the boss to kiss between my legs, I muttered that I need to take a shower, and hurried away. I should add that the rest of the team at that time amused vengeance, the women caressed each other, undeterred by anything, but seems like the game is not for me, all the same with a man better, which is the power, security, and here too all gently, gently. No, not for me. So I thought then. Well, I was distracted. My husband and I were at a private party in a private club. There was almost impossible to get, but my husband still found channels. Played sensual music, French. The party was called "Mysteries of Paris". Dance, I sat down to drink, "Sex on the Beach," is my favorite drink, and here she is. It is the same stranger mentioned in the beginning of the story. The stranger danced with a girl like I once Svetka. They looked into each other's eyes and that's kissed. How, spellbound, I did not take her eyes from them, a cocktail was forgotten, my breathing was interrupted, the excitation wave up the body. I felt like getting wet panties, going to the toilet cubicle, her fingers brought themselves to orgasm, she stood in front of his eyes. Returning to her husband, I noticed that she rather they continue to dance, their bodies so close ......
- Look, - I called her husband - the truth is something?
But he did not share my enthusiasm. Well, dancing girls, so beautiful. My reaction struck him.
- Girl is, you that girls pulled? - Jokingly he asked.
I was confused.
- No, just her. I pointed to the dark-eyed beauty in a red dress. Who is she?
- Now find out if you're so interested, said her husband and moved away.
Soon he returned. My name is Lika, she was the wife of the owner of the club.
- Clear.
- By the way, here the top jacuzzi.
- Oh, come on.
- Eg, I can not. I met a friend, it's something about the work promised, cool place. You go ahead, I'll join.
- OK.
I went into a room with a jacuzzi, shed clothes. I had to think, to understand what is happening to me.
I thought that did not notice that someone had entered.
- Oh, I did not know that there is someone, he heard a melodious voice.
I saw the Face. My heart pounded with excitement.
- I have come out, I mumbled.
- What are you, we had a great estate. But how about a couple of cocktails?
- I'm not against. "Sex on the Beach." - you are welcome.
- Oh, "Sex in your shorts" Perhaps I, too. Now I am gathering a waiter. By the way, we have not met. I Lika.
- Very nice, Eva.
- First time here?
- Yes. And I really like.
- Well, I hope, will now be regular visitors.
- With pleasure.
Meanwhile, Lika undressed, folded it was divine and got me in the hot tub, the waiter brought cocktails. We drank and chatted about this and that. I relaxed. Several times in the water touched my leg Leakey, I do not know, either accidentally or intentionally. I felt a growing excitement. Meanwhile, time passed, and my husband did not come.
- I got up with a sigh. Something my husband zapropastilsya, I'll find him, and then he can get excited about the negotiations and to forget about everything.
- Do not worry, there, smiling Face. My same.
- Still going. I started to wear a bra.
- Let me help you. Lika also rose from the hot tub. And here it is near me. Her hands are discarded and not buttoned bra. Discharge. Her lips were so close, they are enticing. Our tongues entwined. Kiss deeper. Faces Hands stroked my chest, my her.
- Girl is the way you look at it, to move to the bed, whispering Lika.
- Do not mind, but here?
- Offended. Press gently and becomes a huge sofa bed. We fall on it. Our lips are opened, the hand Leakey already between my legs, she caresses the clitoris, I groaned. And now, not your fingers, already head Leakey between my legs, her tongue there, inside. I covered the whole excitement and desire. And cramp and juices poured into the open mouth likin. It's my turn to bring her pleasure. I have it for the first time, but trying very hard, and that's Face groaned, pressed his feet my head to his bosom and her sweetish juices running down my lips. Lika tireless. Again she works tongue over my clit. Suddenly my lip rests against something hard. I'm so ecstatic that obediently open my mouth and absorb hard cock mouth. I do not know someone, and I do not care. I lick the barrel, spend lips on the head. And the stranger shakes in convulsions, pouring jet of sperm on my face, chest, while petting Leakey and culminate in the throes of passion I bet I am. Meanwhile, a stranger enters the Face, Face sitting on top of him and our lips merge in a kiss. My hand caressed the bosom, are the most sensitive places. And at the same time his hand caressing my chest. And the finish. All three of us breathe heavily.
- Look, smiling says Lika, this is my husband Ian. And this is Eve.
- Very nice. Yang gallantly kissed my hand.
- Me too.
- Well, that will continue.
- Okay, but first in the shower.
After showering Yang goes, Lika strikes a pose 69, Jan caresses her, and I am working on a member.
- There you are, - is heard a familiar voice. Yes, dear, you do not lose time in vain.
- Look, I smile.
- Yes, we are familiar with Dan, smiling Face.
- How? - I'm impressed.
- Yes, it happened, your husband, Evochka tselut delicious.
- But when you have time?
- Eva, I invited Face to dance well, and said that you are mad about her.
- But kiss?
- And we kissed.
Well, to restore equality, Yang passionately suck my lips passionately. Den fondles breasts Leakey. Ian gets into me, Den in Lika. Then we change partners. Den with me, Ian with Lika. Then Dan caresses member Ian and Lika my clit, and I was. Yang Dan takes in her mouth, I play with her tongue clitoris ............
- You guys are great, so cool, sexy, chirps Lika. - In order not to wait for a new party, invite you to the next week-end for us, to our country house. Leave your number, call each other. We exchange numbers.
- Unfortunately, it's time to speak with Ian Lika. You stay. Jacuzzi at your disposal. Want to drink, call the waiter. Nice to meet you.
- And to us.
- We do not say goodbye. At the week-end you have.
- Sure, see you soon. Guys go.
We Dan a little tired, but happy immersed in the jacuzzi.
- Can you? - His voice is heard. We were already stripped suitable low dark-haired slender girl and pretty sturdy child.
- Of course, join.
the end