I Vovk and first sexual experience

I want to tell about his first and unforgettable night with a guy that I spent in his bed. How - that walking in a children's park, I met a classmate Vovka he was a year older than me, because it remained in the second year we played with them in the machines ride on the carousel and suddenly he proposed.
- And let's go to the bath's go?
He offered it to me.
At first I was confused not knowing what to say because I did not have towels and linen change. What I told him.
He replied that I had not experienced since the sheets and towels there will give us and I agreed.
We went there during the day and the people there almost was not. As he had promised sheet towel gave us there really surcharge. Quickly undressed and went into the steam room the first time I was in the steam room one in the sense of without a father. Vovk was sitting next to us talking about -That. I liked to look at him. Vovk pay tribute was bigger than me, his skin was dark.
And that's when we warmed up, then jumped out of the steam room, immediately dived into the pool. The water was not very cold, we swam a little fooling around and then we began to catch up with each other. Vovk was nimble me and I had a hard time catching up with him. We had a chance to indulge in, since at the time no one in the bath was not here when once again he caught up with me then strongly pressed my belly to the side. And I felt that the firm depended on my ass.
I tried to pull away, but Vova hugged me stronger when I tried to remove something that depended on me, and a hand took hold of the subject and realized with horror that hold in the hands of its members, I begged Vovka to it he let me say that let if I gave him his little poglazhu, I do not know why but he agreed. He pulled away from me a little bit so that I could turn to face him. I gently took his cock in hand and began to stroke him, but rather masturbate. But I'm scared that I like it.
His eyes were closed he liked how I gave him pleasure. But we were interrupted by voices coming from the locker room. Vova pulled away from me notice that we will continue a little later, I honestly was not even opposed. We got out of the pool and went to the shower, showered and began to dress. I saw Vova eagerly looking at me. We quietly got dressed and went out into the street.
- Come to my house. I now his mother on the night work and at home or who do not.
- Let's go to
I replied.
When we went to his house, he said that I was going into the room, and went to put the kettle on. Five minutes later, he called me into the kitchen to drink tea. While drinking tea, he asked, as if I could take time off for the night at my parents, I said that I would try and he gave me the phone.
- Call.
I called my mother and, under the pretext that there Vova game console, I persuaded her to let me go at night, in the morning I will promise as a bayonet home.
When put up the phone, I looked at Vovk. In his view, it reads something indescribable. Her eyes sparkled, he smiled as if he was given a gift. About which he had long dreamed of. You understand that from the kitchen, we moved into the room. Vova pulled from -That video cassette and inserted into the video recorder. At first I saw a porno, I was excited by what he saw immediately. On the screen, she took in her mouth huge dick.
- Maybe continue
I turned to Vovka, he was lying on the couch with his pants down, his penis was like a tin soldier, he beckoned me. And again, I do not know why he obeyed and sat down beside him and began to masturbate his penis.
- Maybe you try it?
I did not have to persuade.
I leaned over and took his cock in her mouth. He was hot and hard at the same time gentle. I'm looking at the screen, where the girl is manipulated by a member of the same man, I tried to repeat everything for her. I heard how Vova began to breathe faster and my mouth spurted hot, thick sperm surprise I swallowed it, not all, on the part of the member resulted in the pubis. I did not take out a member of his mouth I liked to suck. Many people write that they have this fact caused a gag reflex, I have the same desire to turnover was longer suck dick.
But Vova pushed me saying not to hurry.
He got up and went out somewhere, and I went into the bath to wash and rinse your mouth. When I returned to the room that I was in for a surprise on the couch lay nylon stockings, panties, bra, skirt and white blouse. Nearby stood Vovk.
- Put on all of this, please.
I took the clothes and went into the bath to change. I undressed completely and began to wear the outfit made Vovka. When stockings panties and skirt were dressed I have a problem with a bra, I do not how he could not fasten it. I had to call for help Vova, when he entered. I heard.
- Class, here's a girl!
From embarrassment my cheeks burned and beaten inside the pleasant shiver. I gave him a bra, it is perfectly understood me without words and with pleasure I helped him to dress. When the hooks are fastened, his hands began to stroke my body, I have experienced for themselves the unknown, but it is so pleasant that began to moan his hands stroked the belly, arms, buttocks and this excited me greatly, greatly. He stopped, kissed her neck and told me to put on, and passed into the room of his mother. And while I get dressed, he will come up to me a name that is more suited to me as a girl.
When I entered the room, he put me to the mirror, gave a lipstick. I saw my mother paints her lips and began imitating her gently nakrashivat his lips. Vova has held for me a wig of long blond hair.
- On, and I put my little girl.
I blushed again and excited, I liked how he called me.
- You promised to give me a name?
He says how - that is unnatural for a girl's self.
Yes, I wanted to be his girl, but did not even know what will happen to me in half an hour.
- Now your name is Luba. And I'll be your man.
I (was ready) from the mirror looked at me unknown to this day Luba.
Vovk again embraced me with Zade.
- Let's go to the gym, my beauty, he missed me forward, slapping lightly on the ass.
The TV screen was a different couple, man fucked a girl with Zade. It is only now I know how to pose called sex, and then it was a new, unknown to me.
I again felt Vovinam hands on his ass
- I'll also want to Lyuba.
- But I also do not have female recording.
Vova laughed in response.
- Do you have a better than pisya
And on the screen, I saw a man puts his penis in the ass girl, and then it dawned on me why Vova laughed.
- I'm afraid Vovochka
- Do not be afraid, I tenderly pussycat.
He again began to stroke my body his hands were everywhere. I moaned with pleasure, his protruding member rubbed against my ass, and I'm from this, even more baldel. He squatted down and began to take off my panties, his lips kissing my ass.
- Get on your knees and leaning on the sofa, my cat.
I immediately obeyed him
He pulled up her skirt. His hot kisses, moved in gentle biting. Occasionally slapping me on the ass as naughty girl.
I felt something cold touched my ass, it was a tube with some sort of cream.
Vova richly oiled my hole plunging there first one finger then two. And then I felt something solid and warm boils down to me in the hole, it was a member of which I have recently sucked. I pierced a sharp pain, I cried, I wanted to pull away but there was nowhere to run.
- Well, I broke your hymen Lyubasha.
He said triumphantly, and at the same time gently Vova. He again began to stroke my body, he took off his shirt to me, stroking my back, belly.
When the pain subsided I became a member of the move appointment. My man did not wait and began to fuck me. I am more and more inflamed, soft moans, moved into a loud and Vova shut my mouth with his palm that would not hear the neighbors.
I felt like a pleasant wave rolls up to the lower abdomen and I did not immediately realize what had happened when a member of my start splashing sperm and floor ... while Vova poured into my ass. What I experienced then pleasure.
During that night, he fucked me five more times, much as I had sucked not even remember.
After everything that had happened in school and at home we felt best friends, and alone, he was my man, and I was for him, his Ljubuski.