My Women. Part one. Olga.

I Magikov I translator. Mobile games translate from English into Russian. I also love rap. And among the rappers call me RaraDon.
Rara is why I once united all the warring clans rappers, and by the word of Don Don Giovanni. And despite the fact that I'm only 27 years old, female, I had a lot.
But first things first:
I work in a large department store. I wholesale prices so customers have very much, as the queue. In one of these queues, there was a blue-eyed girl with short hair. Cute on the attractive face and a beautiful figure. When I like someone, I start immediately "company seduction". This reflex has become my automatic.
And now, looking at her, I began to show her that I liked it, but only with the eyes. When she noticed my gaze, I, in turn, evaluated the eyes of her figure. It was enough, the fact that she knew that I liked. The queue somehow quickly fled and I was left alone with her and her mother.
While I was packing the goods, which they took, among other things, I asked:
- This is your daughter or sister?
- This is my daughter - she replied with a smile.
- Daughter of you beautiful - I said - just like her mother.
- Thank you - the woman said - for your compliment.
The girl herself was silent and gloomy.
- And it's in your beauty not in the mood?
- Her birthday today and her boyfriend will not be able to come.
- Mom - finally spoke up girl - Shut up why you need to tell him that.
- Come Olga - the woman said - What is this.
- Birthday is a good thing - I said, choosing the most expensive box of chocolates, I handed them to Ole - Happy birthday.
After that, I only saw her a week later. She was standing near the door and waited until the eternal place in my shop does not scatter.
And here we are alone. She came in with the words:
- Hi, how are you?
- Thank you like yourself? - I said - As last birthday, your boyfriend come?
- No, I do not come, and to hell with it, how many you have to work?
- Well, somewhere to eight, but what?
- Come in Black Park, I'll wait for you.
Reply I could not, the room filled new line wave.
Black Park was an ordinary park, just in some of its corners was a little light. From this park and nicknamed black. I was looking for Olga did not last long. She sat in front of the stage, with his girlfriend. Olya introduced us to each other. About thirty minutes later we were sitting together, chatting about various nonsense.
Finally, we were alone.
- Come on, find a secluded place where no one would notice - I said.
- What for?
- Well, that did not prevent us to communicate
- I'm here and no one bothers to - she said.
I stood up and held out his hand:
- Come kitten - I said - do not be afraid, do not bite.
I said it kindly, I know from experience, it works best.
We found a very dark place, where we could see everything, but we could not see. He sat down on a bench and sat her on his lap, hugging her waist. The conversation was commonplace and on different topics. During the dialogue, my right hand was suddenly on her abdomen.
She looked at me sternly. I went on to tell her different stuff, but at the same time stroking her tummy on a special technique. She did not understand, from what will be excited. She laid her head on my shoulder, closing his eyes at the same time.
"The process has started" - I thought.
For none of us spoke. Only her strained sighs were heard.
The time has come for the next step. I raised my hand up and put under the bra. Breast she was average, which is quite acceptable in my hands. I massaged her breast, too, by a special technique, not hurting her nipple. So, I did the same with the second breast.
- Undo button in his pants - I told her.
She obediently did what I told her.
Now my left hand to take her breast and right arm went down under the pants under the pants.
I have not yet said that her lips were puffy and attractive. And since I knew her a little, my first thought was of her mouth debit.
I do not like to take risks with strangers and try to be extremely careful. Plus, I have a condom was not. So, what if I want a blow job this evening, I have to bring it to such a state that she was ready to do whatever I want.
The left hand was massaging her right breast, without hurting himself nipple. With your right hand, I tugged by a special technique the base of her clitoris. I myself have not touched the clitoris, as this I'd ruined everything.
She writhed on me and with a loud moan.
- I finish now - she whispered
"Still would" - Thought - "Any finish of this massage".
- Do you want an unforgettable orgasm? - I asked
- Yes - she whispered - I want to.
I pulled his hand out of her pants and left her alone in the chest and said:
- Bring yourself in order.
She looked at me puzzled.
- Come on kitty - I said gently - if you want an orgasm.
She buttoned pants, straightened bra and looked at me, eyes full of fire. Well, so I brought it to the desired state, and while she did not finish, will do everything that I say.
- Let's go find another dark place - I said to her,
They searched for a long time, almost all the dark places were occupied.
In principle, the bench I did not need at the moment. Therefore, I started her behind the bushes. Trees in the park were long-term and large trunks. Man with my complexion, for this tree is difficult to see. It is for this tree, I stood up, unzipped his fly and pulled out his solid by the time a member.
- Suck - I told her.
She looked at me with those eyes, as if she had not said it.
- Do you want an unforgettable orgasm? - I asked
She shook her head, according to.
- Then suck and unbutton a button on his trousers.
It seems that the idea that it's all done for her orgasm, she added to her courage. She undid the button on his pants and awkwardly picked up my cock.
- Stick with one hand under his pants and start to caress her clitoris - I ordered it.
She did as I said, with his eyes closed. It was evident that she was not the first time to masturbate.
- Now, take into your mouth my dick.
She is obedient, I took my rod in her mouth and began to suck clumsy.
So really it is a novelty for her. Damn, with the lips and not be able to suck. I took her head and began to just fuck her in the mouth. She slightly resisted, but eventually gave up.
- Squeeze the sponge tightly - I told her.
She began to like it, it is itself moved towards my cock, from what I got into her mouth deep enough.
Hand masturbating clitoris, began to move faster, it indicates that it will soon be over. I stopped his movements, she looked at me questioningly.
- Continue to caress the clitoris - I told her - and just suck the member base. She nodded and pounced on my cock. Member was a member of her mouth just before the bridle and back.
- Kitten, I'll finish it - I said.
She pushes his head quickly, his hand caressing the clitoris in time with the head speed. Just a couple of movements and flow of semen poured into her mouth.
- Swallow - I ordered it.
She swallowed all smacking, hand caressing the clitoris stopped abruptly. She trembled and clung to me, at the same time have a soft dick went deep into her mouth. When the ecstasy she passed, she got up and began to give himself up.
- I'll kill you - she said
I smiled, all my women had said this after orgasm ...
At home, when I recorded all the adventures in her diary (blog in my computer) I'm already sweating at the thought. At fifty paces from the tree of which I was, I was a special police department, who keeps order in the park.
But thank God everything worked out ... and we have never seen ...