Papineau education

1. Chapter I and dad.
Our brother with sexual education engaged father, since my mother left us. I was 12 years old, my brother Anton was a year younger than me. He and I were probably concerned about the children, because it is already 10-11 years with us terribly interested in everything related to sex, we have looked at the genitals of each other, their hands touched. Antoshka shoving pens, pencils and markers to me in the vagina and the anus, I did the same with his anus. Once doing this we caught the father, who has returned to work ahead of time. We had a very nice dad, I do not know how to Antoshka, but I always noticed it, I was in love with him. He was rather tall, well-built, we have with him was a beautiful blue eyes, Antoshka eyes were brown, the same as that of the mother, and in general I was more like my father, mother and Anton to. With her mother turned a bad story, she ran away from us with some rich Khachik after dad caught her sucking his cock. My father and I never discussed this topic, just one day, he said that his mother no longer loves us, she was gone, and now we were three. After that, my brother and I would have become even closer, and just then began our irrepressible interest in sexual matters.
So we caught the pope, at this moment, we and Anton were naked on the floor, I held his flaccid still underdeveloped segment of the arm, and it stuck in my pen in the ass. Pope moment stood still. And then, as if nothing had happened, he said: "Get dressed and let's go to dinner".
Over dinner, I could not look into the eyes of the Pope. And he was at ease. Anton was also bound. Then I pomylas and went to bed. When I came out of the bathroom, Anton was asleep, and perhaps pretended he often did so, hoping to see me poking around in her Picea. I did not sleep, I felt the excitement because Dad had seen me naked, his surprised face standing in front of me. I myself did not notice that began stroking her breasts still not issued. I loved it and with the other hand I began to touch her pussy. I did not know what a clitoris, but to touch and rub a small bump protruding I liked. At this point my father entered the room, I pulled her hand away, but he knew what I was doing.
- Can not sleep? - he asked.
I nodded.
- You lie down I can be?
And without waiting for an answer, he crawled under my blanket. I was naked, as was going to wear a shirt only ever finished her affection.
- You become a big girl, but you're only 12. Tell me, have you come monthly? - he asked.
- Yes - blushing, I said - were already 4 times.
- What else is going on with you, I'm your daddy can you tell me everything?
- I also have firm breasts is - I blurted out.
Dad touched my breasts and gently squeezed my nipple.
- You like it when I do so?
- Yes.
- What do you still feel? - Dad intermittently breathed into my neck.
- And yet, for some reason, I get wet - I'm confused.
- Wet where? The Picea? Pisya wet?
I nodded.
- And what you feel - he squeezed my other nipple, and first began to lick.
My pisya not just wet, but I felt between her legs was all heavy, felt all swollen there, clitoris fats poddergivaet. I mentioned this to the Pope.
- And you scratched your hole?
- Yes - I'm embarrassed and buried her dad in the armpit, from its smell I started to shake. Daddy's fingers slipped between my legs. And he began to touch me, but not so much as touched me, Anton, or myself, we probably rummaging, poking fingers anywhere, and my father walked her finger on the lips sex, touched the clitoris, then went to the hole, learned there a little moisture and again the massage the clitoris. After a few minutes, I felt like I had all swirled in my stomach, I like where it rose higher and higher and then dropped downwards. If my father's hand did not cover my mouth, I would have cried, and it was just a quiet moo. The Pope has not for a long time caressed my breasts, kissed me on the forehead and wishing me good night and left the room. I lay happy. I felt like an adult. After lying for about 5 minutes, I felt that I wanted to write. I went to the toilet, the door to the bath was ajar. I looked. Dad stood out to me in a half-turn, and pulled his hand in his abdomen. I do not really understand what he was doing, but somehow instinctively knew that it had something to do with the excited state in which I arrived, and it seems that the Pope had just done to me. After a few seconds he began to pull his hand more quickly, quietly groaned and I saw on the tiled wall which sprang the white drops. I quietly slipped into the toilet.
The next night, when Anton was asleep, my father called me into his room. I came in, he was sitting in his shorts.
- Take off your shirt.
I took off and remained naked. Dad started kissing my neck, suck my nipples. I lay down on the sofa, and he began to massage my pussy just like yesterday. Then it is widely parted my legs. I tried to make them. But my father said that I did not hesitate. He began to lick my pussy tongue. It was even more pleased than when he stroked his hand. And I felt a few minutes later the same thing as yesterday, only with greater force. When Dad pulled away from me, I saw that his pants protruded. He noticed my look.
- You want to see my pussy? I know you touched pussy Anton.
I said that I wanted to. He took off his pants. And I was horrified when she saw what his big dick.
- Well? - Dad asked.
- You have such a big, long, thick pisya - I said.
Dad stroked his pretty eldu.
- Not pisya, and a member of the - he corrected me. - Touch it, please.
I carefully wrapped her trunk hand.
- You can squeeze by stronger.
I squeezed, Dad grabbed my hand and began his poddergivaet. In the thick burgundy head appeared droplet.
- Strange - I said - and with Anton, he's so small, and does not stick well. True, he sometimes had to become thicker and poddergivaet, but not out of the droplets. I tried it here as compress and pull, and he says that he is sick.
- Well, Anton little else grows up a bit, and we told him about all tell, and it will also make us, but in the meantime do not tell him. Good?
I became my father's nadrachivat member. He showed me that still need to iron the eggs, they were so large in a pouch made of thick rough skin. Not like Anton. These touch the Pope were pleasant, Anton except they did not cause anything tickling.
- Try it, lick it with his tongue, do as well as I do you.
I gently licked projecting a drop of it was a bit salty, but in general, it is quite pleasant. I began to lick the head and trunk. Just touched ... the language of the testicles.
- Suck it - dad was already in ecstasy.
- How? - I asked.
- Open your mouth, Sun him there and suck a lollipop.
I stuffed his dick in his mouth. Dad began to push it down my throat, I began to cough and choke.
- Yes, you e still small, I'm sorry - the pope eased the pressure. And he began to hold his hand a member, so I was alone the head in his mouth. I sucked it carefully and polizyvat, I wanted to be well. Papin became a member of the swell.
- Now I will pour out the liquid, do not worry - it's not urine, swallow it.
I began to lick harder, Dad moaned and I felt in my mouth jerks began to pour thick liquid.
Dad happily pulled out a member of my mouth, I sat on his lap full of semen mouth and clenched lips.
- Come on, swallow.
I swallowed, sperm spilled into my stomach, mouth remained tart flavor.
- Go zapey compote - my clever. Dad kissed me on the forehead.
To be continued...