The return of the owner.

- Honey, come soon - in the voice of his wife, sounding out of the tube, heard the plaintive notes. - I was alone, no one caress me.
- No caress, look ...
- Where to look? - Natasha began to flirt with me.
- There.
- I do not want to watch. - I almost heard Natasha pouted. - I want to participate.
- Coming - can participate.
- Yes? you loose?
- Allow the cat.

Natasha can not stop. I feel like warming her belly as her panties to absorb the first drops of lubricant.

Boss. House no master. The female cares. She wants me to let her take it in hand, pull over to face him, rub, snuggle up to this excellent gizmo. She tells about the problems at work, on the bad weather that slept ... But in fact, she just need to bury his face in my testicles, so I squeezed her legs down. A girl can not live without a host, and sign e-mails, "Your cat".

After the worship is over my cock, she knelt in front of me and it puts out tongue, looking me in the eye. My dick in front of her nose, her tongue extends to the head.
- Boss ... - Her voice trembles and breaks - Can I suck your dick?
- You want to take it in your mouth?
- Yes, master ... take it in your mouth ... suck your cock ... licking the head and swallow his balls ... ...
- Suck cock.

In response to this clarification, I can hear snuffling, and the lowing of smack - all the sounds that are produced when a hungry girl who loves to suck dick, pounces on her man after a two-week break.

I pull out a member of Natashkiny mouth. It remains an open question, my slut looks me in the eye.
- I hired you to his secretary. - I'm lying.

Natasha closes her eyes, arranged in my pubic hair, and draws the smell finally launches his hand between her legs ...
- Like it, bitch? You have my mouth worked five or six times a day.
- Ohhhhh ... ..esche ...
- I have made you suck me, sitting under the table.
- Yeah ... Suck ... suctioned ... - Natasha suffered - Fuck ... work ... mouth. You are my master ...
- I will put you on all fours on the desktop - I guess Natashkiny lustful fantasies.
- Yes, master, and fuck ... I'm your property. I'll suck your cock ... suck .... Mmmmmm ... mmmm..mmmmmmm .... - Natasha then again begins to move his head on my dick, smacking loudly, sometimes whispering something to him, kissing her head ... Looking me in the eye ...
- Show me her.

Natasha instantly flips, sits on the ass.
- I admire my lustful beast.

Her eyes half closed, her cheeks flushed. Oddly enough, Natasha is very embarrassed when we begin to lick, suck and fuck, but it flows like a wet sponge and shouts so that wakes the neighbors across three floors.

She spreads her lips, puts his finger inside. I begin to masturbate dick. I love to masturbate while looking at your pussy. Natasha begins to rub the clitoris, often breathes, reclines.
- So I do when you do not have long ...

So she does now, for two weeks ... Every night ... I love to remember the moments. When we masturbate each other out and exhausted, we finish.

But when it comes, I pumped her pussy cum. It has accumulated enough ...