My daughter and I. Part 1

I divorced my Alia in 32 years. Our little daughter Alina was 10. Naturally, I conquered. And ever since I can on the fingers on a hand count and name the women who slept - it was a couple of prostitutes in the period from spring to winter, once with each one drunk girl from a friend, another woman in a train. And all would like. But I was not distracted from work and from the main meaning of his life - my sweet little daughter, Alina. I put into it all myself, I taught her everything I know myself, let's all she wants. In general, no matter what she never complained. In nothing did not need my ... Alina ... I'll explain to her what menstruation how to use spacers, what size bra she needed in a particular period of life as there are children, etc. We have always been the best of friends despite the age difference was 22 years old.
At age 15, my little Alina suddenly began to grow ... Even if you have behind him a rich experience of life, women, work, divorce, start finding strange even one Natures fact that your little daughter, who until recently the letter "P" did not know how to pronounce turns can grow. She may begin to grow breasts, rounded hips, legs stroynet appear secrets that she whispering in her room with her friends or by phone. But in such moments of despair, I told myself that it was too big bra in cups that rose hips due to the sweet, and do it all seemed a lonely old divorced dad on the personal front. My girl (when she was 16) became not only a walk with her friends, but also with the boys. Alina non-Contracting of whom was, why was delayed for 2 hours. Her eyelids were wonderful soft shadows and mascara, and lip increasingly began to go to lipstick, turns my little lovely Alinochka in vulgar girl.
I did not want to Street and other stimuli have left their imprint on the dirty perverted little world my daughter. I forbade her to be painted and wearing revealing clothing, punished. She pouted at me, crying. She said that I do not like it. I Love! I like very much! Therefore, I do not want to spoil my little children! After another quarrel Alina uttered to me everything that I wanted. She just turned 17 and she decided that even big enough to not interfere in the affairs of his "old stupid conservative pope." Once I had the stupidity to tell her that she would do something that was not allowed before, when she was 17. A eighteenth birthday and does release its GTR any shackles. Silly me ... Now Alina found normal not to come at 9 pm, and 11; wearing a brief skirt and heels; smear on her lips bright lipstick inappropriate. All gone to hell ... I went to, to get stopped, reveled valerian tincture, not to go off the rails. At some point, my once-precious almazik Alina turned to some degree into a piece of rubble - like it was everywhere, vice and violence surrounded them everywhere ... I began to feel that my life, which I have devoted daughter, He was purged to waste. My hands itched to teach Alina, but I could not - I'm a father, I love her!
Once I overheard a (chance) her conversation. Alina was sitting in the room with his girlfriend, but even behind closed doors, I could not straining to hear every word. "I can not believe it! - It was Alina. - You count up - my pictures in the net are looking every day more and more people "" That's cool! And if your dad finds out? "," What dad? I have 17. What I want, I do. " The last of these words even now painfully pricked. I was not able to listen to their conversation. But when the evening was left alone at home, I decided to look into his daughter's room. On the walls were posters of models - both men and women. All half-naked or just wearing. I crept to mind immediately thought that Alina, apparently, wants to become a model. Especially figure it allowed. Perhaps some of his photos she posted on the Internet to listen to the comments of strangers about their figures. I began to examine her wardrobe, bed and came across a photo album - beautiful, though inexpensive. On the first page were the usual pictures of my little daughter (apparently, she put on a timer camera and running back in time to get in position), and the more I looked, the more candid poses and outfits became Alina.
On this she was shorter skirt and shirt poluzastegnutoy; to another in short shorts with thong peeping. What happened next, and did shocked me - in the album were professional photographs depicting my Alinochka she was naked or barely dressed. The photo Alina arched back, retracting the ass, clutching pens in their breast, opens her mouth, biting her lip ... I felt anger ... even when I caught my wife with her lover so do not get angry ... Probably because Allah has always been in the depths of the soul whore. And my Alinochka? My creation? My dear Alinochka looked at me with naked pictures and depraved! Painted in the rainbow and with a piece of cloth instead of clothes! In my head, I zipped it said 'my pictures in the net are looking every day more and more people. " Is she smart enough to put those images on the Internet ?! And because someone photographed it. Someone saw her naked. Someone probably touched it, to show how better to stick out and put back the chest! To me everything boils.
Unexpectedly, I felt like my cock swells, hardens, and after 5 minutes worth of anger I felt at her daughter. I sat down at the computer and included her daughter lying on the table touched his arm. The monitor lights up, and I noticed on the taskbar minimized window internet explorer. I turned around and ... This was a personal page Alina in some website, like classmates. Photos of nude Alina shouted to monitor their nakedness. I do not know how to calm the sudden erection and putting his hand in his pants (while holding a photo in front of Alina), I began to masturbate. I just really had to go somewhere to do with it. I shivered from the first touch.
"Dad? What are you doing here? "My Alina stood behind him and saw that picture! I turned to the album, and in the hands of a member! Alina bugged me his blue eyes and gasped ... If I was not so angry, I would die of shame ... But now I want to put it in the corner and slapped on the ass with a belt for her wrongdoing. "Alina, what does it mean ?! - In anger, I asked, pulling his hand out of his pants and showing her album. "It's ... well ... just ..." "Are you out of your mind to survive ?! Here are the pictures and the network put guessed ?! "I threw the album onto the floor and went to Alina. She was scared. But I can not resist and slapped across the face. Alina gasped and immediately pounced on me, trying to beat my fists and pouring dirty words. A real struggle. My zvernysh resisted and cried. I think I even lost the sense of reality, and did not notice that Alina was on his bed. She did not let up, and I - still angry as hell and with the erection in his pants - lying on her, trying to calm her.
Suddenly I began to rebound on how nice my cock rested in a gentle and spirited the body of my daughter. I am even more excited by the endless attacks and Alina resistance. Overnight, I decided that it is necessary to punish Alina. I pinned all my little big body Alinochka to her own bed. With his left hand grabbed her long hair tied in a ponytail, and already disheveled. Alina screamed in pain and is now engaged only in my left hand and his beautiful hair. I ran right hand under her T-shirt and began to lift. This shameless girl, it turns out, nothing is put under it! Her breasts swayed in my big hands.
Alina began to shout even more, how to resist the Lion! But I'm stronger - she can not escape. When the tank was raised, I stared at her lips, nipples, kissing and biting them, as a rough uncouth lout. One of those, for example, who could have done the same thing with Alina, seeing it these pictures. Then ... I dropped his hand under her skirt and began to search for her panties to pull them. But the clothes and there was not. "Unscrupulous! Masta through the streets, turning his ass without panties !? I'll show you what they want to do with these guys, how are you "- with these words, I pulled off his pants, shorts and took his penis in her hand. It is not a short - 20 cm -. So that even had to get up, so as not to break it, when my daughter beat her legs.
I put his head in her vagina and decided that it is necessary to grease. I moistened fingers with saliva and began to knead my pussy lips Alinochka, gathering pace. Alina still resisting, but I could keep it there all day. She was already sweating. Finally, I heard that Alina stopped screaming - now she's moaning. From the eyes streamed with tears. Sometimes she tried to scream again, but apparently, the nature and Daddy were stronger. I sank lower and lifted his hips Alina. She was so thin and light that I almost did not feel any weight on his arm. I became passionately and quickly kissing, licking pussy Alina. It turned out my daughter had already shaved pubis. But lips were still very young and soft. I pulled the skin over the clitoris with your fingers and tongue began to pull a small bump and almost innocent. Alina groaned, broke into my strong arms. True, she even closed her eyes and repeated, "do not ... ah ... I do not want ..." And shoot the naked, that pedophiles and perverts masturbate to your pictures - you can, huh ?!
I was still furious and Alina realized that the more she resists, the more power I will make. She tried to close the mouth with her hands, but I jerked them again struck on the cheek. I put one finger into her vagina and Alina screamed. "The whole more ... amazing" - I thought. She was about was to come, but I wanted to own it at this very moment! I continued to poke a finger in the vagina virgin, and suddenly thought that it would be nice to stick in her ass finger. So I did - the index into the anus, and the thumb in the pussy. I shook his hand, and cried, and Alina was soon finished. I did not let her come to life and got on his knees between her slender legs. I push down on the head and went into the hole. Came to power, sparing her, she did not regret spent on it, and my years of efforts. I moved there in her hot very narrow and very brief cunt back and forth and held her feet. She kept trying to hit me with his foot.
When it became easier to move, I put her legs on his shoulders and hugged her knees. I was fucking his own daughter and I loved it. I caught myself thinking that sometimes represented his daughter to bare when excited by porn in his room. My cock and her bosom burned with speed. It was so narrow that I barely kept myself in hand, to not finish. Alina again gripped orgasm ... then a second ... third ... She was lying and did not do anything, could be heard only her moans. She kayfovat. I thrust his cock as deep as I could into it. Head all the time hits the neck. I felt the approach of orgasm and pulled his daughter out of the barrel overheated. He sat on top of her in her head and thrust his cock into her mouth. Alina tried to resist. I slapped her cheeks heavy member several times, and it was quiet, silently taking in the small mouth big trunk Pope. I furiously fucked her mouth until he had finished. For as long as the sperm accumulated in me that my daughter was covered with the most indecent manner - sperm was in her mouth, in a wonderful hair on her pretty face. And I was just happy - I wanted to teach his Alinochka for everything that she has done or could do in the future.
I caught his breath, picked up a digital camera and took pictures of Alina my little daughter drenched with sperm. "If someone blabbed - THESE pictures fall into the Internet. Look what fame can get there for such pictures. You seem to like this? "Alina silently crying. Apparently he is crying because of the humiliation of his father, and because of orgasm all the same to his father. I told her to take a shower, wash soiled things, cook dinner, and then come to my room and repeat the material covered ... about how it was, I'll write another time ...