House on the edge of the earth or Nastia agony

It was a hot summer, it is already evening came, a little dark. Nastya went to the disco. Easy warm breeze gently blew her thin bare legs. She was very beautiful, it smelled of some French perfume. She was dressed in a trendy skinny topic, a miniskirt and sandals, if not to take into account the underwear. She had long, thick hair, nice smile, feminine look. In general it was a very feminine 17-year-old woman 170 cm in height.
On the way to the disco she had to go through a narrow tunnel, where people rarely walks, especially at this time of day. Nastya was always afraid to go there alone ... There were not uncommon in cases of rape. But it was the only passage in order to get to this prestigious dance club.
So, Nastyusha enters the tunnel goes, her heart trembles and legs covered murazhki of inner fear, which is a bit cold douse Nastya. And now, meet Nastia are two hefty Ambala 2X2 increasing meter by 2 each. Nastia has really shakes, turns back, adds a step, not oglyadvaetsya as unexpectedly heavy hand of one of the big boys plugs her sweet mouth. Nastya tries to scream, but it was useless. "Shut up, bitch!" - The kidnapper said. Yes, screaming already useless. Somewhere near the middle of the tunnel there was a small passage to the forest, which Umballa Nastya and turned. Neizvetno where they dragged her on this lonely forest paths, but the present was no longer alone.
It took 3 hours of walking, dancing has long begun. Already there is some kind of house that Nastya had never seen before. This dense forest. Ambal zavalakivaet Nastya into the house, closing the heavy iron door at no less powerful castle for himself and his roommate.
There Nastya saw something ... something indescribable in words. It was not a house soon, and some kind of a hangout for torture. Separation between rooms was not, there was one large room on the house. In the center stood an iron table on which were fastened the shackles for the feet and hands. And the shackles for the feet with the inner side were covered with small, but very sharp spines 4-5 mm long. On Nastia immediately put ball-gag (it is a rubber ball on a rubber string), which is completely filled her mouth - she could not even publish and sound. Then Nastya put cancer on the table, took off her sandals and fastened the shackles on his hands first, and then on foot. Nastyusha experienced terrible pain, feeling in her legs beautiful young dig needles shackles, but she could not scream, but tears welled a stream of her beautiful eyes. there was blood leaking beyond the limit of iron fetters on his feet Nasty near snaps into shackles. Then one of the big boys checked, put on if Nastya on pants. Yes, they were wearing. He calmly took out a knife, pristustil off her panties and cut them. Then he took off Nasty livchik, prespustil top and snapped on her nipples large iron pegs for drying films. Her pain was indescribable ... Then the same pegs ambal pinned on the lips sex Anastasia. I do not think it is necessary to explain what a hell of pain experienced Nastya.
One of the big boys took his huge dick with a diameter of 10 centimeters and paste it into virgin vaginal Nastya hole. Blood gushed out and ... He tore it as he could. And previously fixed pegs create more pain for Nasty ... When he released a liter of sperm in Nastia, the second brought another shackles and fastened them at some stand on the table at the knees Nasty. He snapped the shackles spiked at Nastya's knees. Whereas the second Ambal began to fuck Nasty huiloy even more, she could not stand and ball-gag was able to skip some heartbreaking plugged Tonkogolos feminine moans. Then came the first ending with Nastya and removed the gag from the aforesaid Nastya's mouth. Hysterical tearful cries filled the whole shebang just to torture ... Then he took out his huilo and tucked it into Nastya's little mouth. Nastia began unwittingly suck the trehkilogramovuyu sausage and accidentally bit her teeth. Then ambal yelled and got angry. He pulled out from under the table a huge whip and started to lash Nastya on the legs, back, neck ... Bloody extensive wounds appeared on the wall body every second. "Dress this ebnitse collar", - Said one of them. Then the second pulled tight collar and put on Nastya's neck. The house suddenly came three more big boys. One somehow able to fit under the spreading and shoved her dick in pussy. The second started to fuck the poor Nastyusha in the ass ... I can imagine how you can shove a huilo in such a small hole ... Two more stood up and began to poke 2 dick once in Nastya's mouth. And Tertius jerked off on her. When it was over, Nastia was covered in blood and semen ... It was a terrible scene. After Anastasia was a disco. And what happened to her ???
Meanwhile, it was somewhere around 2 am when disco was over. Umballa put on ball-gag at Nastya again. Another fuck her in all holes just 16. Nastya could not hold onto their hands. After all, it was cancer. Her arms were mounted in a vertical position so that it could not even bend them.
Already 5am. Nastya unfastened from iron pytalki, splattered with sperm and wall with blood and hung by his hands on viselku cooked. The ceiling was high, so that her legs were at the height of about a meter above the floor. Ambal tuzhayshim way tied her ankles and tied them to the middle, then did the same thing under the knees and above the knees. Twice finished it.
All over the fact that Nastia has become their permanent slave that fucked at least 20 times a day. She then stood in the position 69, it was suspended. She was in constant pain. This house so no one saw already after 7 years. As a result, Nastya loved be tortured, she became sverhizvraschennoy masochist. Pain was the meaning of her life.