One of the 2-

It is rather difficult one-handed typing this story, which I experienced pozovchera and another reopen their reproductive organ unzipped his pants, but that guy so influenced me so filled my sex life, even my friend-my husband to me again interesting to perform their marriage duties. And I can not understand that we will meet again next week. At this point, I want to finally cut off their hair for hedgehog head, very briefly. And, most importantly, do not overdo it. Here in Germany, too, it is not so simple, but it is much easier to arrange his life so as to fulfill almost all their bezuzdannye fantasy. I do not want more than great love, when she was found, I want to expand, complement and variety in sex. With E K C - it sounds already zazhigayusche when I remember it, my hero last week, half an hour before the arrival of my liking to work. Also, if he thinks of me to throw in mind I have two that want me "permanently" and "happily". Here I am such a chameleon. I serve their own lusts, and do not feel more than unrequited love, senseless Union who do not understand each other's lives, other people's ambitions, or worse, selfishness. Oh, surely he leads me to such philosophizing, my ring, tolstochlenny seducer?
Y-yes, it was more like this: he said that I twisted his nipples, he worked his fingers, jerked off his cock, talking to him untied, was sucking his firm, greasy sausage (do not laugh, representing Lyons), he even asked, Do I love to swallow. Not at all sympathy, I do not give myself to infect some AIDS! But at the same time, I unconsciously believed that he "clean".
I caressed his body, loved him as giant chest, his broad shoulders. He inhaled poppers, looked straight at me, stroked my stubble is also an easy and beard, my nipples rearing. And he said a couple of sentences, so that I almost lost control of its borders.
Then he took me directly to a veranda, three steps from the bushes, and hidden from all sorts of views launched vegetation and trees.
- Let us leave it to you on the table - he suggested.
- No, I - I said in response. - I want your sperm flowed down my beard, so that you poured me half his face and smeared it on me!
- No, I want to see your penis when you cum on the table! - He insisted.
Oppose further was useless.
- Work better hands on my chest - he kept repeating. I was ready to explode and without endlessly drop dead situation all the abundance of white juice from my stock. I tried to contain myself, but it was nepredotvratitelny final. Onaniruya each other hot trunks, hugging hands and shoulders, I began the first down on the table - one, two, three - and he, too, nice portions. I groaned - he almost growled, pouring through seed Shmatko my end, that I priginal hand to head.
Being in the mind at the time, I remember that, compared with his instrument, my dick seems healthy Minor, tonkovat product adult toys.
Despite everything, he was very pleased. He asked me if I knew "friends"Who would masturbate together and all. Naturally, I know a few, but he eclipsed my mind. And he promised to come and hang out on the full in the next week. In the sense natural.
He called on the cell phone company, it was back to back, as he does, and I have. We were and are similar - is not a gift of heaven?
Reaching home, I have kerf Mouzon my euphoric and represented him in his arms. I was happy.
My friend arrived a quarter of an hour later, I was almost still. More odurevaya slightly under the influence of poppers and have occurred, filled and my passion. My elect was also over the moon. And so I beamed energy, universal love and could connect the hearts and souls of all the boundless lovers, if you say high. Rhythmically.
P.S .: History does not end, but continues, my interested readers. And not a word was coined, I really gave my thoughts and deeds as it was. And a pleasant waiting Firrehornsky and others, and stories! Your "Dirfgis" from Heidelberg.