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I recently with my 4 friends went to the beach. There we decided to go on foot. Almost reaching the beach before we slowed down a big black SUV. From the window of the jeep he leaned nice young man of 20 years, who immediately offered to go with him and his friends to the recreation center. Katka boldest The girl immediately gave her consent, especially as she had long wanted to have sex with someone else, because it broke up with a guy and was free, she said. The three of us still thought a moment, too, agreed. I am sitting in the jeep I saw that the girls were seated and there was nowhere to sit to me, and I sat on his lap of the guy. We drove at full speed so quickly rushed to the base. All the way Roma (as he introduced himself) stroked my hips and I was highly excited. On the base, we met three more of his friends, not believing it, and Vadik Misha (the driver). Generally it turned out that the guys did not have three, and six. First we drank vodka and ate kebabs. Then, I was impatient to the toilet and I asked Roma to show the way. He went with me.
The road ran across the beach, and he offered to sit a little bit. Alcohol gave osebe know. I openly flirted with Roma. We sat on the sand, and then I just lay down on his back and began stroking her thighs compress and decompress the chest. Seeing this, he was very excited and moved me. He began to cover my neck with kisses, I began to stroke soft and warm hands. Slowly he took off my top and short skirt and I was only on rosy swimsuit zavyazochkah. I myself withdrew from the bra swimsuit, and Roma pristvistnul seeing my chest. She was netakoy big as we would like, but had a wonderful round shape, was firm and look feminine. Skmnuv my panties he undressed and put under the bottom of his shirt. He had a very beautiful body! Pumped torso hardest excited me. Then it dawned on me that I was still virgin and found the fear in me.
- What are you afraid of? - I neponyal it.
- I am a virgin.
- Who will do nicely. - Roman smiled.
He dropped down to my cave and began to gently polizyvat tongue. And between the hands of his much spend too much time my chest, but it was worth it. Again, I strongly excited. But then he just got up and slowly began to enter into me his huge dick. From the sudden pain, I cried out and he closed my mouth with his hand. Apparently I stumbled on my cherished "protection wall" He vytaschail member almost to the end and suddenly came tearing me all obstacles. Terrible pain pinned me. I did not cry and did not twitch, I even occurred to me that you can die from it and how Katka still wants sex !? But after about five minutes, I felt the more than pain, something pleasant. This feeling was coming over me, and I heard her own moan. He set me up and I started to ride him like mad. Frantic pace gave way to a slow and rhythmic. I then remembered even more poses ... Then he grinned arrogantly and said:
- And now you suck me.
I have long refused, but then gave up and took tucked his gun into his mouth. By doing rhythmic movements, I then played the tongue, then swallowing it almost to the ground, and know how once when he saw in a porn film, one movement, I decided to try him out! Motion "eight" It has brought him and he fucked me again and we finished together. After the rough sex I saw that on the abdomen and legs traces of blood and semen. Wearing kuralnik I got into the water and obmylas. A Roma while looking for a place where to throw the condom and threw it at a tree.
When we got back I saw almost the most natural orgy: Katka standing cancer, fuck on the table with Victor, Misha sucking and fucking her in the ass Vadik. Tanya kept sassy Sasha and forced to suck, and she screamed that nehochet whatever it touched. But after five minutes of coaxing she still stuck his dick in his mouth and began to suck enthusiastically, and then she told that he had fucked her on the spot. And our most modest girl Light full-ignited two-Andrea. At the sight of these orgies, I also again caught fire and was wet and we Roma went into the room and fucked for a long time, only on a soft bed. Later, a little rest, I fucked AndreemMishey and Sasha. In the evening they took us home and then we often become vstrchatsya with Roma (no sex is needed) and after a while he asked me to be his girlfriend ... I agreed.