Pleasure, a long weekend. Part 4

Part 4: The Fall of the two strongholds
Lasky in the bathroom close friends - what could be more beautiful? Sasha and I prepared Nick for the knowledge that she was not conducted until today.
I took a deep tub of hot water, adding a fragrant foam. Sasha helped Veronica undress and brought his hands and gently placed in the bath. We lathered with her maiden (yet) body. I paid a liquid, smelling of strawberries, the soap on your hands and gently stroking his back and chest Nicky, sometimes squeezing the nipples with your fingers, making her moaning, biting his plump lips. Sasha also took up her pubis and booty.
When Veronica napar, Sasha told her to get out. It was a beautiful picture - pink, excited and caressed the body of a virgin! I clung to her chest, and took in his mouth brown nipples, biting his teeth and began to caress the tongue, and Alexander did the same with the clitoris. She gracefully pushed our hands wrapped in a towel and went to the room where was already prepared for her an enema. And Sasha and quickly took a shower, washing their bodies with traces of petroleum jelly and sperm - traces of the pleasures of love, and, without losing time, went to Nick. On the way into the room Sasha whispered to me: "First, you take it, and then I. It will be better this way".
Alexander, as well as me, Veronica helped clean the intestines. So the time has come, which is waiting for all the girls. But for Nicky this time was special, because not every girl loses virginity with two favorite guys, and even in two places at once, and of their own accord. In her mind it was obvious that she was worried. She lay down on the sofa and covered her breasts with one hand, and the other placed in the crotch, hiding his bud.
Sasha lay down beside her on the right, and I placed on the left. Alexander began to gently kiss the eyes, cheeks, lips, Veronica, and his hand was stroking his shoulders, slowly lowering her chest. Then slowly removed his hand Nicky, she covered her beautiful hills, revealing brown nipples and continued slowly and gently kiss her, began to descend to these hills. Finally he reached the mouth of the flower bed, and walked on his tongue. Nicky's body immediately responded to his touch - hardened nipples, and she was beginning to breathe heavily.
I at this time stroking Veronica stomach. But when Sasha began to fondle her breasts, Nick took her hand away from the pubic area, opening its bud. Turning her face to the gate, I began to kiss the mound of Venus, sinking lower and lower, until it reached the clitoris. My touch caused Nicky light groan, and she spread her legs clasped together. My tongue spread apart the petals of her rose and walked through the gorge of pleasure, and then returned to the clitoris and play with him. In the belly of Veronica took a slight tremor. I sucked the pestle and pressed lips, continuing the circular motion of his tongue over it. Nick bent knees and place them wider. I had to change position. I settled comfortably between her thighs. View the wonderful. The swollen labia hanging over them, excited clitoris and if push halves Veronikinoy priests, brown ass, ready for my affection. For convenience, I picked up the pillow and put under the hip Nike. Again paced top down on her clit and lips, but did not stop at the bottom and went on until he reached the chocolate ring anus. My tongue vibrated in this hole, which is under my caresses became compressed and then relax. I took Veronikiny legs under the knees and lifted up.
Now anus was in full view. In temples pounding me from such a spectacle. I attached myself to this beauty lips and my tongue began to lick another Veronikino dignity, sometimes penetrating into the chocolate cave. Nick moaned with pleasure louder and louder.
Sasha stopped to fondle breasts Veronica and said: "Sweetheart, come in position 69". I let go of her legs, she got up and kissed me on the lips, and climbed on Alexander, his face to the penis. Sasha crawled arranged between her knees and sucked into his mouth clitoris. I also got exposed appetizing ass with no less appetizing hole. Nick also not idle. Picking up the floor excited Sasha's cock, she began podrachivat his tongue caressing the head. But for a long time she could not concentrate on their actions, as our affection to distract her, not allowing as it should "take" per unit of Alexander.
I decided it was time to actively take over behind Veronica. To get started, simply rinse the anus language. Then he took a jar of Vaseline and dipped his index finger. Without looking up from the holes tongue, I let her finger and inserted shallowly. Liberally lubricated my saliva, anus easily let him in herself. Sasha winked at me from below as a sign of approval of my actions. A groan is still Nick froze, getting used to new sensations. I began to drive his finger back and forth, getting them deeper and deeper. Finally, he was completely in it. "Do not you hurt?" - I asked Nick. "No, just unusual. And I want to use the toilet!" - She said languidly. "About the toilet, do not worry, all you have left. So relax and enjoy the buns!" - Sasha commented below.
Rinse your little Veronica inside the anus and extend it a bit, I decided to go with two fingers. Very slowly and carefully he began to promote them in her virgin pussy. Once the muscles are compressed Nicky, I had to stop and stroking ass, relaxing her. But now, two fingers and start to walk freely in the citadel. Probably worked that Nick is good steamed in the bathroom, her anus was soft and pliable, the pain was virtually no when stretching muscles. Sasha pulled away from the labia, held his index finger on them, collecting the isolation Nicky, and got into the back cave, adding to my two. Yes, zadets was developed, now it is necessary to penetrate it with my cock!
Sasha got out of Veronica, turned it on its right side and bent at the knees. I fell in behind, preparing his unit, that is, lubricating it with petroleum jelly. Alexander took his hands for half the priests and showed me access. An exciting moment! I took his cock head at the base and offered to the anus of Veronica. And so it began promotion. Slowly and carefully, I began to enter the head. Once passed the narrow part of it and began to enter the base, Nick immediately tensed. "Hush, my little girl, relax, be patient a little bit!" - Stroked by the pope and his back began to calm her Sasha. I pulled the head, heavily greased it with vaseline and again planted by entering it almost completely. Nick whined and clenched his hands into fists, but did not pull away.
And then, finally, came the head completely. I stopped giving Nick used to it. Sasha at this time greased with Vaseline my end. Veronica was silent, was tense. I made a couple of movements back and forth, expanding the narrow cave. Then, shallow thrusts became peg their eldon her ass. Nick moaning at first, but then he stopped moaning, and only breathed heavily. Butt has a narrow slot, the maximum friction. But, gradually, the anus muscles relaxed, cave widened and I drove his penis to its very foundations. Veronica calmed down, and after a while became even podmahivat me backwards. Sasha at this time leaned over and began to lick her swollen clit, causing Nicky moan of pleasure.
I pulled out his unit and began to admire the cave is not yet closed, which slowly began to link up. Quickly brushing it with Vaseline, and having put on his penis, again he plunged it into the chocolate hole. And so it began actively Gang bang! First, we have laid Nick on his stomach, so that the head was hanging off the couch edge. I leaned on the top and put Nick in the butt. Sasha knelt before Veronica and his cock was in her mouth. The movement began. Groaning, Nick sucked Alexander and I had time to podmahivat booty. Then Sasha, too, wanted to visit the already extended backside. We reversed, however, I had to rinse his penis from Vaseline. Nick took my eldon in the mouth, and smacking his lips, started to suck. Sasha is abundantly smeared his unit and began to enter the Veronica .... As soon as his cock was inside, he began to hammer it so fast that I thought, as if Veronica fell off the couch. And she spat out my cock from his mouth, was just a scream. I saw that it was the cries of pleasure. Nick was close to orgasm. She grabbed my cock and began to furiously masturbate him. Then he clutched in a death grip, her mouth open and out flew a drawn "Aaaaaaaaaaa!" Popa Nicky jumps towards Sasha's member, stringing him. Veronica roughly finished.
Sasha pulled the cock and turned back to Nick. "Give condoms in my pocket. In the meantime, sobem hymen and the front!" I took a couple of condoms and opened one, slipped on Sasha member. He threw his legs over his shoulders Veronica. She was in prostration from anal orgasm. Sasha Framed penis to her flower, parted labia. Then she kissed Nick and said, "I love you!" "And I love you. I love both of you, boys!" - Veronica said gently. I went back and put pressure on Sasha's ass. Member entered the virginal bud Nicky. "Aaaaaaa!" - Resounded through the room scream devoid of innocence of the girl. Sasha succumbed forward, driving his penis to the base of the bosom of Veronica. I leaned forward and kissed Nick on the lips. Sasha pulled out a member. He was bleeding. Alexander again put it into the vagina, and then began the movement pelvis. I kissed Nick's chest, caressing tongue nipples. Veronica groaned not so much pain as pleasure. Then she looked at me and said: "I want you inside me". Begged me it was not necessary. I quickly pulled on a condom. Sasha conceded a place for me. I asked Nick to roll over on his stomach and spread her legs. Then he went back and sent her to the trunk of her vagina, from which flowed the blood stream - the remnants of virginity. I slowly entered her. "Oh-oh-oh-oh!" - Nick groaned. I started promotion in her bosom. It was very narrow, the movement brought a lot of pleasant sensations. I put his hand under the pubis and Nicky, fingering clit, he began to caress him. Nick responded to these caresses welcoming groan.
And Sasha at this time engaged me! While we enjoyed each other Nika, he fell in behind me, and without removing the condom in the virgin blood of Veronica, slowly began to penetrate me. I stopped his movements, giving him the opportunity to firmly anchor in me. And then Sasha began + set the tone throughout the trachea! He hammered at me, I'm hammering Nike. Veronica podmahivala me backwards from what my butt strung on Sasha's count. Again he planted me, from what I have deeply entered into Nick.
After a few minutes of the race I felt the approach of orgasm in all three. Nick closed her legs, her whole body trembling, she cried "Yes, yes boys, yes, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Sasha was puffing like a steam engine, gaining speed, and finished with some sort of roar. Well, I, stimulated by the two sides, exploded sperm flow.
Sasha hugged us with Veronica and knocked on its side. So we went to sleep, not separated, as a single organism.