Hot gag

Was-lived man, he had a daughter. She says to his father:
- Father, Vanka asked me to sing.
- Oh, bad! Why give someone else, we do e ... eat!
He took a nail, ignited in the furnace and into her pi ... and do plunge, so she could not piss for three months! And Vanya met this girl so he began again to ask:
- Give me a de-sung.
She says:
- Breshesh hell Vanka! My father used on ... so no ... do seared, I do not Ssali three months!
- Do not worry, you fool! I have a cold gag.
- You're lying, damn Vanka! Let me touch.
- On, touch.
She took his hand x ... th, and shouted:
- Oh, damn hateful! Vish warm Macau into the water. Vanya began to dip into the water, but with the strain and zabzdel. And she:
- Look hissed! After all, I shew that hot, so more fool, a thief, do you want! So I do not give Vanka.