The case of the aunt

This story happened to me recently in the village, where I went to my granny.
It so happened that at that time she was living her daughter - my aunt, whose name was Nadia. Of herself she was quite pretty woman of about 35 with dark short hair. Her large breasts makes me a 14-year old boy in a wild thrill and excitement. I must admit that I was before when he came to the village often peeping at her through the bath window, when she's washed, and then ran into the bushes for a bath, which, presenting her large breasts and pussy with dark hair, take his sperm out of a solid as the count , a member of the right on the ground.
So, this time it turned out that my grandma was admitted to hospital, what I did not even know, and as usual on the weekend came to the village. My aunt was there and already in the evening was going to go to the bath. I have previously imagined waiting for me half a day sight and walked with embarked member who through his pants pocket pressed against his stomach, so he aunt is not evident.
When she went into the bath, I hid under the window, and as usual quietly began to look. View, of course, was what. Aunt shampooed her large breasts, fell below the hand and drove his hand over her pussy. I stiffened member so much that I pulled it out of his pants and began to masturbate slowly. My aunt did not seem to notice me, and continued to spin in front of the window, and I quickly moved the flesh on the head and the trunk until he felt the pulsation. Suddenly aunt turned and looked at the window, I crouched down and crawled slowly from the bath to the side, hoping she did not notice me.
After my aunt came out of the bath, she went into the bedroom and lay down to rest in a light robe. I decided that she did not notice, and decided to continue observation. I sat in the other room so that her legs were visible and a little dark triangle between them, put his hand in his pants and began kneading member, which rose again after my escape from under the bath.
Suddenly my aunt called me and asked me to bring her a cup of tea, annoyed at the protruding member, I poured some tea in the kitchen, and he brought it into the room. Aunt is still lying in a robe out of which little was visible breasts, which immediately caught my attention.
Noticing my view, she said, do you still not considered, when in the bath spying on me. Shame I did not know what to say. Then she said that all the boys love to spy and that they like me gets up member. I'm confused and thought has to go, but she said, show me how it is you. I pulled off his pants and sticking my wet cock was in sight at arm's length from her face. Then she said, and you know that the boys have to lower the liquid from the bags that I have, and touched my testicles. I said in a hoarse voice, but then she took from the nightstand handkerchief wrapped it around my head and saying, let me help you, I began to drive his hand over my cock. From this, I spun in my head and I wanted to stand on tiptoe. Long he could not stand and let the discharge of his sperm in a handkerchief, which she tied me to a member. I have to go down almost a minute. At first she praised me and then looked at the sperm in a headscarf said she at you is too thick, and therefore yellow. You have often lower, and you risk becoming infertile from stagnation, and I'm somehow still help. Then he smiled slyly.
To be continued
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