Summer in the village with his grandmother

Once, when I was nine years old, I came to the village in the summer. Grandmother were kozy.Odnazhdy when we went to meet them from the pasture, I ran closer to the forest, to see when they come. Suddenly approached me on the bike a friend of my cousin. Friend was about 15. He said, they say, have a seat on the frame, go to your grandmother. I was led, and as he drove past the stop where sat my grandmother and the rest, waiting for the sheep, I felt that something was wrong. He was taken away from my village two kilometers into the forest. When I was crying, he said, so I took off pants. Nothing at all unaware, I obeyed. Suddenly he took out a camera and started snapping me naked. Then, I remember, I said: - Do that pussy got, until you do not otpuschu.Ya, of course, did not understand anything, and tried my best to perform the requested - tried to raise pisun hand, straining, etc. Soon I specifically his strained (erection in actual fact it was not) and the guy said that now all is well. Again naschelkat frames and touched his mouth. It was so good ... I was in seventh heaven! Then he ordered to take him. I was frightened and asked: - And you're in my mouth I do not write - No, - he answered, and I took ... Then he asked not to tell anyone, and we went to the village. A week later, the whole company, which was about seven, and all of them between 14 and 16 years, and I am the youngest, we went to the river to seven kilometers from the village. There, when I wanted to use the toilet (was already almost night - everyone was sitting around the fire), I said that I went to the toilet, and the man followed me, and when we arrived, he told me to lie down on the ground and undressed. I still fulfilled, and we went in position 69, and, sorry, masturbate each other. Then, as soon as he is only a wink, and we will immediately retire, the more I liked, and very! Now, four years later, I did it not mad, and his mouth about it except you, no one raskryval.Spasibo for your attention!