Save your ass from scum

My first sexual experience was not as romantic, as there is usually written, or rather completely devoid of all romance. This day I will never forget ... It is engraved in my memory forever, I just saw myself from the outside, my life was divided into two parts - before and after this point. But first ... I was 11 years old, handsome lad, a nice tan, where he is supposed to be observant, but timid. In July, the hottest days of standing, or I have not sent in any camp, and I was hanging out in the city. Like me in the morning, somewhere around eight to ride a bike to the river to bathe. On the morning of the river steam rises, the water is warm, beauty. People - no one. You can fully merge with prirodoy.Vot and one day I woke up early, skhamal couple of bagels with tea, dressed, if you can call "dressed", Old sneakers, torn denim shorts, a towel around his neck, melting me were not needed. Great, thundering up the stairs, jump into the saddle and I rush to the river. I like so far, when the warm breeze blows city naked body and then, at the entrance to the forest, it is replaced by cool, right up orgazma.Podletayu to his favorite place where I bathed, and I understand that here today, I am not alone. Well, I think, all right, two men, adults, age 16, on the other side, why be shy. I throw off from itself a simple wardrobe and with a running start, jump from bridges into the water. I notice that those two guys, too, dived, and I bathe, enjoy. I select the bank and those guys out too. I went to his armor, and corner of my eye I see that the boys are sent to me. I wipe. And then I called out: - there is not a smoke - No-e.Tolko what I could answer?. And then with his legs in the stomach. I folded in half, it hurts so bolno.- Bitches !!! - Ha! I'm dropping on her knees, face in dew. In the ass - the pain. I try to scream and do not understand - I can not. In the mouth, I have something. Tears are flowing streams, eyes on five kopecks, shouting does not work. Then unexpectedly, in general, I'm already half left his body, I understood the saying - "no breath, no fart". Behind on the tonsils, and from the front of the glands in the rests. I can only howl and whine. It feels like I tore in half, one by pulling the ears, the other on hips sebya.Ne know how much time passed, I understand that I was lying on his meadow. Legs do not feel. In the mouth a strange taste. Gradually return to your body. Everything hurts and groans. Somehow I start to move, and understand that I am crap and pissing. All in shit and urine. Lying one naked, defenseless. Crawling, crawling towards the river. Changeling. Got. I pulled something like shorts, sneakers. By ten in the morning walk cavalryman, I dotopal home, relying on high. Mom at work. Hot showers. On the street 25. The crotch hurts, I realize that I was raped. I sob, whine, why me? Why do not they talk to me? Why so everything is cruel? I advanced the boy, though timid, the Internet is already fluent in nine years. Where are you, boylove when you do not have enough? Sit behind your computer and scribble silly fantasies "as we would like"But you do need to really bear, Vovk Dyuhe, Nikadimu. The last - this is my parents gave such a name. I can be Nick, and I want - Dima or Mityaem.Na today I just BAT. I am 14 years old. My best drugany - Bear, Vova and Dyuha. They filled up the day for me. I am a long time did not open, but the guys are persistent, all ringing and ringing, and then I crawled. Eyes on the wet spot, and they that yes why, and I told everything, and through the roar and snot. So it was sick at heart. We had each other nothing to hide. Bear Dad both get drunk, fought constantly. Michas showed me this belt, as much goose bumps. He often I turn over. And Vova brother to Chechnya returned one night it something dreamed Vovik nearly strangled. I flew off the reel bro. And Dyuhoy we met in the school toilet, the three of us drove to the lesson, and he stood there and missed. He was nine, and we are eleven. And this little shit fit well into our link (Boy Scout troop), now without each other, and we do not step mozhem.Vot slznaya such stories. Save your ass from the dregs. There are men - Slezotki. They usually come to the sentimental people. If you cried when they saw "White Bim Black Ear"Then Slezotki - your friends. Our unit is called "Slezotki"Because all eyes on a wet place.