One of the most

It was one of the hottest days in June. There was nothing on my mind except for sexual desires to cool, the perfect man. Houses I listened to the music, the computer was turned on, gay service activated. In chapter "Search" I came across a very nice guy, but as always, I thought he did not want to have anything to do with me. I know these types, but in his profile stood, except that he was looking for adventure, absolutely no evidence. More photo and age. Then it was reported that he saw that I had read his page, wanted me to meet him. In general, of course, we agreed to meet at my house.
He arrived soon, I had to climb out of the shower, to call my friend (or rather, her husband, as we officially numbered) and blow the others who wanted me, pardon the expression, to have sex. Well, when I saw it - honest - almost stunned.
Although the photo is similar, but in reality - wow! My height, muscles, manly, dark glasses, cap, long hair in the form of a beard - it looks just like any bodyguard. Incidentally, his friend does not know about his adventures.
He was quite excited when I saw and learned. Present in difficult situations, while only neprikolno guys vozishsya. But, apparently, I started to fall into the category where I came from "gentle" age, finally grown up - it's time already in the twenty-four years! In short, the highlight of the program was coming to me more. I should not say that I was happy, at last, almost a year later, enjoy yadrena, masculine, dominant body. Others, of course, pleased "scratch"As the saying goes, and in the mouth and in the ass. But sometimes you want to also be used ... not necessarily through anal, but divorce "pigsty" on all cylinders!
So, back to the topic: we went down to the pond, which are frequent cabin with hinged part, where there are chairs and a table. By the way, his voice very seksulnyh quite high, but still masculine. With a he had poppers (a narcotic drug for erectile ukrepreniya). I did not particularly like them, I do not accept, but with it - it's like "the 7th" sky, insanity. I felt dizzy when I inhaled them, and he dumped his penis in this moment - what else could you ask for better! I have a very large number, the X-el, as they say, is thick and long, rather unusual for the general public. Of course, I amuse myself too exclusively with even bigger prick, but he was really a massive hose love. Such a giant at the bottom of that one hand does not clasp.
We were at the house in the bush; He lifted his shirt from his pants shorts jerked his eldu. His chest was hairy, tanned, but everything in moderation, no sweat, no long or curly volosin; reddish skin. The pectoral muscles he had developed so that it seemed, he could wear a great bra. I stripped naked at this time, I have got one second of its kind. He looked me in the eye through tinted glasses, he said winding greasiness, he wanted me, and I him even more! Voluptuous wave catches us, I was on the border between love and lust. I could hardly restrain myself, not to kiss his lips Muscat, rubbing his bristly cheek, to merge into a single orgasm. He said that he loves me, loves my cock, he wants me to have, he wants the three of us or four of us, he wants, he wants ... I would too, so he came to me in his ugly face, I wanted to lick his body, I would , I wanted...
(to be continued)