Irina Nikolayevna. Part 3

The next two days I was still at lunch did it Cooney. Already without his pants, as she liked to contemplate my ass in stockings and panties. After him, Irina made me a blowjob, poking their fingers in my ass. She invited me to shave my body as much hair on the legs and stockings look neistetichno. And on a limb hair climb into her mouth. I gladly accepted, and shaved off all his hair, even on his chest. On the third day, Irina came to work just before lunch. Oh, I'm tired to walk! You can massage the legs to me? These marvelous legs, I was ready to stroke day long, so I immediately went down on his knees before her and removed his shoes. Her feet smell a bit, but it only added spice. I started to rub and massage them, licking tongue through the stockings. Irina even closed her eyes with pleasure, when I started to suck toes and lick the soles of the feet.
It lasted almost the entire dinner. My cock stood rooted to the spot, and when Ira began to move her foot in my mouth, I introduced the members of her husband, finished without using their hands. Okay, that's enough! Look! All stockings me slaver! Taking out a new pair of drawer, he handed it to me. It is an unforgettable experience, women wear stockings to her feet! You roll down the stocking, and slowly watched as the leg is hidden behind a gentle nylon. When I put her legs, Irina, looking me in the eye downward, he said. I want to discuss with you here what the topic of our future relations. My husband is bisexual! He likes the boys in a passive role. You've never tried? No. Do you want? I see that you like it when I fuck your ass fingers. I have since the first days of thinking about it. Looking at myself in the mirror in the women's clothes, I dreamed that I was received as a girl, with all the consequences. My response was swift and brief. I want and dream!
I know you're for! Here are bought! For you! Irina pulled from her purse a small anal vibrator, and what - the spray. Take it! House Work out! A member of my husband, though not very big, but it's going to hurt. House disguised as a woman, and sprinkle on the ass spray, I gently introduced a vibrator in the ass. It was not painful, on the contrary, I felt some - Wake up the sweet feelings. My cock stood up, and I jerked it until their stockings filled with sperm. The whole evening I went without removing it from the priests. Waking up on Saturday morning, I carefully Throw the whole body, and began to gather after breakfast to visit Irina Nikolayevna. Vibrator took its place in my pope. They were waiting for me for dinner and I was standing in front of an agonizing choice what to wear. I really wanted to appear in front of them fully dressed as a woman, but not daring, limited white lace panties and white open-work stockings and lacy bra with silicone inserts. The door was opened by Irina husband - Victor. He met me dressed in a bathrobe.
Come into the room, undressed. In the hall I met Irina, dressed like her husband in a bathrobe, but in addition to it on her legs were stockings that I bought it. Ah, here come our girl! She was glad, I prepared a gift for you! Let's go to the bedroom. On the bed lay a black velvet dress with a neckline, a box of shoes and panties with stockings and a belt. Odenesh? Of course! I started to undress and Irina smiled when he saw her bra. Well done! I like it not guessed! But with stockings panties take off until the dress does not fit. The first I wore a thong. Rope immediately disappeared between the buttocks, and eggs with a member of tightly pressed to the groin. Then lace belt with black openwork stockings fishnet. I had to dress in time, Invisible Ira took off my measurements at work. Great! She said, but the shoes were eating found! When I wore them, it felt like a full-fledged woman. That's not all! Ira took a cupboard and put a wig on my head.
Now vannoyu painted and to the table. I flaunt it for a long time, not allowing me to look at myself. Girls! Are you soon? Victor has called us impatiently several times. That's it! Come on. Looking at myself, I was taken aback, rather taken aback. I was watching a woman, not beautiful, but very nice. My mother would not have recognized me, and I did. I ask the girls! Victor pulled me a chair, sit down to dinner.