It's game time

He turned on his side and quickly pressed the cell phone button, turning off the alarm clock. Do not let the wife wakes up prematurely god. What will happen, he chose not to submit. Today it is - a slave. Well, yes, and she - Mrs. It's time to play.
Rising from the bed, he went to the corner where there was a small suitcase. In it they kept their toys. He slept as always naked and shaved pubis yesterday. Pulling out of the suitcase grease, carefully greased anus. Anus he was pretty Sensitive, so that lubrication is better to spare. When finished, he took out a small dilator and began to slowly insert. Today, enough of this, I thought to myself. Other indications in this respect did not give Ms.
Now came the turn of women's panties with a hole in the crotch. Member, jumped into the hole, immediately stood stake. They have long been going to buy a plastic bag with a lock on the member, who would not give him up, and added pain, yes all hands did not reach. Therefore, I have to wear the ring on the balls and penis. Wearing more and collar, a leash, he went to the toilet. He had the right to write only as a woman. Sitting on the toilet itself (to sit in a circle slave has no rights), he strongly leaned forward. Member of the standing and tilting his hands, as he always did, as a man, he could not. But today he was not a man. I - slave, he thought. In an extreme case - a female. Since the beginning of the game he was not allowed to touch a member, without orders Mistress.
Back in the room, he looked at his watch. Six in the morning. Waking Lady at six-thirty. Everything goes according to plan. For half an hour he has to stand in the corner, waiting.
Now the main thing - to take the correct posture. Kneeling, he leaned back on his heels, legs apart as possible. The perineum should be opened, forward a member. If Madame wants to step on it, there should be no interference. Hands behind his back, his head lowered to his chest that would look down. On Lady, without an order, you can not look.
Ahead of half an hour. It is necessary to clear your head. Everything must be subordinated only to the will of Mrs.
Half an hour passed. It's time to wake up, I thought, I shivered. On his knees crawled over to the bed, he gently pushed the edge of the teeth blankets, covering the legs. Language was ready to lick. Slowly passing on the sole of one foot, he moved to the other. Ms. stirred and mumbled something. I liked thinking servant, continuing to process soles. And then his head jerked from a strong kick. "Fingers, idiot" - Lady said. "Wrong" - He thought, quickly began to lick your fingers. His language is passed from one finger to another, carefully licking between them.
"Come on, now let the ass". Moving closer on his knees, he propihnul his tongue between the buttocks and inhaled the aroma, which met for the night. The anus was opened to meet him. His tongue plunged deeper and as you progress, ass Mistress, lying on its side pressed harder and harder on his face.
Ten minutes later, she grabbed him by the hair, pushing away from you. Sitting on the bed, she gave him a strong slap in the face. "That's for dullness. Oh, and for prevention. Probably worth giving another. " His head jerked back strongly. "Take me to the bathroom" - she said. He stood on all fours, and she sat on top, porzav his back. Hold the leash Mistress painfully slapped him on the back. So, getting constant blows to the back and sides, he dovz her to the bathroom.
Standing, Mrs. hit him in the balls hanging between his legs. "Quickly toilet. " Having got into the bathroom, he sat down on the heels of a slave, raising his head and his mouth wide open. Looming over him, Mrs. let a powerful stream. When finished, he swallowed everything, she began to turn the taps. According to the team "mat"The servant immediately lay on his back, stomach napruzhiniv. Lady in the shower, slowly turning and stepping on the feet cock and balls, then on the face, putting the slave in his mouth then one leg, then the other.
When finished taking a shower and dry vytershis, Ms. ordered to take her to bed again, accompanying the trip strokes leash. Having laid her on the bed, the servant of his nose turned on the TV, and crawled into the kitchen. Having breakfast, gathered all together on a tray, he crawled into the bedroom. During breakfast, he, taking a familiar pose in the corner, I thought about what was waiting for him today. After breakfast - the usual morning spanking. 25 attacks on the member 25 by the pope, and 25 - on the anus, buttocks apart. "Do not forget to rearrange the extender from the anus to the mouth. And suck it deep, Ms. loves. " And then everything in her will.
"Come eat, cattle" - He heard. Ms. dumped the leftovers on the floor. Sticking his tongue, the slave began to eat.