Evening fun

This happened in early childhood, when I was 15 years old, but that night I remember every detail. Our family consisted of three people: father, mother, and, in fact, me. We lived in a separate one-bedroom apartment, one room served me, the other parents. The relationship between my parents were quite normal, in short, we were normal average family. By that time I already was time of puberty, although many things of an intimate part of life remained a mystery to me. But my cock was already great to get up at the thought of women, I often imagined as having sex with a woman, and regularly masturbate. Although real experience I had not.
So, back to that memorable evening. It was in the month of May, was in the summer warm weather. It was Friday. That day, as usual, came home from school, I had lunch, took lessons and began some about their business, which usually takes the children at this age. The parents returned home somewhere around nine o'clock in the evening in the company of some man.
- Hello, son - the father clapped me on the shoulder. - Here, meet, this is Uncle Pasha, a friend of mine at work.
- Wow - I chuckled burly mustachioed uncle Pasha and offered me his hand. I shook it. "Those guys own silischa. These hands horseshoe bend "- I thought. And it was sheer truth: my father's friend was a tall, broad-shouldered, and gave the impression of a hero.
- Son, I'm sorry, we stayed a little - my mother kissed me on the cheek. - Now let's go to dinner. I looked at my mother: she was clearly in a good mood and smiling broadly. Her luxuriant blond hair spilled over her shoulders, her wore jeans snug it slightly stout hips and a sweater with a high collar. Mom patted my hair, my father at this moment just put his arm around his wife's waist and pushed to the kitchen:
- Good to eat, and now to die of hunger.
After some time we have dined at the table. Mom always cooked perfectly, and dinner is clearly a success. Adults drinking wine brought with him, I enjoyed the Pepsi-Cola. Uncle Pasha was a big joker, and the whole evening entertained parents and me. Outside the window, completely dark, my mother had already changed into a dressing gown, all relaxed, one bottle of wine was opened, when the father, looking at his watch, said:
- Wow, already the twelfth hour. I think someone go to sleep - and winked at me.
Wishing all a good night, I went to my room, undressed and went to bed. But the dream, for some reason did not go. I spun from one side to the other, but could not sleep. It is now probably at least an hour, when I got up and went to the balcony. It was a warm May night, somewhere around the burning windows, the city was filled with different sounds. I breathed the fresh, much as it may be possible in the city, the air hoping that it will help me to fall asleep soon.
I must say that in our apartment balcony was not only out of my room, and the room of the parents, and now there was a light. I suddenly became interested, and I decided to look: the parents are also busy at this late hour. Fear that I noticed, was not, as the street was very dark, and, as we know, from a lighted room in the dark can not see anything.
I approached cautiously, trying to emit less noise, and looked through the window. The curtains were not drawn, but through tulle everything was perfectly clear. What I saw at first put me in a state of shock.
Dad and Uncle Pasha sat in a large chair, standing around a round table and sipping from glasses of wine. They were almost back to me. Mom stood in the middle of the room right before the men, and back to me. Her outfit is me just struck. She was wearing a skirt on so short, I could not even hide until the end of white panties that are snug mother's ass. At what panties were clearly smaller than the desired size, they hugged so tightly that part of the body that I could see. Wide hips and my mother's ass with a few signs of cellulite, which can not be called fat, but a large and apparently soft, was very enticing. Also my mother was a beacon on thin shoulder straps, fitting and supporting large breasts, who tried to jump out, so much were they squeezed cloth. Hair my mother, were gathered in a bun and pinned up almost at the very top. Completes the picture of my mother's dress suede boots - boots with high heels, that reached to mid-thigh.
Mom was just sitting down to his knees and his hands on his knees. Her ass was jutting, and she moved her ass from side to side in front of his father and uncle Pasha. My mind refused to believe in the reality of the situation, so dissolute was the scene that opened my eyes. But at the same time it was like a sweet and attractive as any of the forbidden fruit. The thought that my mother is able to dress up as a model of dirty magazines that sometimes I have seen what it looks not only his father, but still a strange man, made the blood rush to my face. And not only. I felt my cock stiffen in his underpants. I put his hand in his pants and squeezed his friend. It was hot, and climbed higher and higher.
- Come here, lapulya - suddenly my father said, putting his dopit glass on the floor beside the chair and gestured invitingly mother hand. Mom slowly turned to him, smiled coquettishly, held palms on her breasts, stomach and swinging her hips toward the men. Uncle Pasha also drank wine in one gulp, too, put the glass on the floor and put his hand on his hip approached my mother. She just continued to move smoothly and shooting eyes at one, then the other, climbed onto the table, around which sat a man. Standing on all fours, my mother, again sexy ass sticking out towards Uncle Pasha, who was back from her, and kissed her passionately dad, sitting in front of her.
Dad's friend started to feel my mother's thighs, ass. His hands slipped on the legs, sinking to his knees, then, rising up, stroking the thigh, panties, climbed on her skirt. Then he began to not only iron, but also to knead my mother's charms, to which she replied povilivaniem backside. Dad went to kiss my mother, running his tongue into her mouth. Their tongues met, through the open window we could hear the sucking their lips.
I'm just speechless. My cock stiffened already to such an extent that does not fit in my palm. With me it was the first time in my life. I did not expect that my mother could be so lustful that my parents indulge in such pleasures. It was exciting steeper porn I saw something in his classmate. And all this is happening in some two or three meters away from me.
Mom start with one hand to unbutton my dad's shirt and caress his shoulders. The pope, in turn, began to knead his mother's breast, then he squeezed it, then stroked. In the end, he pulled the straps from her mother's arms, pushed his shirt on his stomach and freed boobs are swaying tumbled free. They were large, meaty, a bit saggy, but not out of shape, with large dark brown circles nipples. Dad took them in his hands, as if weighing, squeezed, as if wanted to press inward and let go, enjoying the way they swung again. Uncle Pasha is suddenly relish slapped my mother's ass, and began to lick my mother's half the priests. His tongue was walking in the ass back and forth, his hands continued to stroke and knead mother through the panties, sometimes he held between his legs. Mom is obviously enjoyed. She shivered and moved her ass. Uncle Pasha finally pulled up her skirt, pulled sharply with mom panties down, so that they slipped on the tops of the boots to the knees, and moved his tongue right between the halves of the priests. On my mother's ass tattoo appeared: both halves was beautifully painted bow with lace. Mom gasped, more arched, broke away from the Pope looked back:
- Yes, vylezhu me everything, spank me - I did not recognize my mother's voice, as it was corruption. Mom spread her legs wide and started back to ... why bow as if stirred. Uncle Pasha became the pinch and slap your ass and went on licking, picking up the mother's pussy, which was visible between the thighs. For a moment broke away from his mother and licked his index finger, Uncle Pasha ran it between her mother's labia.
- Classroom nipple, juicy and appetizing.
- And I have told you - Pope smiled, stood up, took off his shirt - and you, my dear, is now otsosesh - it has been said my mother.
Silently, she undid the belt on his father's trousers, then his pants and lowered them down with shorts. And then I saw my father's dick, which had not scored all of his strength, but he was already done. He was clean-shaven, as the pubis to the scrotum, there was not a single hair. Member staring straight into the face mother, his darkish trunk in front began to lengthen and strengthen, when my mother began to caress the impressive size of the eggs, hanging between Dad's legs. She slightly open mouth, took my father's hand on the base member, a slight movement of the head bared, tongue stuck out and moving on his dick, sent it into his mouth. Then reverse the movement came, my mother tongue went around the foreskin, covering her hand and again bared head, and then dive into the mouth. Each time my father's bolt was getting wetter and wetter from his mother's saliva and grow right before your eyes. Sometimes, when my mother pulled him out of his mouth, between her lips, and a member of the head hung gossamer slobbery. From time to time my mother began to lick the barrel and eggs, quickly walking tongue Dad's dick, and then again swallowed dick that is already sticking out like a stake by typing their entire length and width. Mum introduced it into itself almost to the base, then podrachivala, caressing tongue head, then licked, then again sucked in yourself, do not forget to move your ass trembling, that fiddling and licked Uncle Pasha.
I looked at this orgy, and has almost nothing surprised. My parents were opened to me with such a party, but it does not repelled me, but rather, on the contrary, drew. Excitation covered my head, I have little to think, even though he knew that after some time they will be to fuck my mother alone, and the thought soul at the same time and grew cold, and burned and left in the heel, and my body began to throb . I looked forward to this moment, and stood at the window with vyvalennym of cowards member podrachival it.
Mum suddenly released from my father's dick hands, so that a sucking sound popped out of her mouth, and freed a hand held between his legs. Then again, then closed her palm labia that finger caressed Uncle Pasha, as if pushing him from his puski. Uncle Pasha first pulled away from mother's cunt, smiled, and slapped both hands on the place where he was bow parted my mother's bread, and ran his tongue back in her ass. At this time, Dad with one hand took his dick from the base and sent it to my mother in the mouth, and the other put mom on the back of the head. She swallowed and adjust member to the most eggs, the length of it, must have reached the throat. Dad began to move her hips, and it turned out that he fucks mom in the mouth. Sometimes it could be seen as he rests on the cheek, ottopyrivaya it. It was not the blow, namely Fucking in the mouth. Mom fingered hand her clitoris with a grunt and ohami swallowing dick, Uncle Pasha is already rubbing through his pants on his mother's back member.
Finally, Dad pulled out a member of my mother's mouth, stroked her neck:
- Come lie down, since it is more convenient - dad, hugged her waist, pulled her mother toward the large double bed. - By the way, Pash, come on, take off your clothes, you - the next.
They came to the bed, and while Uncle Pasha pulled down his shirt and jeans, Dad pulled up to the end of my mother's panties, which remained her poluspuscheny, lifted her skirt and stroking ass, began to push for Uncle Pasha. He already took off all my clothes, and now stood in front of her mother with ottopyrinym member. It really looked like a warrior: strong shoulders, inflated arms with big biceps, strong, muscular body. Dick Uncle Pasha was a little longer than my father's, but much thicker. Mom smiled and hugged his neck and ran her hand over the eggs first, and then on to the member, murmured:
- Cool bolt. Oleg, where I found this horse? I want you - and looking at Pasha, held his tongue on the lip. - I promised that you have something to surprise her, but I did not expect.
Uncle Pasha lay on the bed, legs spread wide, dad again pushed my mother in the back, so that she, flopping down, took a knee - elbow position. Her head was near the groin Flank uncle, the priest was the head otklyachila above. My mother immediately grabbed a member of his father's friend, began to lick it, one hand caressing his scrotum. Pasha, just getting up, reached for her mother's boobs, and began to knead and squeeze. Mom with such pressure, podrachivaya, sucked a dick, that Uncle Pasha groaned and leaned back:
- Oh, no dick yourself, this is the suction.
- Yeah, man, this is the best blow job, which you can find in this life - Dad already have tagged onto my mother's backside. His cock glistened with moisture after my mother's caresses. Mom's head went up and down, his mouth was wide open to take such a thick dick Pashin. From time to time my mother took out of his mouth, he spat at a member, then rubbed the moisture on the trunk, and a little vzdochnuv again sit down on this monster. Sometimes she slapped herself a member of the protruding tongue or cheeks, or just grabbing dick, shaking her from side to side, obviously enjoying the feel of his weight in his hands. Uncle Pasha groaned, moved his hips, squeezed her mother's hair and shoulders.
Dad, Mom comfortably attach to almost spreading her legs, heels to boots did not prevent him, he began to drive the head of his cock on my mother's pussy, caressing her labia. Mom shook her ass, even more stuck out his bow slightly parted, revealing his mother's pusku through. Dad moved forward the body and the head plunged into, and smooth-shaven pussy. Mom cried for a little detached from the suction, and then swallowed dick. Then move back, forward again and put a member on the third length: moving so smoothly, gradually dad planted the entire length. And he began to fuck my mother, bringing his dick almost completely and vpihivaya it to the ground. His huge egg on inertia flew the back, then forward. Father began to accelerate, mum, catching his rhythm, he became podmahivat, each accompanied by frictions cotton Papa's pubes on my mother's ass. Dad squeezed her mother's hand back, squeezed it and continued to hammer away at the mother, who was a cancer not for a minute did not stop sucking Uncle Pasha. I'm already being jerked her bolt that excited to such an extent that I was at home and could not imagine it.
I watched as my mother in includes just two members, as she likes how her father cooks behind as she sucks. My mother was a whore, she was a promiscuous whore, it's incredibly exciting to. I furiously masturbate until my cock exploded, filling my palm warm and sticky seed. But no member of the opal, as has happened before, and continued to stand, and I myself could not break away from the fact that my parents get up.
- A-a-a-a-a +. Ohhh, yeah-ah-aaaaaaa - my mother was beginning to moan quite loud, apparently ebuschy her father's dick gave her great pleasure. She was even able to not suck at Uncle Pasha, just his face buried somewhere in his groin, and randomly stroking his reed. Buddy Pope hugged his powerful hand my mother's head to his pubes and he started stroking his dick.
- Come on, vzharil it, break it, - he said to his father, - planted it more deeply.
- Yes, damn, yeah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! Oh-oh-oh-oh, ah-ah-ah, shit-I-I-I-rd, more, more-ee-s, th-th-th-th, and-and-and-a- and, - my mother did not stop moaning, cursing, tears off her tongue, it seems men wound up even more.
Mom already was shaking her ass every time twitched toward plunges into her phallus. Dad slowed down the pace of frictions, but it has become a member to drive a sharp movement, accompanying each entry with cotton on one of the halves of my mother's ass .... ass swayed and quivered, but she still had time to podmahivat father. Mom zaskrebla nails on the body of Uncle Pasha, and he let her go. She rose to arms, and looked back at the Pope does not stop:
- Mm-hmm, yeah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah - now a push from each mother's boobs bouncing up and swayed from side to side. Suddenly, Dad pulled out a member and finally, once again kissed his palm on her mother's loin. Mom straightened up, remaining on his knees to stand bed, grabbed her tits swollen with excitement, with large hardened nipples, and the start of their stroke.
Meanwhile, the Pope climbed into bed, and Uncle Pasha, on the other hand, moved to the floor. Dad sat down, tucked under her heel, and my mother lay on her back, her head resting on his knees. At the same time my mother's ass was on the edge of the bed, and the legs in high heels on the floor. Uncle Pasha stood between her mother's legs at the knees, my mother raised her legs and spread them apart so widely that almost turned the twine. Such flexibility from my mother, I just could not wait. Uncle Pasha first stroked her mother's legs, pubic area, then began to lick the crotch, squeeze the ass, hips. His tongue penetrated into the mother's vagina, then spreads to the hips and lower abdomen, in the area around puski, and again fondled by my father fucked swollen lips and clitoris.
He licked my mom pussy, plunging into the language, suck in her lips and clitoris, and then began to help his fingers, pushing it to the mother and twisting it into the vagina. This went on for a long time, my mother began to squirm, moan, began to reduce his feet, and then picked up Dad mom under her knees and pulled to the sides. Mom ass climbed a little higher, and now Uncle Pasha had the opportunity not only to lick her mother's pussy, but her anus. His tongue went through the anal hole. For all wet, my mother can not wait any longer, moaned:
- Fuck me, fuck right now - dad immediately let go of her mother's legs. Uncle Pasha stood up, his cock went all that time to stand, as if he were made of wood. The man smiled, then Uncle Pasha from some clothes lying on the floor, pulled out a condom and handed it to my mother. She opened the package with ease, and took out a condom skilled movements put it on Uncle Pashin bolt, then leaned back and rested his head on father's lap.
At this point, I squeezed his standing member, and passing his hand, smeared semen on it, causing it became slippery and slightly tacky. My dick remained tense, and it seemed that swells more and more. There was even a little hurt by the surge. Before that I never finished twice in a row. Touching the head, I gently squeezed it and began to masturbate again.
Uncle Pasha took a tube of lubricant, grease-lubricated condom over his penis, was attached to the mother's hole and began to push slowly entered his bolt in the mother. In contrast to the pope, he did not make the return movement, but simply with the force pressed, causing his dick sinking into the vagina. Mom gasped, jerked, tried to clasp the hands daddy, but he firmly grabbed her wrist, held her hands to her boobs and is fixed in this position. Mom arched, moved her hips, but Uncle Pasha, and then fix it. Finally, after a couple of minutes, dick went into her mother's pussy to the end, my mother's vagina stretched by taking a such a thick bolt, Uncle Pasha waited for a while until my mother puska not get used to his size, and then began to make her a member of circular motion as if wanted to further expand passage for his monster. Then began the usual movement, back and forth, but not so hastily. But as my mother's pussy got used to Pashin member, the movement became faster and faster. He grabbed my mother's ankles, spread them so, as far as the width of the hand, and pyalil my mother in that position.
- Shit-I-I-I-I - my mother tried to squirm, but she was hard pressed men's hands to the bed. A thick dick entered the slippery grease into his mother's pussy, twisting and turning in, gets out, and again plunged into a squelch. Eggs beaten by her mother sweaty ass, my mother hole has flowed natural lubricant mixed with artificial.
- Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, AAAA, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah + -. Mom almost cried, delayed socks feet, crumpling his chest, beat her head on daddy's lap. Then Dad got up and spread her legs so that my mother's head was beneath him, and slowly lowered his scrotum mother's face. She swallowed my father's eggs and start to suck them, and for a time stopped screaming, only mumbling and moaning. Dad moved his pelvis, leading his mother's personal belongings on the lips and tongue, which she Carney swinging in front of her eggs. But when Uncle Pasha accelerated again he wailed.
- Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, yes-ah-ah-ah, shit, fuck-and-and-and, fuck-and-and-and-and-and-and-and me - it was already very loud. Dad let her mother's hand and squeezed her mouth, mom, feeling freedom arched her back, her tits twitching to the beat of the occurrences of a member of it. For a while, my mother fucked with pinched mouth, but then Dad grabbed discarded immediately and my mother's panties, crumpled, stuffed them in his wife's mouth, and just getting up itself in one hand took his dick and began to clap their mother's face. The other hand began to squeeze bouncing boobs. With a gag Fucking continued: devoid of voices, my mother just quietly squealed and groaned, she tried to wag his hips, shaking her head. This lasted somewhere fifteen or twenty minutes, until Uncle Pasha pulled out his bolt ripped condom and zadrochil with him. Dad immediately released my mother and began to play too, his cock. Mom did not reduce his feet, stretched, pulled out of his mouth pants, she sat down and grabbed Uncle Pasha for dick and sent it on his face. He continued to masturbate at the base, the mother caressed the head, sometimes helping his tongue. With the other hand my mother squeezed my father's dick.
I also masturbate, feeling that is about to finish. Just now, after witnessing how my mother fucked a strange man, and my father also helped him in this, I have just a half an hour to rethink many things. Now sex is not struck me as something not available, I would also like to fuck and was almost certain that soon it will happen to me. Suddenly, my cock twitched, the body was a wave of pleasure, and a new portion of the seed shot out of me, hitting me in the arm and the wall, which I was standing.
Mom continued to handle just two male members, taking into his mouth one or the other. Here Uncle Pasha issued a groan, threw his head back, my mother opened her mouth, his tongue, and spat out a member of a powerful charge of sperm directly into my mother open her mouth and on the tongue. The white substance filled the mother's mouth, swallowed part of the mother, and the rest flowed on the chin. Opened his mouth again, Mom did not stop stroking dicks, and then Uncle Pasha gave a second crop of seed. "Shot" Mom came in the face, sperm flowed across the face, cheeks, something got into his mouth again. Mom licks and turned to the Pope. Uncle Pasha began to slap his mother a member of the boobs, scattering the remains of the body.
Here finished and dad, his "charge" Mom fell on the cheek and hair, sperm was so much that the person almost everything was covered with flowing "spuschenkoy". Mom plunged cock in her mouth, sucking and swallowing residues. Depraved MILF, which has turned my mother leaned back a little, coquettishly looked at the men and smiled. Legs Mom were still far apart, and it naebasheyasya pussy was clearly visible. After a tongue over his lips, stained sperm, she removed his hand from the hair of the seed and licked her fingers. Swallow cum her, obviously, very much.
Dad and Uncle Pasha four hands, as they could have cleared my mother's face from the effects of ejaculation, smearing cum on my mother's tits, stomach, thighs. Mom reached out, hands up, then he grabbed his chest, tossed them, so they're a little shook:
- Liked? - Her voice was felt playful tone.
- Oh, you're cool, Marinochka - Uncle Pasha grinned.
- Come on, run pomoysya, and we still have a cigarette - Dad patted his mother's tit. - But not for long....
The men went to the balcony, and I had to quickly hide in my room, however, the door to the end, I did not close, leaving it slightly ajar. My front pants were wet with semen, sticky hands, a cock, though slightly opal, but was swollen by masturbation. I froze and listened.
They heard the door open from the room of parents, then went out to the balcony Dad and Uncle Pasha. Flicked the lighter. For a while they smoked in silence, only occasionally throwing each other short phrases.
- Well, you're ready for another round? And then I have an insatiable Marinka, only entered into the taste - halfway to my father's voice.
- Yes, no question, - he chuckled Uncle Pasha.
There was a patter of bare feet, and went to the balcony mom. I carefully looked out from the darkness of his room, but still could not see, and put out more afraid. Translating look slightly to the side, I saw a man and a mother seen me through the reflection of the glass in the balcony door. Yurknuv behind the curtain, I started watching again.
Mom took off his boots, studs and was now completely naked. She was very sexy and I found myself thinking that excited her. Her breasts, which she had just washed in the bathroom slightly tightened up and looked swollen dark nipples.
- Malchi-and-and-ki - purred mother, hugging one arm Uncle Pasha's neck and the other dad's shoulders - let smoke. Pope pulled out a cigarette, flicked the lighter Pasha. Leaning on the parapet, my mother dragged, he released a stream of smoke and asked:
- Who is ready to have sex yet? - Mom again delayed. - Stud still have?
Uncle Pasha put his hand on his mother's ass, the reason the top-down, and apart rolls, edge of his hand rubbed his anus.
- I would like to bow to you in an ambush - dad's friend turned to her mother, two hands began to knead my mother's ass, then parted the buttocks. His mother's finger zaterebil pusku first, and then the anus. Mom stood on tiptoe, got his feet a little wider, and continued to smoke.
- Do you love when you are in the ass? - Uncle Pasha ran his finger deeper and deeper.
- Yes, our slut loves it, - said my mother for my father.
Mom finished smoking, threw a cigarette butt and kissed the Pope's lips.
- Come soon - and turned inside out from the flank hand disappeared into the room. The men went after him, and I immediately rushed to the balcony again, trying not to miss anything. When I looked into the room my mother was lying sideways on the couch facing the window. Uncle Pasha stood in the middle of the room and pulled on his erect dick condom. The Pope also went to his mother to face her, she put her arms around him, and they began to suck.
Uncle Pasha again copiously smeared with grease your cock and went to the back of the mother. She raised her left leg up, bent it, and Dad picked her up under the knee. Second hand dad pushed the mother's back, and Pasha began to squeeze and rub the grease in the ass. The skin becomes wet, there was so much grease that whole ass is already shining. Then he squeezed from a tube transparent cream directly into the anus, rubbed his finger and began to push through there. Mom moaned sweetly. When the finger has left the entire length, Uncle Pasha shook them inside, took it to my mother and put her ass oiled bolt.
Dad continued to hold the buttocks apart, and a member was a member of my mother between his fingers. Mom moaned again and pressed firmly to the Pope, clutching his shoulders. Members include lubrication is fairly easy, although its thickness was unusual for Mom. Finally, a member plunged into his mother's ass entirely and Uncle Pasha stopped after a few minutes, allowing the anus get used to it.
When the sphincter is stretched enough, my father's friend began to move my mother. She squeezed her buttocks, grasping a solid trunk, sinking into her, to Uncle Pasha said, clapping on the rump. Both seem to be very fond of such a game. He put his hand under her, and is now in parallel with the frictions and even squeezed my mother's breasts. With the other hand he stretched ass mother when she tried to stretch it, or relish slapped on it.
Mom again started to shout, and dad embracing her mother and whispered:
- Open your mouth, my dear - my mother readily complied, and the father again stuffed into her mouth panties. Uncle Pasha smiled:
- Vociferous bitch.
Now mom again could only mumble and groan. Member easily slipped into her mother's ass, apparently ass was already pretty razdolblen. Movements of the pelvis Uncle Pasha drove his dick almost the entire length, then slowly led him, and again sharply sit down mom. Bow, tattooed on the ass, if opened, taking a dick, which was champing dryuchil mother.
Dad went to his wife, lifted her leg, and, putting a screw to her pussy, pussy put into his penis. The vagina without apparent effort took a father's resilient dick. And Mom gagged fucked while two members. Both piston working in a fast pace, entered the mother sharply, but she liked it, she writhed, muffled shouts, rolled her eyes, twitching to the beat of the one, the other man, who also had time to squeeze her breasts, buttocks, abdomen. Dad began to lick her mother's face, then pulling the hair, threw back her head and began to caress her neck.
This orgy lasted for some time, I again took out his penis and began to masturbate. My risen member willing to lay down his hand in, and succumbing to the usual movements, pulsed.
Finally, the parents decided to change position. First, Dad pulled out his penis, he was completely covered with moisture, which is abundantly allocated mother's hole. Then Uncle Pasha took his giant phallus, last, patting him on the ass mom.
Uncle Pasha lay on the bed, only passes on his back, and his mother, having thrown one leg, I was on him. Taking Pashin member of the base, making it even more strained, she sent a dick between her legs, and began to sit down full weight on it. Great big dick sank into her mother gently, as if she slipped on it by a pussy to his balls. When a member has entered the entire length of my Mom arched forward and began to move her hips back and forth, dick walked into her like a piston, she jumped on it, shaking her boobs. Pasha's uncle held his mother's hips, trying to impose its deeper into your phallus.
The pope got to his feet on the sofa, slightly crouched, and began to introduce his penis into the anus mom. After a monster that has just pecked her ass, my father's dick slid easily into my mother's ass. Mom was lying on my father's friends who dryuchil her, tossing each sticking up, and my dad roasting ass, trying to stretch the buttocks a little wider apart. I was perfectly visible, as two healthy members fucked in both holes my mother, and how she likes it.
Fucking lasted another ten minutes, until the pope suddenly pulled out his dick and sperm spray does not hit directly in my mother's sphincter. Sperm flowed down, and my father began to rub it in my mother's ass, adding new portions of her ass fucked. Here I arrived and Uncle Pasha: he, too, pulled out his penis, pulled off his condom, and zadrochil mom tits. Polivshayasya sperm spattered large breasts, and my mother, too, began to rub it on your tits.
Judging by the parties of all three of them, they were very happy. Dad still squeezed my mother's ass, Uncle Pasha caressed her mother's breast while she licked his cock and sucked the remnants of sperm. Then they all went to the shower.
At the sexual escapades of my parents in the evening was over, and I went to bed, overflows with thoughts and fantasies, and before going to sleep, once more jerk.