As I made a sex slave. Part 3

I wiped dry with a floor and walls, again rinsed under a shower, dressed in a maid costume and combed her hair. Did not wear panties, because my "vagina" It must be easily accessible to members of the Lady.
two vanities in the bathroom there was one - made of wood, with a large shaped mirror, and the second - plastic, with a simple square mirror. wooden surface was inlaid with the inscription: "Ms Lena"And it was placed on the second mirror with lipstick: "For whores".
I sat down at a plastic table and make-up sponge. Then her hair. She got up and twirled in front of a mirror. Short skirt did not hide any of my segment, clad in "chastity belt"Nor my seductive popochki. I gained a little bit on the finger-lotion and oil well lubricated his anus. From finger penetration in "vagina"My cock began to rise. I removed the lotion and lipstick in the table and hurried to the bedroom.
3aydya into the bedroom, I saw no one I did not lose time in vain. The large bed, on his back, lying naked Nadia fastened with a strap, which jumped Natasha in white lace bodistokinge. Ms Lena in black fishnet stockings, sitting on Nadia's face, which is licking her anus. Member Lady protruded forward, and Natasha, leaning, sucked it, do not forget to sit down on the mother's strap.
- Come, slave, lie down here, - asked me Lena. - Come on, you two whores, change places!
Now Natasha was lying on his back and licked hole Mistress and Nadia Natasha jumped on the phallus. A member of the Lady beckoned me, and I, pick a side, took flesh in the mouth of the Lena.
- Yes, suck, whore! - Breathed Mrs. - You begin to understand their place! Come on, suck, whore! Deeper swallow!
I did not need prodding her: I am so pleased Lenochkin suck cock that I was ready to do it for ages!
Natasha continued to hammer away at the language of the anus Mistress, encouraging her excitement. At this time, Nadia, beside himself, jumped on a member of her daughter with both hands massaging her full breasts, and the left hand wanker Natasha protruding clit Nadi.
When I came off a few seconds of the Mistress of the segment, to breathe the air, I saw this huge clitoris, more like a miniature penis. It was almost two centimeters in length and with a pinky almost thick. Natasha's fingers skillfully rubbed his bringing a woman to distraction.
- Enough! - He told me Lena. - Leave a little different whores!
I reluctantly released its head out of his mouth. Immediately Nadia leaned forward and began diligently to suck.
- And you, whore, lick her back hole! - He told me Ms. I moved behind the woman and saw her big tanned buns. Above them is a narrow strip of skin nezagorevshey - seen Nadia wore on the beach are very thin panties. I gently parted her buttocks and saw a large hole in the anus. She was very well designed. Mum Natasha must have never wavered from anal sex.
I entered the language in its hole. Sensing my tongue in his anus, Nadia twitched as in a fit and yelled, although her mouth was busy segment of the Lady. I watched as she fell to one side and fell silent. Natasha got out from under the lush thighs mother knelt over her beautiful body and began to masturbate. Soon my favorite sperm gushed on his chest and stomach Nadi.
Lena, not wasting time, settled down to Natasha's ass and plunged into it his phallus. Natasha gasped in pain. Lena slapped her on the ass:
- Be patient, slave! Your mother-whore did not manage to make me come, fell into a swoon, so you work together it! Well, get on all fours! Like this! Well, you feel, as I pull on you? Like it?
- Yes, Lena, my love! - Natasha moaned. - You're doing so well! I'm your girl, your nipple!
- Zhenya, lick its members that it is not squirted semen, - he told me to Mrs.
I crawled under the belly and Natasha clasped her lips hanging member. In it there is still a certain amount of sperm, and I sucked it with relish. Then I licked Natasha's testicles and, finally, put his head into her crotch, began to lick Mistress large eggs, talking back and forth, when Lena was a part of Natasha and went out again.
- No, that will not do, - he heard the voice of Lena. - Lick my ass, whore!
I realized that today Lena specially arranged for me a day of humiliation to new slave remembered his position in the house. I had no choice. I knelt behind the Lady and tongue clung to her anal hole. Like Nadia, anus Lena was so well stretched my tongue easily stepped inside.
Lena Natasha continued to stick, though without feeling like I caress her ass. Soon it became more convulsive movements, and suddenly she started right hand behind his back and pressed the like my head between her buns! I realized that she cums. At the same moment, she pushed Natasha, whirled, and her cock was in front of my open mouth. From thick elastic head struck the jet.
- Do not close your mouth! Swallow, damn! - I heard a commanding shout
Mistress. I dutifully swallowed without even thinking to protest. My whole face was covered with a thick Lenochkinoy sperm. Then a member of the Lady changed segment of Natasha, who gently caressed the hand of Nadi. As I was waiting for this! My girl planted my mouth on his soft prick and her sweet sperm flowed down my throat.
- And now, - said Ms - which one of you, a slave, slizhet my sperm with little face Zhenya?
Instead of answering, Nadia and Natasha began licking my face like ice cream bar. Especially trying to Nadia and Natasha tenderly kissed me on the lips, enjoying the taste of his own semen in my mouth.
- Very well, - said Ms. - By the way, Nadia, you do not use hole in your new girlfriend? This unfortunate omission: after all, and I, and Natasha have already visited it. Now it's your turn. Main, use thicker toy.
- Thank you, Madame! - Said Nadia and kissed Lena prick. Natasha pulled out of the cabinet several Strap. Nadia chose a pink dildo in three inches thick and about twenty centimeters in length. Natasha helped her mother to fasten it to the belt miracle. I tried to protest, but Lena slapped me in the face:
- 3atknis prostitute! I want you to fuck Nadia your vagina this handsome. You dare disturb my will? Lie down on your stomach, I command you!
Natasha planted under my belly big pillow to make it easier to use my defenseless anus. Nadi Hands pulled up my skirt and began to massage the buttocks. Soon her fingers penetrated me.
- She already there is blurred - Nadia laughed. - Now, girl, your hole gets what she wants!
- No, please! - I pleaded.
- And so you do not have to mess around, we are with Natasha let you jerk us! - Cruelly told me Madam. They Natasha settled in front of me on my knees, and I took them into the hands of the members.
Nadia began to dent his head strap in my "vagina". It was a real torture, but my butt was already stretched by members of Natasha and Lena. I grabbed his teeth into the pillow so as not to cry out in pain.
- Fingering, whore! - Lena ordered. I began to work with his hands. Female members immediately filled with strength.
- The head came! - Said Nagy. - Relax, Genia, will now be easier!
And the strap began to move in me. The pain subsided a bit, but still no fun, I have not experienced. I continued to masturbate members of the girls, and they were at that time acted as if I was not there.
- Let's fuck each other's fingers into the anus - offered Lena Natasha.
- Yes, Madam, - I have agreed to my favorite. I could not see what they were doing, but, apparently, each put in another finger. They started kissing.
Me mastered a whole range of feelings - the humiliation, pain, love the sweet languor and jealousy.
Nadia continued to pull me to your strap, it seemed to me ... if it pierced me to the stomach. Soon her crotch pressed against my ass. I could not believe it - twenty centimeters were in me! Nadia waited a few minutes, then the sign of the Lady, was the sharp movements to fuck my ass. Lena slapped me on the back:
- Why stop ?! Fingering our members, whore!
I obediently wanker and Lady Natasha. My own segment bursting with excitement. I tried to rub them on the pillow, but nothing came out of it: interfere "chastity belt".
Meanwhile, Nadia fell upon the stomach and chest on my back and grabbed my artificial breast, continuing to move her hips. Before me Mrs. kissed Natasha, and I masturbate their segments, trying to send them to his face.
Natasha had finished first. The jet of sperm hit me in the left cheek. I held up her mouth, and the second jet hit my tongue. Lena still could not finish, and Natasha began to help me masturbate Mistress. In two hands, we brought her to orgasm Lena obkonchalsya my whole face. Then they turned me on my back, Nadia put my feet on his shoulders and with a new force began to develop my tormented "vagina"And Lena and Natasha both sides shoved their cocks in my mouth.
I finished when Natasha sucked segment. My maid appeared abundantly filled with my cum. Nadia undid my strap-on, leaving the dildo in me, and she moved forward and sat down on my face. It turned out to be a beautiful clit in my mouth. I began to suck and lick it. My tongue penetrated between thick labia. Nadia twitching in ecstasy. She came twice, sitting on me. Then she said she wanted to write. They lifted me out of bed and, still, with a dildo in the anus, drove into the bathroom. In the shower, I lay on the floor, Nadia sat on his haunches on my face and my mouth began to pour hot urine. After Nadia facilitated, it was replaced by Lena. She put a member into my mouth and ordered her to swallow urine. I dutifully swallowed. Natasha was limited by the fact that pee on my cock and stomach.
I lay on the floor, covered in urine and semen. Madame ordered me to clean up and wash clothes. All three of them went back to the bedroom, and I soon heard cries out Natasha.
After I washed the maid and hung it out to dry, Madame sent me home.
My mother met me a gentle kiss on the lips and cry "My little slut is back!". My mother was completely naked, it should be a special section to emphasize its inaccessibility for my penis
- Stripped naked and tell me how to spent time.
I took off all my clothes and told me how to use. As I said, my mother was lying in front of me on the bed and masturbated openly.
- So you're saying you + three + in both holes? - She asked in a broken voice, when I finished the story.
- Yes, Mommy.
- And you, of course, like it?
- Highly! This was spectacular
- Oh-oh, I imagine! You probably do not have a rest, my girl?
- Yes
- Come on, get down here. On the belly. Now I'll give you a massage
I lay down on the bed. Mom got a body cream and sat on my thighs and began to massage my back. It was very nice. Her delicate hands slowly down lower and lower. Here they have kneaded the buttocks. Soon my anus penetrated one finger, he was moving in me, it was added to the one I involuntarily shook popochkoy.
- Yeah, girl, you're stretched very carefully. As if specially for me. Of course, you will not mind if your mom is too delicate popolzuyutsya your hole?
- Yes, darling, take me! After all, I'm your daughter, your whore!
- Now, that's just my own fasten the strap thicker
Mom abundantly lubricated my anus, and a minute later it came into the strap me! Mom was lying on me and quickly moved his hips back and forth ....