Is it possible to love a Man

It happened in the house otduha summer. I was athletic, well-played football, volleyball, and I took in the company of adults. One day after the game we went to the sauna. It was about ten, I came in last with one student. He was well-built and constantly revolved around the girls. As we soared, children gradually dispersed. The most enduring proved to me and this guy. When we except no one left, he came out of the steam room asked me to do him a back massage. I began to do as best he could, but he said that I was doing wrong, and he began to show me how to.
I did as he asked.
Then he rolled over on his back and asked to continue the front. I started with the legs crossed on his stomach, but he asked him to crumple his gun. I'm embarrassed, then he put me on his back and showed how it is done. At first I was embarrassed, then I got up.
Seeing this, he said, that I should do so, that would stand up in it. He lay on his back, and I started to massage him his junior. He was big and solid, I rubbed it, and the guy thrilled. Then he asked me to sit down on his stomach, and began to massage my hips, then my thighs. Then he asked me to move closer. The upshot was that he took my dick and my balls in her mouth and began to lick. In short, I came into his mouth. I thought he was mad, and he was glad the contrary.
Then again I began to massage him, and feared what he asks me to take it in his mouth, but he did not ask. So I jerked him until he had finished.
Then we went into the shower to rinse, and soared again as if nothing had happened. In the end, he just asked me to anyone about it to tell.
It was so strange - the guy on which hung the girls made me so. After this incident, I became bolder acquainted with the girls and to many I have had an intimate relationship from which I greatly enjoyed, but sometimes I remember that guy, and I catch myself that I would not refused to repeat this one more time, perhaps even in his role ..
The second case occurred recently. I relaxed with a friend in Miami. (He is my compatriot and fellow student, in his dry, many girls in our college. And it is the second year affair with a school friend who was admitted to another university). In Miami, we arrived just 5 days and tried to get the most pleasure. Swimming, sunbathing, horseback, clubs, bars, Strelbishte, etc. On the second day at the disco met with klvymi friends our age who came from Seattle. I will not describe how good we spent the night in pairs in different hotels.
Unfortunately, the next day they flew home.
Here we have a friend last night in Miami. We recently returned from a crocodile farm in the morning, fish in the ocean on a boat, I caught almost meter barracuda. Ordering dinner staged booze in the room. Skipping the details, and continue from the time he lies on his back in his bed in his shorts. I sat down with him and discussing tomorrow's flight to New York at the same time began to make a gentle massage of his body sometimes quietly touching his hump. Suddenly he slyly looked me in the eye and says:
- What, can not you excite my younger? Lenka is better at, and with Mary I would have ended long ago!
Here I posmelel and with the words:
- Shit question - now I'll show you! - I began to take off his pants and massage his gun.
Whether he was drunk, or I'm not doing it, it does not react strongly to my caresses. Then he began to masturbate himself and he did it not because I currently do - slowly moving his fist wrapped around the trunk at the base. His weapon came quickly into the firing position, and he removed his hand. I started doing the same thing to him. A minute later, he violently ended .... That's how I "close" I met with her best friend.
His calm reaction the next day I was a little surprised, but we this is not particularly remembered though he still pinned a couple of times, though for good. Will I have to him that the more I do not know, maybe not. (I'm sure that I was the first man who touched his junior.) He really loves his girlfriend and a good feel to it and I'm not deprived of female attention and can not imagine myself without the fair sex, as we became more close to him, because we now have a shared secret from all ...