Lady and the farmer

- The lady rides! - Shouted the fortress, taking off his cap and bowing to the ground after the retreating carriage. Young lady 17 years old, returned to his family estate after studying abroad.
- Well, where do you stop, you fool! - Loudly shouted to the coachman lady - where to me to walk in the mud Lawless? Come on, Egor, get off a minute from his seat, and he lay down in the mud!
- Yes, lady! 50-year-old driver Egor dutifully fulfilled orders of his young mistress.
- Well, who's to meet me? - I inquired the young lady, carefully stepping on the back of his powerful serf coachman humbly lying on her orders in a puddle of mud.
- Oh, Nastya, do you? Well, hello, hello, bon jour, however, hee-hee, you're not in French Parle?
- Not at all, Madame, - humbly downcast eyes Nastyusha rumors, the same age as the young mistress and the daughter of serf coachman, with surprise and pity in spite of his papa, rasplastvashegosya in the mud under the feet of his young lady.
- Nothing, Nastya, I'll give you a few lessons of French, your mistress merciful, as we remember you as a child playing in all sorts of children's games, now time for adult games. I will teach all the rules and punish neuspeyanie and negligence. I decided to make my village European enclave, the envy of all the neighbors.
Nastyusha knelt and kissed the hand of his mistress through the white, thin glove.
- Go and Nastya were my clerk to flog your Daddy, you see, Mon Plaisir, where the mutt stopped the carriage, and the very same had to correct his mistake.
- Madame, have mercy! alarmed for Nastia's father - Daddy so all exhausted when the carriage to your sudden arrival ready, we train you to the Savior waited, and you, madam, before Welcome pleased it the night did not sleep, everything is clean, customized, falls to the ground, and you whip him more and register if you please.
- Do not whip, already menacing young lady said - not the rod, Nastya, and whip rods I were you, durha, will entertain, if you will so continue to thwart or tuition not have time. And now the two Go to the stables, you with the rod 10 in the first disobedience, and you Egor 25 lashes and that every blow he believed in the hearing and after each stroke thanked me for the lesson, go mon cher ami. Good because I want you, I can not hear ...
- Listen, lady - father and daughter knelt before the young mistress, bowed their heads in humble servility, their whole life and death from birth belonged to this young, blonde with lush hair, slender, blue-eyed mistress.
- Ivan! Take care of them, and tomorrow morning all my serfs Build males want to see them, 3 years there was not.
- Yes, lady.
The next afternoon already Nastya, standing on his knees, wore his white legs just awakened lady in white stockings.
- And what is there in the yard of a noise, Nastya, and like yesterday my first lesson went there for the benefit? - Yawning young lady inquired.
- Madam, you are asked to line up all the men of the village in the morning, they certainly stand as the fourth hour, Ivan forbade them to disperse and even sit down, waiting for you to wake up when you please, and your lesson I gratefully accepted, ma'am.
- That's nice, let wait, bring, posudinku, Mon Plaisir, very much I somehow not with his hands right now to go to the toilet.
- This minute, lady.
Nastia quickly ran and performed the orders of his young mistress.
- That, madam, is a small-il on a large defecate you going next?
- ABOUT! Mon Ami! How vulgar! Now you see, silly, water is brought undercut, durha?
- Oh, this second lady! - Afraid shouted a young slave.
- Late, stay close and wait, tongue done, you will be a lesson.
- But ... - Nastia was taken aback - ... ma'am ... sorry ... no ... I do not ...
- What!? There you go again, Nastya, the old !? - Angrily shouted a young lady - the last lesson for the benefit did not go to see, m ... yes, we are still not soon move on to the French. Young lady nervously twitching the bell to call the servants. Immediately the clerk Ivan nepriminul appear at the call of the young mistress.
- Ivan, I see my father here you are spoiled all the people on the street noise, ropschat to see the mistress, yard girls refuse to serve me, inattentive driver, and the sluggishness of ... well, so now it will serve me, and then Nastya in the stocks and in the market , sell it and it is advisable to Tatars, Turks and better in the harem, she was not worthy of his mistress. Papa will oppose her - it mercilessly flogged and well lower the overnight okoleet - hence its unhappy fate of this and the rest were shut now come out to see them.
Young beauty came as it was in her nightgown and stockings whitish look over their serfs men. Disheveled hair fell on her delicate white shoulders, pretty face was still sleepy, but young, fresh and charming. Pale blue eyes of a young lady prudently examined their property - adult, tall, healthy men ....
(to be continued)