Passions on the pot

Rugrats. parents would know what their children are in kindergarten, probably would have knocked their heart attack. So I decided to finally tell the little-known facts from my childhood. No one ever told me I did not, and now wanted. That was a long time ago. but these memories can not be erased and chastenkok protagonists of these events come to life before my eyes.
I was five years old. I was cute and naive little girl, and is no different from other babies. I sat at the table and draw a big red pencil dress in the chrysalis. Then I wanted to pee, and I ran to the bathroom. Before the door was Marinka and she missed me. The door opened inwards, and on the inside there was no handle, so someone on the outside helped to get out to those who were in the closet, and at the same time watching who comes: the girls would not let the boys, and the boys would not let the girls. At least, it should have been, and in my little head tmnenkuyu never entered the thought that in fact it was not so. I went into the toilet half black. Looking closer, I could see in the shadows of two girls. They were all red and sweaty. Tanyushka's eyes were closed. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out languidly. I panties were lowered, and between the legs girlfriend nestled Aygulka actively working tongue and tightly clutching Tanya to her for her buttocks. For a moment the girls broke away from his work and looked at me and then continued again.
I walked over to the hole in the toilet, lifted the skirt of her dress (I was at my favorite with a piglet) and pulled kolgotochki with panties. Here Tanya offered me:
- Do you want us to lick you?
I stopped everything inside, I am very much afraid. All of a sudden they do something with my pisey: stuck the tongue or finger. Of course, I refused. And they said:
- You also worse.
Here I was scared even more. All of a sudden, and I was forced to lick, and I did not want to.
I sat down and began to write. They were very close to me. At first I looked, it was very interesting. aygulki tongue slid back and forth, from the recording to the navel Tanyushka. Suddenly I saw that and they look at me. Aygulka same glances, and then he is taken back to lick. I felt terribly ashamed and became nauseated. I got up, got dressed and went to the door in a state of near shock.
Then, when you start to nap time, and the teacher left us, I saw Tanya and Aigul climb into a bed and through a thin bed sheet it was evident that they are in position 69. Once I innocently asked them:
- And what are you doing there so strange?
- The same as in the toilet ...
A lot of what I saw in kindergarten and many had not yet understood. I got everything I much later and generally learned what it was. But one of my most vivid memories is the following.
Once sunny days, I and my friend went swimming World. We are very interested in a big brown door.
- Light, what do you think, what is it?
- Let's take a look back, when there will be educators nearby.
At this point we decided to do.
The next day, during a walk, when to swing between an educator, we crept to the door. We were literally shaking with fear. Because they do not know that for her. Suddenly there is a man-maniac who zatiskaet us to death.
We opened the door and saw something that certainly did not expect.
From the room smelled stuffy air and some very strange, unfamiliar smell. Daughter Uncle Volodya (who worked in the d / s) standing, legs wide apart and moaning loud enough. Posmotrv below, I expected to see again, as it licks some nibu girl. Imagine my surprise when I realized that it was a boy. Olya moaned and writhed all, it seems she was very nice. She wrapped her arms around his sisechki and caressed them very active.
I am very surprised at what he saw and looked at the light response. Perhaps not surprisingly little has been written on my face. Open your mouth wide open eyes ... ...
Then the boy stood up, unzipped his fly and pulled out a pod (as I then called it). It was quite large and dark.
And she eagerly pounced on him and started to lick, suck. He put his hands on her head and ran her movements. I looked and all wondered, and where did it disappear pod. We heard his groans and heavy breathing. We got scared that we're caught, we decided - enough. We closed the door and went to the site.
- And it had been that thing between your legs?
- It pisya it, 'I said knowingly.
- And the other boys did not like this with us?
- Yes, the other ...
That's what I sometimes remember kindergarten viewing photos. Interesting young days it was, and now some colorful memories and just another dark page of my past.