Fun for two travelers

They sent us to Kliueva once on a business trip.
Klyuyev Irina! Alas, her sit in one department sick, not that go together in other cities. Even a chat with a girl is nothing - a complete muddle, some clothes on his mind.
We sit, then the train. What to do? The car is half-empty. Georgians with any conference returned. I'm in their language nor belmesa.
- Come on, Klyuev - say, tired to study the standard coupe and the monotony of the exact same empty landscape outside the window.
- What did you say?
- Crossword puzzle in a newspaper will solve?
Unfortunately, Klyuyev not have the necessary knowledge. However, the newspaper and I forgot to grab the road.
- Maybe a game of chess? - Offer.
Irina batted her eyes and spread her shoulders apologetically - can not.
- A checkers or cards?
- And where to get them? - He asks.
Really, where?
- Klyuyev! - it dawned on me. - There's something I came up with ...
Approaching the door, I closed it on the latch.
- Come on!
And it was the only thing that you can do with Klyuyev.