- Yes, fuck off!
At that time I sew my classmate Nikita. I know he is in love with me, but I can not help it, because we need.
Nikita turned and darted out of the room. In the following lessons, he did not appear.
- Cach, you're doing that, he's a simpotny! And popular. .
- Mash Oh, leave me alone, not to you.
We learned in grade 9. We were 15 years old.
A week later, Dima Nikitin, a friend reminded me of the movie. I keep forgetting to take away from it. There was nothing, I took Masha met after school with Nikita and Dima and Dima went to the house. I was silent, because it was next to Nikita.
For 15 minutes to get to the house, Dima opened the key and let us in first. I noticed the corner of my eye, the door closed with a key. I something was not myself. And Masha though henna. Start with an open mouth study apartment. They carried out into the hall and sat on the sofa. And they went out of the room. I pushed Masha, show that there is something not right, because the disc with the film lay in a pile near the DVD.
Then they returned and called Dima Masha, she looked at me, surprised eyes, and smiled and left the room. Dima - That's stupid. Out and Dima. .
Nikita stood in front of me and said:
- Well now you repay for everything, for all the humiliations and failures !!
He threw me on the couch and began to undress sharply. I pushed him there are strength and hugged her knees. I was wearing black jeans and a white shirt, he just had time to unbutton the buttons 4.
- Nikita, you're out of your mind? What are you doing? !!
I tried to get up from the couch, but he quickly grabbed her hand and knocked again.
- Listen to me!
- Explain to me!!
My voice is passed into hysterics. I'm terribly afraid.
- I do not have to explain to you whore!
This I could not stand it, I strongly slapped him and pulled by hand, huddled in a corner of the room.
- You'll regret it. You'll be sorry, that humiliated me!
He became hysterical.
- I hate Kate, I love you! You know, but humiliated, insulted. I can not forgive you that !!!
And then I realized. .
- Nikita you know nothing !!
- I do not care!
He took me by the waist and pulled him onto the bed.
- Wait Nikita, it's Alina !!!!!!
He stood for a moment.
- What? !! What do you mean it? !! Do not bother me !! Say goodbye to their Tselkov!
- Stooy !! It is because she asked me to carry with you! We had an agreement with her! I'm not going to touch it and do not reciprocate your courtship, because she loves you. She said, if I will meet with you, it will do everything to do I attach to the word whore !!!
- I do not believe Kate !!!!! You're lying!
And then the phone rang, he took me to his pocket, called Alina.
- I'm off!
- No! Wait, you know everything!
He freed my right hand and gave the phone.
I frantically turned on the speakerphone.
- Hello Aline.
- Hi Hi. Where are you? I know that you are with Nikita and Dima went to his house!
- I'm at home.
- Are you so out of breath ?!
- Just ran.
- Well, look !! If I find out. .
And he smiled and hung up.
I looked up at Nikita. He looked at the phone and silent.
- Nikitochka, I love you, do you hear?
- Bullshit!
- Nikita sorry for everything! I could not otherwise ...
Then I poured a hail of tears, I really loved him, yet it did not recognize Alina. Before we were her best friends. But when I learned of my love, she said, so I forgot about it, because she knows my taynu.Eto was just talk, but she did everything so that this joke was the reason to abandon Nikita.
Nikita got up and began pacing the room. He started hysteria again.
- Kate !! I'm a bastard! I wanted this to do with you! I am a bastard! Go away, all you can tell, I was the last of a bitch !!
He gave way to tears, but he restrained her as best he could, he looked out the window across the street.
I cried silently on the couch and stared at him.
- Go away !! I tell you go!
He dragged me to the door. I pulled away from him and stood in front of him.
And suddenly, for myself, I dug his lips and hugged. I whispered in his ear that I love and forgive.
He could not believe it and only replied with a kiss. Okrylas door and walked Dima. He was very surprised to see us. After all, he knew what he wanted to do, Nikita. He quickly left.
Nikita looked into my eyes full of tears and said.
- Kate, I want to be with you, I do not care what think of Alina, how we get out of realties. We will prove that she can do nothing.
I still have tears flowed, he gently wiped them again and hugged me.
We sat on the couch, he put his arm behind me and sat there together.
Then I decided.
- Nikita and what you want to do with me.
Suddenly he released her hand and stood up.
- Cach, you'd better go.
- But
- You specifically? Yes, I never imagined that I will not forgive! I will never forget! Until the end of my life I will remember it and you ask more ?!
- I'm sorry, but I do not want to leave ... from you.
He looked at me even his menacing look and sat down in front of me on his heels, hands on my knees.
- Katya, I wanted to rape you. I wanted to hurt you.
Suddenly, I was scared, again shed tears, at the moment I stood up and began to call Masha.
- Masha, go home !!
She immediately went out, and departed for Dima.
Nikita got up and turn to him.
- Kate, I do not want to talk to you.
- When I think that you could do it. Could you? Could hurt me? Even if loved ?!
He shook me to come to the senses.
- Katya !!!!!!! I do not know what came over me, I wanted to take revenge on you know !!
I pulled away and stepped back, looking at him, felt his back and slid down on his haunches.
Everyone was silent, did not know what to say. Nikita left the room, followed by Dima, Masha tried to reassure me, I did not care.
After 15 minutes, Dima called Masha, she left. I was scared and wanted to go out into the corridor and suddenly came Nikita with a bouquet of red roses. I looked at them .. do not know what to say, my tear-stained face barely squeezed out a smile.
- Katya, I still would not do, I'm sorry.
I looked at him and greatly hugged by taking bouquet.
I forgive him, I forgive, forgive. I love ... love and hate ..
We again sat down on the sofa, I put a bouquet on the table.
- And let's see the movie.
- What?
- Well, because of that you came here.
He smiled.
- Come on.
Now I smiled.
He made the film, and sat down, embraced me.
First, we looked carefully, and then I looked up at him. And he looked at me.
Our lips have merged in a great kiss. I began to be excited by the fact that the kiss with my dear and beloved man.
She gently laid me on the bed and continued to kiss.
Then we opened our eyes, and he gently stroked my cheek.
- Kitten, I love
I closed my finger over his mouth and started to kiss his neck, he put his arm around my waist, and then he started kissing me slowly down below. I hesitated, he looked at me and was about to sit down on the sofa, but I took his hand and smiled, saying.
- love
He alternately unfasten the buttons of my shirt, kissing me on the lips. As I took off his pants, he deftly unhooked her bra. He stood still the pervasive nature we kissed. I felt.
He started kissing my breasts and nipples. He squeezed her hands down to his stomach, from which I quietly moaning with pleasure.
He started to take off my jeans while I took off his shirt. Oh my God, what his torso. That's why I was excited even more.
I did not want anything special, just devstvennost..on understood lose.
Began slowly go, feeling stubble, I felt a little hurt. It is with regret, excitement looked at me and walked heavily, breaking.
I screamed in pain, the big drops of tears flowed and then blood. He quickly pulled out a member and wore shorts ....
- Katya calm down please.
He hugged me and gently leaning to him.
I sobbed, I did not want more.
- I do not want any more.
- I understand, I'm sorry, when you want to say ... ..
He took me by the hand, and our clothes and led to the bathroom.
When we got into the shower together, he stood up again, and felt that once again I want to .. Damn, I summed it ..
I looked into his eyes and said.
- I want..
I leaned against him, and began to casually rub my pussy. He has already stood up, I embraced him and kissed him passionately on the lips, he turned to me and put the cancer, I was ready. Slowly he entered me, each time increasing the pace. I groaned more from pain than pleasure, but gradually the pain subsided, he caressed my breasts, I began to like it.
He took me by the hips and began to stick. . . . .
Continued for about 15 minutes, a knock on the bathroom all finished.
We quickly wiped and dressed. Nikita opened the door, it was Dima, he said that he will soon come ancestors, so it's time to fold.
Since we are always together, Alina, we have driven so that she feared at first appear to us in the eye)
P. S. fictional story.