Count frotteristov malicious ... and in general sex maniac! Or no, not a maniac, just I pofantaziruet with some distortions, so that at least some negative caused ...
Metro. The morning rush hour. Behind a small backpack. I myself in jeans and T-shirt. Going first for some small business, and then to work.
Train Rides - full full. He pushed, resting his feet on the floor, his back to the crowd. The door almost pinched. Let's go. Tomimsya. At the next station I left one man tried to enter the crowd. It was possible only girl. She puts her feet on the floor and as I shoved - back and sing to me vzhavshis. While driving up - I could see that her skirt is shorter and nowhere shirt open umbilicus.
We Stand. Already together. She vzhavshis front me sing in my groin. Member began to slowly rise. Do not know what she felt, but something felt and was up to something, because it is perfectly clear, I felt her ass slightly wobbles and a bit of rubbing on my pants. Member immediately reared and bulged out of his pants hefty mound, on which she continued to rub. Definitely it is, as I liked. I put her hands on her hips and stroked the open part of the body between the jacket and skirt. She shivered slightly. I ran his fingers, and then with his hands on his stomach and pressed his bulging protuberance stronger in her ass. Then, with one hand I held her by the neck, and then again, and then began to slowly descend to the chest. Second hand I entered the top under her skirt and stroking the lower abdomen lower and lower down to the cherished ... We have never seen, because we were pressed to the door, as the press. With one hand, I stroked her breasts over the shirt. She was without a bra, and her nipples are already strained and living tverdyshkami rolling under my fingers. The other hand was stroking the crotch, and somewhere among the hairs fingers had already found something soft, warm and slightly damp ... Suddenly the train stopped. I do not believe! I do not believe in such a fortune! That's when you need to, so that the next station was as much as possible, it happened! I'm already being fondled the girl under her skirt, second hand, I stroked her belly. My bulging dick rested confidently in her buttocks and between them. My hand is already being unexpectedly for myself stroking her lower jaw. My fingers ran over a large, and one has not yet safely, gently touched the small. I kissed her neck and whispered in his ear that I wanted it. She shuddered, and then I felt a hand stroking her gets up the hill and trying to unbutton his pants. Here the train jerked, and I was literally shrank into it. I kissed her behind the ear, back of the head, when he heard a quiet ... "Yes Yes..." But the station appeared, and on it, unfortunately, a lot of people. But it opened the door as she took my hand and pulled out onto the platform. I do not even have time to understand anything ... she leaned me against a pillar, and pressed literally snapped his lips, her tongue on an animal tore my mouth. The train, meanwhile, slammed doors, snorted and left.
-Come with me. Let's go to. To me ... - Her whisper seemed to penetrate me. I've already started. Remains of prudence if there were, then left me.
-Let's go to.
She lived not far from the station and five minutes, as we walked to her house, we would be enough to understand that there was a contact of his Majesty the case. For all the time the passion has not faded. We stopped for a few seconds, to kiss, to touch himself for intimate places and run on. And while she spoke rapidly and continuously, without even letting me say his name.
-Be quiet, be quiet, what's the difference - I still do not see you anymore. His name I will not tell you too. That we do not need. Shut up. Exactly a week later I'm getting married and leaving far - away. There will be a continuous chastity, and I want to have sex, debauchery, want to be a whore, want you to fuck me as you wish. I specially dressed so, to find the first available man. Shut up. I believe you. And you believe me. Do not worry, I'm clean. Shut up! It does not matter. Today is your day. And mine. I'm all prepared. That's my house. Give lips! Tell me how you want me ?! I want some perversion. Do you have a dream, a fantasy? As you should! Oh my God! How I wish! What do you want?! How? Tell me?! - Already in the elevator she stopped questioning, hopeful - had to say something.
-Pervert talking about?
-Yes, yes, do not brake. Speak. Come on?...
-You've got an amazing ass. I want you there. I want to shove something in your little hole ...
-Yes! Cute! Yes! Exactly! Anything! I agree. Only you do not stop then! I rely on you. - We got out of the elevator. The apartment she sent me in the shower "only faster, I beg you"And when I came out, she met me in such a lingerie! Few fallen member sprang unabated! A sip of wine, a kiss, another sip of wine, grape ...
-When it was over - go. Do not ask me. - Kiss. A sip of wine - If you do not go away - call the police, saying that rape, ha ha, with a particular perversion. - Grape, kiss, another kiss - and then forget about it or remember, but all his life - a kiss is still a kiss - I want you. Come on, start. Do what you want ...
I've been kissing her ass, kissing between the buttocks, he caressed her small hole. Then he slowly began to penetrate the language, gently pushing the tip of a small hole language and moving it, without penetrating farther, until he felt that all around relaxed. Around everything was wet from her grease smell her juices, and the desire is bursting me even more. Palchikov I stroked her rosettes and slightly recessed deep into one - in it, all more kindled in her a desire, while not ceasing to indulge her second hole. My tongue was half would go to her ass and I fucked her tongue to still fiercely and persistently ... sank his back and licked the inside, deeper and deeper ... tip slightly clicking inside. Lips tightly pressed to the hole, but the tongue of vengeance is raging there. I stuck it in there and put out, stretched as far as possible, to squirm inside, while not forgetting the fingers caress her lower jaw, and one finger even slightly penetrating inside. With the other hand I squeezed her buttocks.
And already two fingers inside her pussy wielded - flowing and hot. The girl moaned. I pulled out of her fingers and one more wet, began to thrust into her ass. I literally saw the girl flinched. "No"- But it sounded like "Yes". I kept and tidy, then moving, then pulling back, thrust his finger into the anus. First, a little - a little, then deeper and deeper and finally sinking to the full length of the finger. In other fingers, I stroked her swollen and wet pussy on the tide of blood is getting inside, then thrusting and caressing kapyushonchik over the clitoris and the clitoris itself. Finger in the ass I was stroking the wall, twisting them inside, through thin barriers according hot and I put fingers in the ass and pussy - I had her finger in the ass faster and faster, more energetic, stronger. And she louder groans and served to meet my fingers a wonderful sexy zadik. Finger in the ass I made a circular motion and slightly expanded hole, while I did not forget periodically to kiss her and stuff to the language.
At some point I pulled the finger and heard faint ... "..more more..". Not removing the fingers from pussy I first thumb penetrated in the ass and then slipped back two fingers. I even felt that my lustful a female was a little hurt, and she instinctively leaned away from me, but I would not let her, and she again and again nasazhivalas his body on my toes. She was moaning and screaming at all, and I with two fingers in both her holes ... I tried as far as possible to get inside to get to the inside. Finally I could not stand it. He took out a cream that has prepared in advance. I squeeze a little on the palm smeared on the penis. My poor - he was already trembling and throbbing with anticipation. Then he took the cream on the finger and stuck it in the ass, then smeared more cream around the holes, stroked a little, I rubbed around. He knelt behind her. Then, with one hand holding her ass, another took his penis in his hand and held to the anal hole. Slightly pressed. "No, please do not"- She even tried to slip away, leaning forward and down, but I have both hands pulled her ass to him and again repeated the same actions ... put his his penis to her little hole and pressed.
My penis during caresses became a huge and now probably would barely entered the pussy and ass - did not succeed. I pressed harder, and that's happened! I went into it! I printed out her ass! "No-oo! It hurts! Get!" - I did not pay attention to the cries - froze in that position, and only stronger with both hands squeezed her buttocks and thighs, so it does not burst. Then he began to slowly move to the exit, but just a little bit, then again - forward. "Ouch! You are welcome! Do not! Painfully!" - I stopped for a moment, but then relentlessly promoted his cock further - deeper into her ass superseksualnuyu. Then again, just pull out and move again, then again - each time deeper and deeper, until he finally felt rested eggs in the buttocks. I froze. The muscles of her anus impacted member on all sides. I was at the top - a pleasure! Just extraterrestrial delight! But she probably would still hurt because buttocks were tightly clenched and trembling ass and inside it felt special, but gave an indescribable pleasure. The girl beneath me not struggled - I heard a muffled sob and pooykivaniya that have become a little harder, then quieter, and then disappeared altogether, when I began to gently move the canoes inside.
I began to make a neat blurred frictions ... back - forward, back - forward, speeding up and increasing the tempo. But as it was! It seems that I was in seventh heaven, and for a moment such a delight, I was ready to sell, and heaven and hell! Faster and faster I was moving in her ass, my balls already slapped on her buttocks. And it seems to let the pain itself and now she moaned softly, but with pleasure. I leaned over her and put his hand under her belly to mokrenkaya pussy and began to caress her there ... sponge iron, tickle kapyushonchik and slightly penetrating inside. This did not stop moving my cock in her ass. It inflames again and now as before screaming and moaning with excitement and pleasure. As the piston my cock moving inside her narrow galleries, egg with a bell strike the spanking her ass and a female, my only filed his ass, spitted my body, myself and my big long number. I was in another world! Everything is faster and stronger ... I finally stopped and almost immediately shot at her as if the year abstained from women. I screamed with delight finished and finished my sperm jets struck somewhere inside her, filling her ass, her body. Apparently, and for her it was the last.
I felt like everything inside was compressed. She cried, and I was under the influence of her muscles began to cum even more. Then I pulled out a member - standing still and hard, and she fell to the side pulled the legs and was just seen as compressed and decompressed it rosette, giving a portion of her delicious juices. She moaned. I lay down next to her and stroked her pussy, ass, chest, neck, head and all her amazing body. So good I've never been! I was lying about anything thought stroked my charming stranger, and he was somewhere in Nirvana, where there is none beside bliss.
She fell asleep, curled up. I dressed. I left a piece of paper your phone number and address. She has covered her with a blanket. So she remembered me - smiling face, disheveled hair and closed eyes. When coming out of the entrance - recorded address - maybe it's not so scary. And then I left.
June 4, 2002