The black

That was a long time ago. I was young and sexually active. And who is not active at 24 years? I managed to try sex with girls and boys, and with a very respectable men. But I was heterosexual. Guys are not inspired. But more to the point ...
That summer we rented a dacha in the suburbs. At our disposal was a considerable portion of the house, barns, etc. The mistress lived at the other end of the village -.. Daughter. In the yard dog lived. A huge, cute mongrel, which had a pretty good-natured, despite the chain content, nature. We quickly became friends with him. Black (that was his name) always very happy when I came to talk with him and smoke. A month passed.
One day I noticed that the hostess once or twice a week, in the twelfth hour of the night comes and takes the Black himself. After an hour - half results and puts back on the circuit. At first I did not understand what was happening, but he was intrigued. Later "I reached". She is a widow. A daughter these days go to the city to watch. Do not perform the role of a dog man? How to check it, I do not know, but the idea firmly lodged in his head. Probably next week it dawned on me. But what if you try to look at yourself and the dog's reaction. Ten days, I pondered - as it is better to crank. And the thought of the end of the dog in my ass, I'm so much excited that my then girlfriend was just in awe of me. In order to place the dog's absence no one caught my eye, I became the mistress permission to take it with him into the woods.
Then one day, when my were in Moscow, I took off from the Black chains, but did not go into the forest and into the house. No complex about zoophilia I did not. Dogs I love since childhood. Therefore, closing the door, I quickly undressed. Some concerns about the size of the dog members, and especially the onslaught with which dogs are bitches remained. Taking lard, I profusely smeared points outside and inside. While I was preparing, the excitement reached an incredible value. The end was a telegraph pole. Black carefully watching me. The tip of the carrot red peeking out of the bag, refer to five. I walked over and began lightly podrachivat him. As a satisfied face it was obvious that he takes it very favorably and familiar. The tip has been growing rapidly. Soon it was more of my tool, and is not inferior to those which I could learn. In hardness it surpasses all previously had seen. From this short streams splashed precum. He began to make pusher movement of the pelvis.
I quickly turned around and got on his knees and elbows backwards to his nose. But he is rather than to jump on me, began to lick the grease from my anus. It was certainly nice, but I did not expect this from him. And also take a cudgel without lubrication was scary. Then I thought, if he will not guess what was required of him, drag him over will be very not easy. While he was licking me, it became a member of the decrease. I reached for something like and again began podrachivat him. Suddenly he stopped licking and instantly jumped on me from behind. I was not afraid, because in extreme cases can always just lie on your stomach and become inaccessible for its growth. again I splashed precum of its members, and in such numbers that my butt instantly became wet and slippery. He poked his instrument in my buttocks. I have wanted to help him, but he came to the right place from the seventh or eighth punch. It was enough lubrication, which would end member easily entered by a few centimeters. We both froze for a short time. Then he became a short jerk go deeper and deeper. I listened to the new, unknown sensations. End Black was unusually hot and strange pulsating. Compare this to me just not with anything. Oddly Black onslaught was not rude, but simply a strong and confident.
Finally he came on the very site. Despite all his efforts assembly not included, which I was glad. He paused again. Pain almost was not. But there was such a feeling of fullness that I literally flew. Then he began to peck me strong, with measured strokes. The end member with a force pushing the bottom of the rectum. The thickness of the member, strangely continued to increase. He took a pace some are not able to support any one man. His tool works like a jackhammer. I started to whine and whine like a bitch what. Yes, in principle I am and it was in those moments. He tore me briskly and slowly. He did not take out his penis a millimeter. Just reduce pressure, and then drives the sharp push it again. Each strike reverberates around the body. That was something. Such fuck lasted ten or fifteen minutes. I was in such ecstasy that time ceased to exist. Suddenly tremors became less frequent and stronger. I felt inside of me hit the jet of hot liquid. Then another. And further. He finished.
I thought that now he slips off me. But apparently the mistress of his well trained. He stayed on me and did not take out a member has not less than fifteen minutes, bringing me untold pleasure. Then it began to decrease, and the end came out of me without "FER characteristic". Point closed immediately and from virtually nothing emerged. Just then, I felt that the sphincter is lit, as if he flogged sandpaper. Black stepped aside and quietly began to lick. And I'm exhausted buried his head against the floor. Until I came to himself, he finished "personal hygiene" and coming up to me completely licked my ass. I wake up. The pain is almost completely gone. In the body it has an extraordinary lightness and relaxation. Only the end was a stake. What would make it easier, I began to masturbate. Black was interested came and licked the head. Then another. The sensation was unusual. Rough tongue caressed my flesh, delivering an incredible pleasure. I do not hold out for long. End of sperm jet exploded on his tongue and face. It is quite lick. This powerful orgasm I have not experienced. The legs buckled and I literally fell to the floor.
Some time later, I moved into an armchair and lit a cigarette. Black whirled around, slipping his head under my hand, that I scratched him behind the ear. My cock was still standing. I was thinking - what else to do to calm him. Frig no longer wanted. Suddenly the thought flashed. And if we do not change roles? I have seen a young dog jumps on other dogs and had them in the ass. And those at the bottom, took it quite calmly.
Deciding to try, I turned back to the Black to him and tried to introduce a finger into the hole. Black stood quietly, as if listening to the sensations. Finger did not go dry running. Then I took the fat and thickly smeared input. Finger easily slipped inside. It was crowded and hot. Black looked as though looked at me. Few massaged, I introduced a second finger, and then the third. The dog is obviously loved. At least no protests, he did not express. I quickly rubbed his end and kneeling down, slowly began to enter it instead of fingers. First, the case moved tight. But when the head has passed the sphincter, the rest has become relatively easy. He even leaned back a little, as if nasazhivayas on my instrument. I started to make a reciprocating motion. It was cool. The anus is tightly covered my cock along the entire length (not just at the base - as humans) creating mouthwatering kef. So I drove it for about twenty minutes, changing the pace and range of motion. The dog whines just quietly without making any attempt to escape. Finally, the voltage has reached the limit. I yelled and poured out a stream of sperm into it. Once realizing that this is the final, Black stepped forward and tired cock was free.
Then we had a long rest lying side by side on the floor. He carefully licked my ass and my dick. Yes ... My assumptions were confirmed. Black was an experienced, well-trained lover. Then I took him to the place. This adventure took more than three and a half hours.
After that, we began with the Black often go to such "walking in the forest" in home. By the way. I once gave him a dignity when higher voltage ... (to orgasm). It turned out that the length from the node to the end about 25 cm; a node thickness greater than 4 cm 5; node - okolo8 see If I knew these parameters in advance -. I would not dare try that - for the first time. But practice has shown - nothing is quite acceptable. Later I wanted to try and take a node, but to push it inside failed. After all, it is not inflated and then, when a member is already inserted, and with a member. I wonder how it was possible other authors?
And then summer as imperceptibly come to an end. The holiday season is over. I had to return to Moscow. Black I did not see more. It was a shame that I did not think our meetings start much earlier.
Many years later. I got married. I have almost grown-up children. But I still remember with pleasure that summer, and very interested glances at the big dogs.