She waltzed - divine, wonderful! Half-naked, because she has nothing to hesitate! Small breasts swaying to the beat of walking, sight slides on desired lines hips, rising higher. She sat on my lap, gently kissed him on the lips, and began to pull off my pants. She sat on the floor and gently grabbed my cock mouth, gently stroking the tongue, licking the eggs and do not forget about the crown. I grabbed her head and started to stick to my boy, she did not resist, on the contrary, tried to swallow as deeply as possible. I felt that the finish has become more and more to do reciprocating motion, and all exploded in stunning flame orgasm!
Dasha, my girl swallowed every drop and licked my instrument was last pulled me down on the bed. She lay down, seductively ottopyrivaya ass, my favorite, and I devoured the eyes of her panties. I sat down next to her, I took up the only piece of clothing that was still on it. Slipping his hand to her pussy, I felt what it mokrenkaya and hot. I pulled off her panties, and pressed his mouth to the divine flower. Licking her lips sex, I am engaged in a tight virgin hole Dasha, feeling the stubble. She moaned hot and my legs wrapped around his head tried to even more strung on my tongue.
Meanwhile, the hands I stroked her elastic ass, gently picking up the ring anus. I felt his fingers, so delicate, velvety, I began to push through a finger inside and felt the acquiescence of my girls began to push his whole hand. The narrow, hot hole trembling on my wrist when I put my hand all the way in, but Dasha stoically endured it. I turned her over on her stomach, put it on his knees, and spitting on his hand began to lubricate her hole. She lightly podrachivaya klitorok fingers clung to me and whispered: "Do not torture me, you can see how I want!"
I did not upset my angel, and slowly began to push through dick in her ass. The walls of the tightly hugged my druzhochka Dasha even more squeezed it, and I started sharp reciprocating motion. I drove a member of the full length of its rather big 22 centimeters, reaching to the farthest village, and my girl just sighed softly with every jerk. I had already finished, and therefore pecked her for about five minutes, and it has happened at least four orgasms as she told me later at this time. Finally, I finished! Scoring a member of the full depth, I released the accumulated passion, and felt the hot cum fills her whole inside.
Step back, I laid her down on the bed. After a few minutes, my baby was asleep, I get tired much. I noticed that my sperm derived from her anus, and pick up, became licking cum from her ass, slowly climbing deeper. Dasha laughed in her sleep, and I began to stroke her pussy ...
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