On a hot July morning, escorting his wife to work, he took to wash the dishes, and mechanically turned on the TV. To my surprise, he showed the snow in the middle of summer. Without thinking, he decided that all the fault of the neighbor boys, often "suggestive procedure" on the roof of the house. Capture tool, and went to the site. The door to the attic was open, strange, because keys are only neighbors on the floor, probably climbed yesterday and forgotten for-cover. On the roof of the summer it was raging full force, black finish and red-hot heat exuded. I went straight to the antenna, wanting to hurry off "hot skillet-ku". "Uncle Vasya, hello!" - I did not realize where it came the cry, but the voice was familiar to me. He certainly belonged to a seventeen year old neighbor Helen. He looked around and stood with his mouth open. Lenka lying on an old cot and shamelessly smiling, substituting the sun delightful zadik and fragile shoulders. I could not tell if she's really in the buff, or it is me imagining the heat. On the back I ran a cold sweat. "Oh, Lena, hello, you accept that air baths" - I tried to look impossible, hurled, but I guess it turned out bad. "Yes" - He speaks, "I want to tan in the log-le was even". Only then could see that delicious, elastic ass slams Tonen-kai rope heats. Lenka lifted and rolled onto his back. My eyes began to pre-charming breast, topped with dark cherries, their firmness and shape to make the heart beat faster and trousers began wiggling, my friend became a hearth-vat signs of life. Sport Pants treacherously swollen and to avoid smirks a little beast, he turned away and pretended to do the antenna. In a head at breakneck speed flying thoughts: she is younger than I am nineteen years old, I'm with her father last night drinking beer and we were almost friends, her mother, I like, and I secretly want her. But my daughter, it does not fit does not in any frame, it is necessary to leave until done anything stupid. Choosing words to continue the conversation, he asked over his shoulder, not afraid if burnt. Lenka Zaya Vila, that she has a special oil and pointedly start to rub his neck, then chest, gradually going down to the triangle panties. Her movements are more like a gentle stroking, hands fluttered like butterfly wings, covered with eyes said that she gets pleasure from it. Fascinated by the scene he could not take his eyes, flowing lines, rounded hips and bending his legs chained to her like a magnet. Satisfied produced effect, Lenka shamelessly asked to rub her back w-scrap. There was nowhere to retreat, bristled pants, so to hide my condition would be impossible lo, resolutely toward her, comforting themselves with the thought that it is always able to show ska "Stop". He sat down on the edge of the cot and gently touched the fragile shoulders. Bar Khatna skin like melted away beneath my hands. Movement of chained and uncertain in gradually turned into teasing and playing. Deciding to play along in her performance, not so much engaged in rubbing oils are trying to get the thrilling pleasure of touching the young, elastic body and has openly fondled him. Lena slowly began to purr, and I lowered my hands on the delicious ass and concentrated all his affection on the fingertips. Slide a piece of string, carefully massaging cleavage by ship-finger deeper and deeper. When touched a small dark hole, Lena moaned and arched her back arch filing zadik to meet my hand. Wanting to give her even more pleasure, gently pressed the bud, and tried to stick his finger. For Lena it acted, exciting, turning his head toward me, she grabbed me by the fief-reared nature right through the pants. Her eyes burned and his body emitted a wave of desire. "Fuck me" - Lena croaked, "Only I have a girl, so do me in the ass". Forgetting all remorse, frantically began to pull his pants. My fiery flesh wrapped around the little fingers, and play a little, heavily oiled tanning. Le at knelt, raised her ass and spread her legs. I threw one arm bleu-Do not use cleaning buttocks and led a rope heats, and the other sent his drill into a tight hole. To my surprise, much effort I did not have to make. Overcoming the resistance of the insignificant-ing, I broke into the world of pleasure. Judging by how easily I got there, Lena often resorted to this method of internal massage. Not wanting to over-sder alive myself, I hit her harder and harder. Lenka moaning began to grow into a scream, and I had to close her mouth. Tufts of our racing inexorably under-approximated us to the final. Loud zahripev, I sent a powerful jet of deep Lenkina non-core. She understood the reason for my wheeze filed ass back and planted on erupting rod to the limit.
When stiffly got home, and under the air conditioner hum contemplate pro came forth, feeling that I had seen on the roof of a mirage, never left me. Too Fanta-particle-everything looked. Much later I learned that love anal sex with Lenka-Vil her friend, and she wants to stay "virgin" before marriage. And the antenna that morning, she turned to me, says that I've always wanted to try the case.