Implementation of dreams

Ira came to me in the morning, at about 10:00. On the meeting, we agreed on the eve - decided to drink beer, chat. Today, Saturday, Pasha was at work and nothing was to hinder my plans.
I have long wanted it. She acted in porn, and when I watch her movies, especially lizbiyskie scene, my pussy starts to throb, richly moisturized, and the desire to become unbearable.
I opened the door for her, dressed Irishka was in a light dress and sandals with high heels. At first glance, it was clear that she was not wearing a bra. Her high breasts swaying freely under light cloth summer dress. About panties, or rather on their availability, I could only guess. I was wearing only a light silk robe and thong panties, more like three thin rope.
As Ira greeting, as usual, he kissed me on the lips, but it seemed to me that she hugged me around the waist longer than usual.
We entered the room, on a coffee table was already a couple of bottles of beer, steamed after the refrigerator, in the vases were nuts and chips.
- My joy! You have everything ready ?! - Dreamily stretched Irishka. - The street is so hot.
- And it's not like home. - I said, slightly hoarse with emotion - she never called me so.
After opening the bottle, we enjoyed otpili directly from the necks, and only then sat down on the couch.
- You're so tense, like, I'll give you a massage?
And without waiting for my answer, she sat down next to me almost right up and put her hands on my shoulders. She asked:
- Sit back to me.
I obeyed. Irina start gently in a circular motion, gently pressing, massaging my shoulders. My nipples began to harden and clearly stood out under the robe, my pussy moistened and that burned with fire. With my lips broke a light moan - poluvzdohe, instinctively, I succumbed to back back - close to Ira. I felt her hand stroking my, from the elbows - up, hitting the sleeves of his robe, delicate hands lingered on the swells of my breasts, side - just below the armpits and gently squeezed them. My nipples became, almost, in the stone. Its pleasant light breath tickled his neck.
- Do you like? - I heard a gentle whisper.
- Yes! - I also responded in a whisper. - More ...
Ira turned me to him and clung to my lips, her tongue penetrated into my mouth and began his exciting research. I answered her with all the passion and tenderness, for what was capable. Our first love kiss lasted five minutes, we broke apart, panting.
- Tanya, my girl! How long I wanted it! - Ira difficulty pronouncing words, her breathing was ragged and heavy.
- I dreamed about it, too.
Choppy movement I swung from her shoulders top dress, lowered it down to the waist. My eyes were opened two delightful hill which I had so often seen on the TV screen, finally, my dream will come true - I can squeeze them in his palms. But I'm not in a hurry - held her fingers from the top towards the nipples, but without touching them. Irisha leaned on his hands, arching his back, slicing my caresses her lovely breasts.
Her nipples tightened, and just asks me in her mouth. I kissed one nipple and can not hold back any longer pulled him entirely in the mouth, on the sweet moan, I realized that my sweet little girl like that. She, too, began to fondle my breasts, twisting the nipples, squeezing their fingers, causing me to almost lose consciousness from the bliss.
Continuing to caress breasts tongue, hands, I began to stroke her thigh, gradually approaching the coveted bosom. Irisha spread her legs, urging me not to stop, her moans told clearly that it is very good.
My fingers groped smoothly shaved pubis, and swollen lips with excitement - she was not wearing panties, my girl already being flowed, I spread her lips apart with two fingers and the third made a circular motion at the entrance to the vagina. Irisha made a move his hips, trying planted her pussy on my finger. Rinse your little finger my pussy delightful girlfriend, I put her on a thick, fluffy carpet, spread her shapely legs to the side and pressed her lips to her excited pussy. Ira writhing and moaning, demanding more and more caresses.
I licked the juices of love with my girl sponges, tongue tickle the clitoris. My tongue penetrated into the bosom Irishki and I literally fucked her with his tongue. Fingers meanwhile groped supple hole of the anus. Moisten fingers with saliva, I introduced one in the tight ring and began to knead it. Soon ass relaxed and let the whole finger, me that was not enough, and I have introduced a second, Ira vengeance podmahivala ass to meet my fingers.
- Do you want me to fuck you? - Choking, I asked.
- Of course, I really want to!
I got a big vibrator, 25 cm long and 4 cm in diameter, and a lubricant for anal sex.
- You can in the ass?
- With pleasure. But I also want to caress you.
With these words, she forced me to lie down on his back, and she stood in the knee-elbow position, so that her pussy and ass were on my face. She leaned over and began to lick my pussy flowing and glowing with excitement. Just a few movements was enough to get me started to shake in a powerful orgasm. My cry hung in the air, saturated with the smell of girls' bodies.
- Quietly, quietly. This is only my lover cooed nachalo.-, licked all the juice that just did poured out of me.
And she continued to torture my pussy his skillful caresses, she sucked my clit, biting his teeth, two of her fingers for a long time settled in my pussy that craved to these weasels never ends. Palchikov the other hand, she fucked me in the ass and I feel that in my pope walked three fingers.
I raised my head, caressing the anus Ira, introduced the tongue into the sweet hole, licked it from the inside. My every movement makes my little girl to flinch and clench ring anus, not wanting to let my tongue. I greased vibrator pressed it to her ass and gently pressed. As Polly was excited and well-moistened with saliva, it is easy to miss a head shaker. Ira moaned and made a movement toward faloimitator wanting planted on him completely.
-Oh yeah! Fuck me, please. - She pleaded.
I do not long to wait, and immediately stabbed the vibrator in the ass of my girl completely. She screamed with delight and began podmahivat ass, wanting him even deeper. I took out the vibrator almost completely, leaving only her head, and then pounded his back, forcing Irishku hog. Movement became fast and furious, fingers I fucked Irina pussy, causing her to leak all plentiful and abundant. What a pleasure it was - in the ass fuck his girlfriend. She moaned and violently podmahivala me. I saw her breasts with pointed nipples swaying to the beat of her movements. Vibrator completely disappeared into her hole, and it was a delightful sight. Her fingers relentlessly fucked me in the ass and pussy.
Suddenly I saw the guy - he came up to us and watched. Apparently, he had long been engaged in this - an impressive mound in his pants clearly betrayed his excitement. He took off his shirt, literally ripped her off. He went to Irina, knelt in front of her and unbuttoned his pants, his big cock almost rested in her mouth. Pasha took Ira hair and planted his mouth on her boyfriend. He went to her very deeply, she even snapped back, but he held her head, not letting her pull away. Ira did blow, closing his eyes, it was clear - she likes that it has roughly in the mouth. View my boyfriend, fucking my girlfriend in her mouth so I filed that only willpower I had not allowed myself to finish, prolonging the pleasure.
Suddenly, her pussy began to decline, signaling that my sweet girl ends, I fell down to her crotch ... and began to drink juices that Ira generously gave me. Lick the whole tart and slightly bitter liquid to the last drop, I freed the girl from his captivity vibrator and licked it, do not close the hole from the inside. Pasha pulled his dick out of her mouth and her someone said:
- Come on.
I turned my head and saw Sanya - a close friend Pasha - he jerked off, staring at the scene unfolding on the carpet. Excited sled member cheekily peeking out of his pants unbuttoned pants.
- I want to Tanya took in his mouth. - Sanya said.
- You are welcome. - Allow Pasha.
Sanya took a step toward me, but seeing that I myself crawling into his lap, wiggling her ass shamelessly stopped.
- Crawl, crawl, baby.
Kneeling before Sanya, I undid the belt and pants prispustila, releasing a powerful member of friend. Looking into the eyes of Sana'a, he held a tongue on the head, licking a drop of grease. Slap on the pope made me push the legs - Irisha began to caress my pussy, her fingers have penetrated deeply, why I ran down, and my lips swelled. Her tongue caressed my anus, penetrating inside, I'm sticking ass, so she was comfortable.
Mouth, I did not forget to fondle a member of the sled, I took him deep, down to the eggs, let go, caressed teeth of his head, slightly biting, tongue made a circular motion around the head, and again the mighty trunk disappeared in my throat, I hand a little squeezed testicles. Sanya moaned and I sit down on the penis as deep as possible.
At the rear shock, I realized that Pasha made it to one of the holes and Ira fucks her.
Sanya, uttering a prolonged roar, poured out into my mouth, it was a lot of sperm, I had great difficulty to swallow all without losing a single drop. Pasha had so abundantly did not finish. I liked its taste - slightly bitter with a musky odor. Irisha again finished and hurt fingers squeezed my buttocks, but it was a sweet pain.
Sanya lay on the carpet and pulled me along, I sat on top of him and felt his penis and did not think to fall. I rubbed her pussy on his boyfriend, Sanya with one hand lifted me up by the waist, the other sent his impressive body in the mine, is craving for a rough fucking, pussy. He sharply planted me on his fighter, that I was, I thought, he will break me. But the pain soon gave way to heavenly bliss, I feel every centimeter of his cock. Sanya toyed with my chest while I energetically jumped on it, twisting the nipples, causing the sweet pain, squeezed breasts, pinching her nipples between his fingers.
Pasha, not satisfied Irishka, decided to join us and Sanya. He rubbed my ass grease and began to develop her fingers. First, there walked one finger, soon to add to it a second and then a third. Sanya moaned loudly, feeling through my fingers Pasha thin partition. Making sure that the hole is ready to take my cock Pasha tipped me forward, almost put on Sanju so that my ass as much as possible up and sticking up. Sanya stopped for a time, leaving space for Pasha's action.
He entered cautiously, giving me time to get used to the two members of the powerful in my hole. When the discomfort passed, I began to sing podmahivat. This was the signal for the boys, and they are just like broken loose. They fucked me violently, quickly went into the rhythm and be accustomed to each other. It was a blissful sense of power over the two males, my clitoris rubbed against pubis Sani, forcing me to balance on the edge between reality and nirvana.
Ten minutes - fifteen such breakneck jumps ended my stormy orgasm, it was the most powerful and bright orgasm in my life, from my pussy flood of love juice. Under wet horny pussy squelch my stallions had finished at the same time unable to hold back any longer, and the apartment echoed the roar of two males pours his seed in one female.
Exhausted Pasha literally rolled off me and Sanya gently took me to himself and put a number on the rug. Irisha immediately crawled over to me and began to lick my ass is not yet closed and pussy licking seed left in me two men. She launched fingers alternately in the pussy and ass and a tray to my mouth, sharing with me a delightful nectar of love.