The first time - three

I was then 14 years old and in the summer I went as usual to lager.Obychno in our group were the same people, but this year there were a surprising number of new, mostly boys. I am pleased that fact, and I immediately identified 2 boys (twins) on the role of my boyfriend. Both were tall stylishly dressed and very charming in the camp, there is only one law: to act quickly while you're someone ahead, and wasted no time, we immediately sat down to them. Soon we began to talk, their name was Vanya and Andrey. The entire first day we spent together I Sveta showed them the camp, all the loopholes in the walls, etc. However, our favorite place we Svetka not shown: first, in the early days of the counselors looked into both in and out of the territory was the most risky. Not far from the camp (10 min) grew old oak tree where the village boys built a house. Once I realized that I could not choose one of them to me the most likeable and I decided to stir up both. By the time she asks already met with Vanya, but I'm honestly do not really care. And when Svetka put in the detention center, I asked Vanya to go with me to smoke, we got out through the gap you fence and went away to 20 meters, began to smoke, then Vanya offered me a walk to talk about the Light. I remembered the tree house, and He turned to go back. We got into the house and began to talk. At first we were talking about the Light and Andrew, is gradually beginning to bore me, and flooded at break: - Do you like me? - Ya.Nemnogo asked thought Vanya answered in the affirmative, I did not wait and pounced on him about 4 hours we kissed and caressed each druga.- Throw it! - When change comes to an end - at the latest disco, it is up to 3 nights in 12 meet here just do not say anything I do not want Andrew his ogorchat.Vanya agreed, and we went back to the last lager.Do disco was 2 days. I decided I did not want my first time was like everyone else. I wanted both twins at once. I decided to act, and in the evening we went for Sveta booze we barely dragged him to the camp. The last day and a disco instead I went with Andrew in the house on a tree. We drank and drank a few hours the two of us drank three bottles of vodka and one cognac. At twelve crawled drunk Light and Vanya I kindly asked to go to the Light to the drugstore for aspirin. And as soon as she left, onset of action. We undressed, and while I sucked Vanya, Andrew caressed my crotch, then they have changed: while Andrew wiped his penis semen Vanya slowly began to enter into me, at first it was a pleasure, then a terrible pain passed over his body. And I was on the 7m sky with pleasure. Ivan took out his penis and finished in my mouth, and now it was the turn of Andrew, and when we both moaned with pleasure, came to light. Andrew went out of me and a little sit down, we crawled into camp like something laid Vanya and Andrey and then and went to bed. In the morning light, as if nothing had happened he woke me up and we went into the shower. Vanya and Andrey, I tried to avoid just as we sat on the bus, we pereglyanulis.Vspomnili whether guys in the morning, it was the same night? Is Light about Vanya know? I do not know, because since then, the camp did not go and do not have anyone not called up.