Xenia, my school friend

I was in the 9th grade. I have a best friend, Xenia. From the fifth class we have been friends with her, well, in general it is not vazhno.Byl beautiful spring day, the end of the school year. We Ksyusha returned home after school, we were on the way, but I lived close to the school. And Ksenia offered to go to her home, so much so she bought a boxer puppy, and I agreed, and we went to her home. We rode the elevator to the 6th floor, and I'm still looking at my girlfriend I liked it.
Xenia was quite petite, slim, tall as me, with a stunningly beautiful legs, rises with a neat round ass. She had a pretty face with full lips and bright eyes.
And so we went to her room. She was wearing a purple suit with tight pants. On her it looked just super! We played with her new puppy, then stood at the window and began to talk. I spoke almost on autopilot. "My God, I alone with the most desirable woman on earth!" - I thought. Then the conversation stopped, I looked at her without taking his gaze and she probably felt the same. She came I hugged her waist, and she's neck ... With me it was Zadie kravat and we plopped down on it. I ended up with the top and could not believe his luck! I asked her: "you just want it?" She nodded. She was lying across the bed so that her hips were at Cravath and lower leg hanging down. I tihoniko styanal with her pants with shorts. I not much spread his legs, and began working language processing each petal of her vagina. I was incredibly pleased. Ksenia quietly postanovala. Meanwhile, I shot off his clothes.
So I took off all my clothes Xenia and we are left once naked. I helped her I lie on the bed in a normal and she spread her legs on - wider.
My penis has appeared thicker than her vagina. But she was wet down there and I lokazalsya over her, one hand helped my "authority" find it on many coveted "organ" and slowly began to enter. He served tight, but I was incredibly pleased. Xenia also moaned louder. I brought to the end. And he began to accelerate. For us it was the first time, and of course I eskorilsyane to mkorosti jackhammer, and that would be it did not hurt. But still a trickle of blood came out of her vagina. I asked if me and Ksenia continue only clung to me. I was on top of everything and worked and worked. I loskal hands and lips, her neck and shoulders. She came, and from her sweet moans, I have already caught his breath. I pulled out while a member and finished on the abdomen. She was not offended, did not have time. Since the phone call from my mother, who was looking for me already 2:00 and I had to pack up and leave ...