Nerpidumannye history. History 1. Elena. The first woman.

I'm starting to cycle memoir stories about how developed my relationship with women from the first time to family life. ALL MY HISTORY WILL NOT come up, except, perhaps, two. Two still invent, to make it more interesting, and you already own to guess which ones are fiction. Fans of all sorts of distortions can not worry about the maximum that was in my practice of going beyond the usual sex - it's a threesome, and only once, but looking ahead, I say - I liked it. My stories rather for those who need advice on how to use the right the situation, as most of my relationships have emerged because of them.

But first, a bit of information. I do not want to look like some supermacho or Casanova, and I, in fact, is not the same as what my life was rich in relationships with women - much luck and nothing more. After all, what is no luck, I should explain the nature of the appearance presented to me (eighty-six meter height, medium build, but with a relief figure, not a handsome face, but for women, as I understand, it does not really matter). And not the last role was played by my stable financial situation (parents - dentists, I have always lived comfortably, although I can not say that the money I downright spoiled). And my very first time, and with whom I started my sexual life, too, was a great luck. But with this and start.

History 1. Elena.

The first story will seem long. But for the first time in a different way and can not be, because I went to this long 16 years.

So, it happened when I was 16. My parents, as I wrote, the doctors, they traveled a lot to different cities for conferences and other events to enhance the professional skills and there became acquainted with colleagues who live in different regions of Russia. Then, coming to the city, where they were already familiar counterparts, they did not live in hotels, and settled on the time they have. So did those who came to the seminar to us in Ekaterinburg. Usually it was the aunt of 50 years ...

But once he came to us some of Elena Volgograd. What she was sure of years, I never knew, but my current ideas about 30. She was what is called a cover girl, a goddess, a charming blonde with a second breast size, very thin and fragile, and with a very gentle smile. At the same time she was top intelligence and consistency, spoke nice and steady voice, makes me shiver.

Needless to say that the first day I was hanging at home, finding himself the case, only to see it more and hear her voice. At night, I immediately began to harass a hand and a minute later finished under the covers. But I wanted more and more.

In general, the first day I nadrochil three times, wiped his belly a prepared cloth and went to sleep. And the next day I was sent on a visit to his grandmother, who lived through two stops away. It turned out that my parents had to urgently go to the area to work for two days, and they found it impossible, so I stayed at home, at a time when there lived a guest.

I knew them, they were considerate and right. But looking at the TV from Grandma, I thought only of her, and, of course, aware that it is unattainable for me, dreaming, dream, dream.

When evening came, I was going for a walk, I went outside and the legs themselves have led me to the house. Without any intention, just to be closer to her. And then I wanted to come to the door, too, for the same purpose. I stood in the passage in front of our area, I thought to go home, allegedly forgot something, just to see her that night to come up with a story, if I have it was something, and masturbate, wank, wank.

Under the door, I stood for more than an hour, not daring to call. Suddenly the door opened and Aunt Lena (for me it was when Aunt Lena) stepped over the threshold. Rebound and I could not hide, and she noticed me. Neudobnyak was terrible, I blushed as cancer and something began to mumble about the forgotten notebook, burning with shame, walked into the room and began to dig in the table. She pretended not to notice anything, and calmly waited until I leave.

At night I could not sleep, but never masturbated, with experiences of shame and wanted nothing. And at eight in the morning I jumped out of bed by a bullet and saying my grandmother that I practice (I was engaged in boxing) ran to the house. I did say only spend the night with her grandmother, about the day did not say anything, and within fifteen minutes I was at the door of his apartment.

Lena met me head-on. That is an unusually beautiful dress with a shallow neckline, but a long slit on the skirt (the fashion of those times), make-up and other things full dress. And, of course, all this was not for me, it just has already prepared to go about their business, I had no choice but to once again gather some of the things and sweating with desire to get out of the apartment after her.
- Wait a minute, please - I heard her voice, when it began to descend the stairs. - I can not close the door.

Of course, I helped. Taking from her hands the key, the first time I touched her. The hand was soft and gentle, full of warmth and comfort for which I was ready to give even their lives.
- You in what direction? - She asked, bringing me out of torpor.
- And, there. - I waved a hand.
- I have (she called address).

Yes, I was ready to turn over all the earth, to help her, but as luck would have it, this street did not know. I had to ask people to stop. I ran from one person to another, trying to help, found a rough area, and, at least, how to reach it. All this time, Elena stood and looked at my efforts, at the very moment, as I now it seems, was laid the seed of our future intercourse.

At this point, I'm from nesmyshlenogo boy turned to her eyes a young man. I was ready to help the woman, and she liked it.

Noon I spun in the courtyard, waiting for her return. I managed to talk with your friends, bypass the shops. I was in anticipation of something big and beautiful. I had some sort of premonition. I was waiting for her.

It came sooner than I expected, about twelve days, saw me sitting on the swing, and came up.

(Lord, I only now understand that looked like a beggar on the porch. She, of course, everyone knew. She felt sorry for me, hands down. But on that day I was the happiest man in the world.)
- Hey. - Tenderly she smiled. - I bought a cake, went to drink tea.

Damn, I do not even know what to say, just silently trudged behind her. At home, she changed into some sort of t-shirt, through which you could see the bodice and shorts, prudently took the cup, poured tea and began to cut the cake. All this time I, fascinated, looking at her, unable to look away. She glances couple of times and, of course, noticed me. At this point, it's probably decide whether to do so. Fortunately, her decision was pleasant to me.
- Do you have a girlfriend? - With incredibly easy smile she asked, and bit off a small piece of cake. Crumb stuck to her lip, moving to the beat of her speech. This small crumb tied my opinion. Everything that happened next, happened as if not to me.
- Well, like this. - Stupidly I said. And then I wanted to add "Do not constant"But caught himself in time. - Generally, no. - And then I could not resist and snapped. - Aunt Lena, you are so beautiful !!! ( "Aunt" - Yes for a majority of women would be offended, but she forgave. ) You are so pretty !!!

Smile, kind, gentle, caring.
- Thank you!

I wanted to say something else, but the words were not. And then she smiled again.

She also had to decide. She leaned slightly toward me, bringing his eyes to mine. As in the fog, I leaned forward and our lips met. They were soft and gentle, and so ... nice!

And here I digress, digesting new experience, but fortunately she pretended not to notice anything, and did not let me drop the pace.

She got up, I - behind her. Our bodies pressed against each other, I gasped with joy ... and suddenly realized that I do not feel anything below. My "eagle" what is happening I do not react. With increasing anxiety, I began to move to the bedroom where she was, not looking up from me began to retreat. I was even more annoyed that her fine ass and breasts were in touch no better than my classmates (I do this, I had to touch). In short, I got to bed in a state of utter despair.

But again she understood. Throwing off his shorts and T-shirt, she was left alone in lacy underwear and something stirred below. Following flew top, I quickly threw off his pants and shirt.
- Come on, do not be afraid - she whispered. (Guys, with a look at her breasts began my rebirth. All that happened next left a deep impression on my future relationships with women. That excited me in Helena, excited me in women rest of his life.)

God, how beautiful was her breasts that I depend on it. Two slices of soft low rise above the surface of the body, going in the middle of dark delicate buds. I buried them, trying to breathe, in turn kissed the nipples, and my face crawled down her smooth belly. She did not ask anything, just give yourself to me.

Soon I ran into her panties and slid past the edge, right through the fabric of his lips touching her genitals. It has brought me down all began to come into order. She raised her ass and his hands pulled off her clothing remnants, revealing to me all that was hidden underneath. I read somewhere how to kiss a woman crotch, and remembering everything began to touch the tongue of her labia and clitoris. It turned out that there is no taste and no smell, everything was soft and pleasant. I was so wound up, I did not want to stop, even though my penis has increased and literally expired liquid.

Lena moaned softly, giving me to understand in what moments it is especially nice, I began to focus on her reaction and soon found the most sensitive places. Sinking deep, I'm sliding movements rose up like a skier, grabbing as much space as possible. I do not know how long it lasted, but Lena soon began to puff, podmahivat, pressed me to her, controlling the power of my actions and frequency. Finally, the finished !!! Her body has shot up the middle, so I was able to push his hands under her ass and do some more powerful shocks.
- Wait!! - She croaked. - I - all !!! - And I fell into the sweet languor.

A few minutes later, she lay motionless, I awkwardly climbed on top, not knowing what to do, until she finally found the strength to take me by the shoulders and put together. First she threw at me one knee and gently stroking the torso, then reached a hand up and become a member of the Iron-on transfer it, smearing the skin of liquid. Soon movements became faster and longer, it was nice, but I was waiting for the other.
- Come, - she whispered and pulled me over. Her fingers deftly insert my penis into the slot, and I began to move. Now I would have brought her to this great pleasure, but then she just patiently waited, when I vylyus into it, however, the act of ejaculation itself it seems like.

As if exploding from the inside, I'm devastated, but very soon aroused again, right there. Lena noticed it and smiled.
- I feel good. Just let me turn over.

She turned back to me and got on all fours. I introduced myself to her vagina and started pushing. It turned out, the harder I push it, the sweeter she screams, so I soon found the right rhythm and strength of aftershocks, from which she received most pleasure.
- Come on, come on ! - She puffed. ... And I did not feel anything. Member, though speechless, and I finished second time on what pushes clapped me somewhere in the balls. Second "exit" It turned out to be less sensitive, but still enjoyable.

And then she ran to the bathroom. When pomylas, came and kissed me on the lips and said that she had to leave.
- Why? - I was taken aback.
- If they come and look at you and me, all will understand. They should not see us together.

Lena quickly gathered.
- But they only come tomorrow. - I remembered.
- And suddenly today. I can not risk.

The second time she did not want me, though I am in the first life she is grateful. On the day she moved out, leaving parents a note that she ran out of the case, and she went home early, the more we have never seen. But I still love her !!!