Closed club. Part 2

Coming home after a meeting with the club manager, I called Dima and told him that I wanted to relax at the spa. Like, my friends from the travel agent wants to sell me a burning permit in Egypt for a ridiculous price, and refuse to sin. Dima tried to persuade me to go together later, but I have to reason with him and said that it is then possible to go again and together. He immediately agreed that it would be wiser to him to finish the current affairs, and then to think about the rest.

To my great joy, it was agreed. I warned all the friends and acquaintances that I leave in two weeks to warm seas and camels, adding that without the rest going to communicate with the outside world and even the phone will not answer and began to collect suitcases. Although things I certainly did not need except linen sets, but it was necessary to create an appearance.

Two days before the call to the club swept quickly filled with the sweet languor of waiting and rough sex with Dima, who just went crazy from the close, albeit brief separation. It was even fun to watch as it is excited by any of my movement. Well, for example, when I went to cook us breakfast. I was in my home translucent pale blue robe and white lace thong. So this maniac crept up from behind, knocked on the table and breast wildly ugly just fucked me in the ass, forcing my face just fidgeting on the table and by product. In general, we finally came off.

Came a call a day. In the morning I spent Dima at work and barely got rid of his proposals to accompany me to the plane. Before leaving for work, he fucked me again so that I almost tore my tits. Horror! Would not your own - would just crushed, well, I have natural breasts, due to hormones. With trepidation I dialed the phone the club and said that soon they will. A couple blocks from the club was just a dream dear. His feet carried me toward adventure. In the club I met all the same manager.
- Hi Vlad! I am glad that you have decided.
- Good afternoon. How do I call you? And that in our first meeting, I did not ask your name.
- I Gregory. Now we proceed to the contract?

He pulled out of the drawer with the contract file. I have carefully read it, but especially the new found nothing besides what Gregory has told me at our first meeting. I took a pen and with a slight languor in the abdomen signed sheets.
- Great, Vlad! - Gregory seemed pleased as I am. Surprisingly well-trained employees. - So, Vlad, I now ask you to go into the next room where you will examine our doctor, you will be given clothes employee of the club and we will go directly to the club.

Medical examination did not take long. More than it took me to put on a strange costume. It was some sort of a cross between a sundress and horse harness. In harness with my shoulders down strips of leather, rings covering my breasts, so that the chest and stuck pripodyalis forward. On the back was a broad band of tissue in the center to the waist. Then it all changed into a wide belt that is completely concealed front and pressed down my dick down, his head almost touching my priests. The leather band is in place fit head was a hole, making it look like a part of the vagina, but with my head instead of the urethra. It made it so that I could easily write a sitting member and not touch. Under the contract, a man by birth, but a contender for the female lead, before the end of the contract should not have to touch his penis in addition to hygienic purposes. So, my cock was hidden from others and from myself. Next straps apart, making absolutely free my anus and cupping my hips. To the left and right side of the chest and covering his hip was thin silk fabric, the bottom forming something like a skirt, but leaves open my ass. The costume mask made of leather, hides the upper part of the face. On the mask were slits for eyes, very similar to the cat's incision. The shoes were too kind. No heels, although I was expecting a different! It was easy moccasins, belts from which covered my ankle to the knee. All leather straps suit and shoes were sometimes sewn metal rings. After I dealt with this horror, I was again held to Gregory.
- Now, Vlad, your hour has come. I've called a car. Do you remember that we do not reveal the location where the club. Even staff. Therefore...

He pulled out a black handkerchief tightly tied my eyes. To avoid any risk, I sneaked will remove the bandage, my hands tied behind my back pretty myakgimi but strong ropes. The bell rang and Gregory threw on my cloak to hide my suit and led me to the car. Carefully put me in the car, holding and protecting my head from the blows. How we went - it's hard to say. Time once lost when you can not see anything. The car was completely impervious to the sounds of the street, and even the music played softly, so the sounds from the outside, I also could not figure out where we're going.

Finally the car stopped, and we went out. Before my eyes was still dressing. I gently by the hand led him forward. The door opened, we went in and the door closed behind me. The bandage was removed from my eyes, and I opened my eyes. Breath hitched by what he saw! I joyfully and delightfully sighed and groaned! That was incredible!

Continued: Private club. Part 1