He climbed on a visit to the house

I - a man with considerable sexual experience. And all I can competently say that most real feeling can be obtained only during extreme sex.
It is for this reason that I at one time separated from his first girlfriend, who, in fact, deprived me of virginity even in some distant school years. She ceased to satisfy me with its simple classic after 2 - 3 contacts (already very wanted something hotter). Since a long time I have not seen her, and already learning on the 1st or 2nd degree was surprised to find her charming photos on one of the pornographic sites. To mix it even with someone was not possible due to the charming scar on one intimate place (just like in the famous song)!
Then followed the revelation that did not allow me to call your name, but we must not shock them, in fact is not a fact that this is all true! :
It is the first year at college. I would return that night drunk with someone's birthday. I was pretty drunk, and, as is often the case with tipsy people wanted something big and unusual, but then, it was difficult to articulate!
I was walking through some private sector and noticed one of the windows in the light of this fact I have reason immediately interested. I stood in the middle of the road and stared at the window!
And then there appeared a graceful female figure (somewhere deep down, maybe I did and waited, but now I can not say anything for sure). This girl, despite the late hour) with someone talking on the phone, and due to the fact that her window was ajar, and outside was absolute silence, I heard it was a great conversation.
And I am quite brazenly stood under her window and listened to what she's chirping, as I understand, with his girlfriend, who lives nearby. The most informative aspect of this phone conversation was the fact that the parent was not home and she barker girlfriend to spend the night to her, but she politely declined.
This fact was the last straw in my motivation to action. After losing the last drop of sanity I climbed through the lattice fence separating the house and the pedestrian part of the street. Perhaps making this "feat" I made a lot of noise, because I remember that even with all this managed to whistle something from Tsoi, but fortunately at this moment somewhere out of the room!
When the fence was over, I went up to the terrace on the first floor, continuing to stare at the second floor in the open window. Girls did not have room. Then I probably continuing to create a specific noise managed to climb onto the roof of the veranda (a big plus in all this was the fact that the doors and windows throughout the house are plastic, so they are perfectly isolated any noise!). From the roof of the veranda, I moved to the narrow ledge, passing directly below the search box and easily opened the window and jumped into the room!
This room was a small bedroom, a girl in it was not. What I will do next I do not know. I looked out of the room, went out the door to the stairs below came the sound of water. She took a shower! This fact I was happy, I decided to make a surprise for her and lay down under the bed! After 10 minutes, the door opened and a girl wrapped in a towel went to bed (I could see only her feet), and a minute later she moved away from the bed completely naked !!! If you've seen it! She was the epitome of perfection! Long slender legs, firm buttocks rounded, tanned skin and long black hair wet! Chest, I did not see the stomach and face, as she stood back to me and rummaged in the closet. Having found there some silk nightgown she quickly threw her and went to the mirror, pulling out of a locker hair dryer! More I could not wait for my pants literally bursting with excitement!
I unashamedly crawled out from under the bed, stood up to his full height, and immediately pushed the sash window, slamming him so that subsequent reaction of the girls did not wake the whole neighborhood!
When he saw me in the reflection of the mirror, she jumped so much that I even he flinched!
Then, trembling, she turned to me and asked quietly:
- Who are you?
This is a question I put a few into a dead end, and I answered honestly: "I, like your ass is very pleased! You do not want hard sex?"
She stood in front of me 15 seconds to digest what I she blurted.
-Get out of here, drunk bastard!
-I see sex will be very hard! - I said, taking a step toward her.
Immediately I grabbed her hands, turned her back to the bed and pushed back. She tried to jump up immediately, but I pushed her back onto the bed, unbuttoning his pants with a second jumped out my handsome! She tried to reach for his foot, so to hit him, but, to my happiness, missed! This fact angered me, I jumped to her turned her on the bed from the back to the stomach (it was very easy) and highly twisted her arm, bending over her ear, I quickly told her:
-If you ssuchka, you will not listen to me and do not lend me all my holes, I mutilated you so that later in the year, the hospital will roll! Believe me, I'm not kidding!
-Let go! Let go! You are welcome! - I am almost moaned it!
I let her go, she immediately curled up on the bed, holding the patient's hand as unhealthy puppy!
I stood in front of the bed in a pose of a superhero, my handsome still stood like a stone.
The girl was crying quietly, seemingly she was 17 years old and his whole appearance, it makes me sorry, but I could not do anything with their hormones, although alcohol began to slowly move away!
-Arise cancer! Hear! To say!
Instead of answering, the girl started to cry even longer. I made a very terrible face and said:
-I'll count to three - times!
Feeling despair she dutifully held up the ass right in front huёm!
Before you try this beauty in fact, I asked:
-Have you ever done it?
She nodded her head positively, continuing to sob. I harbored some hope that I was dealing with a virgin, but they did not materialize.
I pulled back the lower part of her nightie on the back and front of my eyes appeared a beautiful plump ass! I put my hands on her buttocks, pulling them on your body, I felt the bliss that always punched me during anal sex, and when such an ass and this little girl, it's just the top of all the buzz! I was pushing deeper and deeper, and he was about to finish half way, but most tried to restrain myself, my girl trembling already very difficult to breathe and sometimes moaning after my tremors. And finally, my stomach touched her buttocks!
I was totally into it. She was already shaking very specific, but I'm in no hurry to put out. A moment later I had finished, stuck his exhausted end. From its opening in full flowed sperm, and she no longer stood in a pose, and lay on the bed, breathing heavily, I think some pleasure she also delivered.
Few come to himself, I commanded her:
-Take ... nightgown, ssuchka!
My team, like, flew past her ear! The second time I snapped a lot stronger, threatening corporal punishment. She raised her eyes to me, they were once again full of tears. I'm making out her face realized that I was dealing just with some fabulous fairy, and I felt sorry for her again, but again I could not help myself.
A second nightie lying on the floor, torn me because she refused to obey! And I just froze for a moment, staring at her breasts, not that it was very large, inogoda there are a lot more, but that its average size so harmoniously count the neck, belly and ass, I saw for the first time (I guess she was a model) ! Noticing that I was literally standing admiring her, she stopped crying and just a little bit away from me! At this time, my handsome again increased in size and was standing like a stone!
-You know what you have to do, so I went away and I did not see you anymore? - I asked her
-What? - She muttered without turning around.
-You just have to lie down and spread her legs wide
-No - he whirled and she cried!
-You want everything to be in a bad way - I said, slowly approaching her, she shrank back into the corner of the bed and began to cry.
I abruptly grabbed her legs and pulled over. She tried to shrug, but I pushed his hand into her forehead and she fell on the bed, no longer resisted. I climbed up to his knees on the bed, he sat down between her legs. She was panting and crying!
And then I drew their attention to her vagina. I carefully brought his finger into it. She was a virgin! At this point, I was excited to the limit! I took her ass and lifted to the level of his cock her vagina, she did not resist!
I gently spread her labia, trying to squeeze his big cock in between. She frantically pushed his hand and arched his back:
-Painfully! - She cried, but I was not angered her cries, probably alcohol already quite faded away, the brain was sick only one desire in it!
-Do not compress, so it will be even worse - I replied.
I'm getting stronger and stronger rotated backwards, trying to break it prevent me to enter it an obstacle, she squeezed her buttocks and hands are no longer paying attention to her protests. I almost did not finish at this point. And so I broke! God is good! I do not even have time to take out a member of her vagina. And he just finished and finished!
-It hurts! Painfully! - Screamed the girl.
-Do not cry - I laughed, wiping his handsome sheet - now it will take place, you are now a full-fledged woman, give me a buzz nezabyvemy!
After these words she began to sob again, it could be said that the fact that I brought her into hysterics, but I at that time was vprinttsepi on all shit! I came out of her room down the stairs and passing through the porch, went outside, where he continued his way home.
More from this wonderful woman I had never met, besides, I could not even remember the next day, where her house was located!