The first time with his brother

Good morning, readers. Finally I decided to write a story.
To begin with prehistory. It does not matter how many years to me now. It does not matter where I live.
I was born in a normal family, but it so happened that at the age of 6 years old I went to the orphanage. I was lucky - less than a year later, I took my dear family - father, mother and 12-year-old son. A year later, the same Rita (mother), offended for treason, left the family. We called my brother stayed with his father.
Max and I (the name of his brother) were always very close, from the very first day of my arrival in their home.
And now, in fact, the story itself.
I am approaching my 13th birthday. I was already well-formed girl - buttocks, breasts, figure, everything is in place. Classmates often gazed at me.
On that day, I returned to swim very early, his father was not and should not have been a few more days, and my brother was supposed to be back in college.
I went inside and listened. On the ground floor of the silence was ringing. Quite a grunt, I went to my room and changed into a short skirt and top. Picking up the book, I decided to go to the office. Opening the door, I was taken aback. For computer desk I sat Maxim, and no one noticing, watching porn and nadrachival already standing member.
I tried to leave quietly, that he did not see me, but got caught on something on the floor and fell. My brother looked at me in the eyes to read what I have never seen in real life - it was almost animal lust. It seems that something in him changed very dramatically. I tried to get up, and he was next to me. He grabbed my arm and dragged into the center of the room. I tried to fight back, but she could do ti * 1 year old girl against a big boy? I looked at the computer screen and was blown away - I wore it in the shower. Most likely, it is connected to surveillance cameras and quietly admired the beautiful body of a little sister.
In the meantime, while I frantically looked at the photo, Max hands wandered over my body, crushed chest and climbed a short yubchonku. I screamed.
-Let go, bastard!
He slapped me in the face and bellowed
-Shut up, bitch juvenile!
I sobbed and buried her face in her hands. Soon, he stopped me and started to paw around.
-Shut up, bitch!
Once again he hit me, and I screamed. Meanwhile, he tore my hands from his face and put it in his mouth swollen member.
-Suck, I said!
His voice was so wild that I am, I do not understand what I was doing, I began awkwardly and clumsily suck powerful trunk of his penis. The size was impressive, I could hardly drive down his throat at least half. I tried my best, thinking that he will let me. But he only smiled and grabbed my head and planted it on the penis.
-Bitch, that's how it should be!
And he began to furiously stick my head on his cock. I almost choked on my tears and saliva. Soon he was sated by my throat and for a few seconds a member of froze, and then blew the white sperm. He raised his hand and said calmly
-Swallow, doll, and then got in the face of its shlyushnoy.
I was scared and swallowed sperm. With responsibility, I can say that there is nothing in the drywall saw life. Sperm hate to drink so far, and it seems to me, not love ever. Then he collapsed on the floor next. I abruptly got up and ran out of the office, crying on the go. When I ran to my room, I collapsed on the bed and huddled in hysterics. A few minutes later Max entered the room, sat down, and stroked my hair, he said.
-Nothing happens with each for the first time ...
I sobbed.
-Get out, freak! I hate you!
He turned me to him and slapped across the face.
-Here's what the creature again so say - zaebis to death! And remember - now you are my rubber doll, I will fuck where I want and how I want!
With these words he pushed me away and left the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts about what I was waiting for.
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