Nicky described in the office (part 2)

(The story is already underway)
Comments on the story in the forum on the Internet: Girl: "gee, and I have often this happens ... just too lazy to the toilet patamuchta's laziness and all znachet there. Well, at the expense of nravitsa .... I have it beats the feeling of orgasm percent on 60. TK attention and concentration of all the forces of the body and the brain is the fact that not opisatsa ... and finally ... I want to know whether there get an orgasm in their prehensile paws and then if another nekozistost vish there. Although you can create a separate science: getting an orgasm from sex and from sobsno long desire of the toilet, as a result of the double orgasm)) ... Well, to start to develop a specific method of breathing and relaxation)
Guy: I personally ninravitsya when she pees her kagda you pripihnul So this story Phil lucky with Nicky and Nicky luck with Phil, given piquancy method. At night, she could not describe at this, but in the morning Nicky was in a hurry to work in the office, and while still a full bladder, it is skipped away, hitting a crowded night of the bladder from the doorway on the first hour morning meeting and then .. well, you read on:
All were sitting, but a meeting has not yet started. Andy, her boss, looked sternly at her. - I'm sorry for your tardiness. - We were only waiting for you.
While the boss is saying, Nicky glanced at the door to the hall and then to the toilet, where she did not have time. "I'm booked"... - Let's start - spoke Andy otharkalsya and began leisurely speech, feeling at ease.
And Nicky could no longer bear the pain in the bladder, - she imagined it would be if now here she opisaetstsa to top it off in the middle of an office in the sight of all the staff and employees. Then Nicky resettled in elegant chair beside which was softer. She was unable to keep rzane.
Andy first noticed her strange behavior, and immediately realized what was happening. He's very greasy hair hanging from his head, he was badly shaven, stale, like a Sunday hangover. Niki has reviewed each defect on his face, and probably the only thing that's definitely time to make her boss, so it's going to the toilet before the meeting.
- We are concerned about the future prospects of promotion in the service sector ... ... our efforts .... (He was only about thirty, but already such a bore, - thought Nicky). When a break was announced, Andy asked her the cause of her late today. - I had a loaded output, slept longer than usual. My apologies. - For the first time excusable.
Would you like coffee to cheer up? - No, spasibochki. - Excitedly said Nicky, being careful not to move. Andy shrugged and did not ask any more. After "intermission" Nicky decided and showed even greater freedom in their gestures. It instilled confidence, not her proterpit as if nothing had happened until the end of the meeting, and will do nothing "unexpected". Still twitching vengeance. Andy began to involuntarily detain longer look at her.
Her short skirt was also close, so strongly delineated swollen area in the abdomen, which he is now and then examined. She was ready to cry, she lowered her eyes and eyelashes and looked at my skirt yet dry.
Everyone looked at the speaker, and the speaker only looked into the hall. Nicky felt uneasy because of the attention that the chef stared at her, and started to play with his curls, hair twitching and trying to escape from the stresses at the bottom of the bladder, which tried to keep to myself all its contents.
- So - interrupted his speech prevalence Andy that no one watched, he's talking about,
- What awaits us after that?
- E .. - Nicky at that moment felt that the bladder is swollen shape of the ball as he could, trying to urine seeps down it, and soon it will not hold back any effort.
- Well, we'll be damn careful about their work, make every skill does not walk on his hands. She laughed at his mistake, and then fell silent. All around, too, laughed. Then he rattled too quickly another boss. Andy turned his head to the side, but motioned to stop. And he continued:
- I can assure you that soon everything will go like clockwork. So, you have worked in recent years? At the head of the Nicky I spun one thought: I'm in the last one and a half days drank tea and coffee and everything is kept in itself. All he wanted from me, Phil.
- I see your results, - said Andy. Andy picked up the pen and twirled it in his hands, watching Nicky wriggled in his chair.
- No Does anyone have concerns that our efforts could result in a devastating crash for us? But we are ready for this, our bank account help us in the difficult moments.
"Whatever could this help me now? Oh, would I have diapers on herself. And he said aloud: - So what's next? - Do not interrupt me. - I instructed her Andy.
He continued his monologue, fell into the jungle and more. He talked about everything and nothing. While Andy all talked and talked, Nicky watched the movements of the second hand on her wrist watch, thinking about every 5 seconds that have passed since the movement of the arrows.
Nicky suddenly bent so much that Andy looked back at her. Nicky counted the number of minutes past five, ten, fifteen, seems to have everything in the fifteenth minute reference bladder has not the strength to endure. Finally Andy finished his report and sat up, looking around contentedly around her and putting his hands on the armrests. Nicky did not expect such a sudden stop, and then became ready to dart off. Nicky horror stated that the time was close to ten in the morning - the performance of Andy took almost an hour, less a ten-minute delay. Usually it lasted no more than half an hour.
- Everything was in order? You do something wrong? - Andy asked, seeing her plight.
- What do you have in mind?
- Do not you listen to what I'm saying? I suggested to calculate that if the take .... I repeat again for inattentive and neprosnuvshihsya.
And Andy again and ruffled ruffled in the same boring manner as before, Nicky drilling and leaving her no choice but to think of the bladder and the fear of wet oneself. Nicky to use the toilet in the office a couple of times, following his habit as much as possible to avoid visiting foreign toilets and use mostly only their home. But now it is replayed in his mind a vision of painting porcelain installations, and losing sequence. "There is no doubt that I'm ..." she thought "I definitely ..". Nicky stopped to think about something different, and focused only on the nerves of the muscles within her panties. There's a feeling of phlegm. "Oh my God!" Nicky all tears holding my breath, feeling that seems to be the beginning of the urine to drain the legs between her tightly clenched thighs, completely moistened strip of panties.
"That rate" - She returned to thoughts - "all will be visible bruises on my legs, when they have to get out of this office, and still have to go through the whole office." To her Fortunately, Andy finished summarizing considerations puzzled thinking to himself: "Why did not she take time off?"In anticipation of separation "Later all came - before all gone". Nicky looked around from side to side, trying to wring his feet from one another. Finally Andy stopped and wiped sweat from his forehead. His tongue slurred, he was tired.
He spotted rzane Nicky, and therefore purposely dragged his lecture, to see what it will be next. But he was already very tired of waiting. He did not suspect that she was suffering for a long time, and decided to make fun tolerate it now. He was already excited that he saw a wet mark on the skirt when Nicky went out of the room. He moved to the door and observe how Nicky walked down the hallway. Nicky spread views with colleagues, meet her ... on the way to the toilet. Nicky guessing how much she released from the volume, how safe could be released to relieve himself. And in fact, she did not feel any relief from it.
Fortunately for her, no one but Andy did not see her from behind and did not see her wet spot on her skirt, which she waved while walking from side to side. Nicky pushed the door to the ladies' room, and inadvertently swore. The interior space has been occupied by smokers girls from other offices and two doors to the booths were closed. She walked over, pushed one door, then another, none of them succumbed. Or inside each one that is, or may be, they all closed. "Poor my business" - She thought - "and the villain even offered me coffee half an hour ago!"
She looked at herself from behind and the wet spot on her skirt, wondering how much of it is dry. Fortunately, the skirt was made of dark material, and the contrast was not very large. She let out a cry of agonistic, when she felt something again splashed through the panties, and arranged the legs wider. Something fell to the floor, but the skirt is not wet longer than it was. Nicky all waited for finally open any door, the first or the second. "Phil would have liked to see me like this". Finally she decided to sit on the floor and make some puddle directly under him. The urine ran on a flat floor. Smoking girls absurd eyes stared at the pear-increasing pool, smoking a cigarette dropped out of hands.
Locked doors also opened almost simultaneously, and the two of them fluttered brunette.
- Are you sovchem ofigela? In the corridor with a carpet-track until everything was normal. Just then the bathroom from the corridor began to enter her employee after the meeting. Horror for Nicky had stunned that she introduced the seriousness of the consequences of the present situation. She tore off the door, hidden from view, while the bladder has not yet managed to free time and wet trail continued along the corridor. But it did not feel anything. People were more than ever, well, just all here, and everyone can see it right now.
- Leave me alone !!! Leave me alone !!! Nicky caught the stunned look of Andy. "We had to take a leak from the bladder to him under the table."
- You see what happened to me on your meetings and after your proposed coffee! Verbose Andy this time have not found that to utter. Nicky ran into komnatnku where she was sitting with two other collaborators. - Nicky, are you that something is wrong? - I decided to ask Joanne, did not understand why she ran in a hurry, but still wet behind. The bladder has emptied all toilet to the floor and the whole corridor.
- I have described, can not you see? Give me a towel! I barely proterpela all this damn meeting Andy, and when I went to the toilet, these bastards have arranged it all.
She fell silent, feeling with her soaked skirts have already started to drip on the floor, in full view of friends. Suddenly the murmur suddenly resumed again, Nicky she could not understand how. It turned out she was just overturned vessel with water for watering flowers.
- So, here done, look! - At the door already accumulated all peeping.
- Do not look at me! - Nicky flushed all over, covering his face hem skirt. And he rushed directly to the curious crowd, back to the bathroom, which was empty, and the white toilet bowl.
But there resulted from it, so it only tears. Previously emptied her bladder, she thought of a few liters, Nicky is now continued to sit and do nothing naked and wet on the toilet seat, pondering the sad state of himself, his underwear and skirts. She tried to remember in my childhood was anything like that is not with her, but with someone else around. Mom is strictly brought her, and then she walks avoided beer, not late at parties, and not used to do it, even among the trees shrubs. "If he knew that I would be afraid to use other people's toilets". "On the one hand great still happen", Most importantly here, soon !.
Now she did not know how to stand in front of his colleagues to explain the situation. "Wee is a delicate matter"- And who came up with such a punishment for women. And it was the absolute truth, because men do so much more convenient and safer. She obtrla how can your skirt a piece of paper, paper stuffed in the pants, so it was not cold, came out of the booth, tried and done stepped over a puddle before, and measured steps down the hall. Before it all swam in a blur. As she played as a child in the sand as knitting wreaths and ribbons, recalled spying minutes for boys.
Even as a child she skated but not the board, skating and rollerblading, which was so hard to take off our shoes, and had to endure to the end. She did not remember how it was in kindergarten, but school was very different. But in the age of eight, she recalled, she was strong in their abilities and despite the pain that she suffered every time it is with a firm confidence could doterpet. Then, when she went for a drive on rollers with his friend, he did not Razuvious breezing off into the bushes, and she was waiting for him on the pavement. It would be a lot of things could remember ...
There was no hope that it will ignore the trick and soon forget about it. When Nicky came back down the hall to the office to pick up her purse with wallet and mobile, among peers at this time silence reigned. She also ignored them.
- I need to go home, feel bad - she announced to colleagues tried to say it as if nothing had happened in the usual flat voice, and proshmygnuv as quietly as possible to the door. She has not found the courage to turn around and say, goodbye, though it gnawed at the thought. And she also felt by dozens of views aimed at her ass wet skirt.
It was only her first month, and there's such a shame. In the bus on the way back, but her almost no one it was, but she was standing in. On returning home and sitting on a chair with his elbows on the table uprshis, Nicky could hardly believe that everything is so absurd and logical end. And she was not thinking about the fact that I could proterpet so long, and thinking about how it so she went to his bladder on the concession. Since it has never yet was not such that it described. - And I'll tell her friends Joanna and others? It's a shame I can no longer appear in their way!
If I hide my toiletries case from best friends to eight years, but now I'm even more mature. Nicky is now allowed two things of great importance, scrolling through them in his brain. First, it never seems to the eyes of people from his office. The second thing she will live, she could live on reserves, but continue to work in the same place more it will not be able.
And she sat down to write a petition for dismissal, her pen firmly chrkala on paper, and in addition to the statements it has come to the following statement: "I never described". Phil can continue their quirks, forced to endure it, she already likes to be filled, but next time it will keep. She punished her bladder: I'll make you wait as long as necessary, until I tell you, "Wet your". - She added with a solid tone of voice.
Having written a paper in his hand, Nicky resolutely stood up, but then relaxed a little, looking at the street through the window. The world was busy outside, on the street, leaving her time alone with her thoughts. When she tried again to focus his thoughts, she realized that her thoughtless decision was the result of carelessness and full of adventure. Since you can not because you can not, there was nothing to be thrust.
Her work is not considered prestigious, it was generally better to change jobs. But the anticipation of the ease and anticipation that it will be free to flutter a few weeks until it is arranged at a suitable location, pleasing her. The chief would not see her. "And assign a short break with the dissolution of the meeting ... if anyone again show signs rzanya"- She smiled at the thought. She held after 19 hours in total, after four or five cups of coffee drunk. Andy must have decided to pin over it, but Phil, she was sure, this idea would have liked even more.
Approaching lunch time, so that Nicky was engaged in preparing the meal. Her wet clothes were rinsed and dried up in the bathroom, and it is currently replacing their sweat pants and a T-shirt. Did not start a career Nicky was doomed, it will go a saleswoman of newspapers or cigarettes (hell, a kiosk especially nowhere to pee, but at least out of sight).
Then other household chores, including a walk to the post office to send an application for dismissal, loaded it up to the expected return of Phil from London. When she called him on the phone, Phil immediately picked up the phone. - Hey, Phil !!! Can I come to you?
(End of Part 3)