The meeting of two old friends

I (we call Masha girl) and my girlfriend (it is said to Alina) finished school and became graduates. Masha was 16 years old. She had red hair, green eyes wide, a figure not too thin and not too thick, of medium height, bust size was 3, all the guys were crazy about her priests, and she was a virgin. Her friend was 17 years old. Alina was svetlorussaya, with blue eyes, slim figure, small stature, chest size of 3 and a sweet ass.

Learn they traveled to St. Petersburg. All day the girl went and looked at the sights. But Masha lost phone. Her friends have noticed it in half an hour. Suddenly Alina calling subscriber "Masha". The girls responded to the call. He said the guy with the sexy voice. Girls dogovarilis meet with a guy on the main street. After 20 minutes, the girls were on the spot. a guy came up to them. He introduced himself by the name of Cyril. He was 17 years old, dark hair, light brown eyes, tall, not too inflated. Cyril liked girl Masha. He thought he knew her. He said:
- Let's now meet in the evening in a restaurant "Moonlight" at 20:00 hours, and then I'll give you the phone?
- Well, - I said the girl shyly Masha- will wait with impatience the evening.

Evening came. Mary wore a blue dress, birch, and Alina made her a nice hairdo.
Mary arrived at the meeting place. She saw in the center of the room Cyril and approached him. He helped her to sit down, like a gentleman.
Girl started the conversation:
- You can still give me my phone?
- Not yet, - said the guy with a caustic ulybkoy- and where you have my old childhood photos?
- Sorry? Your pictures ?? - anxiously said Masha.
- Surprisingly it well shy smile Kirill.

Masha actually guessed who this Kirill. She slowly recalled that this Cyril her old friend from childhood, and he was even her boyfriend.
And when Mary saw that it was her friend, she cried out from the table:
- Sergeenkov!

To the surprise of no one paid attention to it.
- Yes, but how do you know me - asked in surprise guy.
- It is unlikely that you remember me, Kirill. We were friends in childhood.
- You're right, I do not remember you. But few remember you- who conceived the guy said.

When they remembered each other Kirill offered Masha walk to it. She agreed. Walking in the open air, they went to the hotel. In the evening were "White Nights".
When a man and woman came to the hotel room Masha asked where his bathroom. Cyril explained where.
In the meantime, until the girl she pulls herself guy poured champagne into glasses and dim the lights. Mary went out of the room a little confused. The guy offered her a drink. They talked some more.
Soon she went to the window. Behind came Cyril and hugged her around the waist. Masha first strained and then immediately relaxed. The boy began to kiss her neck, so sexy that Mary immediately felt a little flutter and tickling lower abdomen.
Kirill eagerly bit into her lips. They kissed incessantly. Mary did not notice they were on the bed. Cyril began to unbutton her dress, then took up underwear. From his clothes he shot himself.
Cyril was to bestow kisses Masha from the neck to the abdomen slowly. Masha began quietly postonyvat. The guy took up the lower part of the body. She dug her fingers into the silk quilt. Cyril put on a condom and a low sexy voice whispered in the ear well, Masha:
- Who will be hurt a little. I'll try to make you pleased.
- Good- said Masha exhaling heavily.

Cyril quietly entered Masha.
He started with a small tembora. Then I accelerated slightly. Soon they reached the high tembora. Masha first it was painful, but then she moaned so much that Cyril is even more exciting.
And Masha finished. She thought it was a nice burst of emotion. Then finished and Cyril. He was tired, fell on her.
Soon they fell asleep. Cyril hugged her very hard in his sleep.
On the morning of Cyril did it Cooney and Mary made him a blowjob.
- For the first time very well - playfully, with a smile on his face, said Kirill.
- Spasibo- Masha smiled sheepishly.
- Be my girlfriend?
- Of course !! - Masha cried and dug into his mouth.