Rendezvous with Body Builder

Hey. My name is Madeleine. Many so call me, I ask them about it, I like that name. In fact, I'm actually a regular guy, but when the working day is over, and comes late in the evening or night, I like Cinderella turning into a beautiful princess named Madeleine. I take off all my clothes, rest up in the bathroom, and then open your secret closet and try on everything that is there, namely, women's clothing. There are little things that I have for a long time, and I am sorry to part with them, because they are dear to me, so there are obnovochki. I do all this trying on one by one, like to dress as a woman (I have many types of stockings, a huge selection of women's shoes, but all in high heels or platform; there outerwear for cool seasons, different blouses, skirts, pants, but not very modest - in short, I look around this stunning and sexy), as well as love to pose for the camera in all of this, often rented itself. Then something stop and sit down in front of the mirror doing a manicure, pedicure, make-up nanoshu and, of course, wearing a wig. I opened a bottle of wine or vermouth, and relax.
After midnight, I can go out and walk the streets of the city ... Turns idea that kakoy-nibud pretty lonely man on the street wants to come and meet with me, and heard on the masculine voice that I only half a woman, will not run away and not start yelling at you dirty words, but on the contrary, looking back that the street is empty, and no one will notice and does not know, he will stare and admire my feminine beautiful face, and take a walk with me a little longer and then maybe invite to yourself or I him on coffee and there. ... But this has not happened, as soon as the excitement of thought, and a couple of breaths like "Wow! Look what went Kral, tall, leggy! ". It's simple to be afraid even to approach such a splendid woman, fearing that she some steep. Probably few brave men left.
So, because of all that I said, I'm on the Internet on your favorite dating site, where a lot of people like me. And once I wrote the guy that wants to spend the night with me. His photo I liked immediately. He was a slim, handsome and pumped. He was an athlete. He introduced himself as Sasha, and that he is engaged in bildengom body and that he had a week of competition in my town. He invited me to a meeting, a date for the night. He wrote that he would have to stay in a hotel, and he would like to spend after the event with the night with me. I was excited. Such a beautiful and inflated guy, I like these. I immediately agreed. We agreed that I would come to him in the female form.
Then came the long-awaited evening. I finished work, went home, took a bath, dressed in the most beautiful lingerie that I've had, wore a blonde wig, turned the passionate make-up and went to the hotel. My biggest fears about the recognition of the essence of my men departed immediately on arrival at the hotel. My eccentric appearance, my cheeks a tidy, slim figure, beautiful and sexy women's clothing, my charming feminine gait did not give reason to doubt my femininity. When I came to the hotel, I was a little worried that the man did not recognize me, but when I walked in, I threw all doubts and confident gait walked to the service desk. They all looked at me, someone with strangeness, who with admiration. In fact, the girl 1 m 90 cm heels can cause conflicting conjectures. But I was in the evening is good ... I went to the counter and said that I was waiting in the room 417. I was led. I knocked on the door, and I opened the guy 30 years old, athletically built and charmingly handsome.
I passed my fears about recognition, but remained relatively fear my fate for the night, I was afraid that I had not been raped by a gang of men, and how I had not been captured in the photo or video. I came in…
The guy introduced himself: "Hi, my name is Roman." He was very handsome, inflated and dressed in an elegant suit. he asked - "? Madeleine, if you do not want the wine." We drank wine, get to know better, and I did not wait a long time, I was already at ease, because we were the only ones in his room and wine already affected me. I suggested "Roman, too late, maybe it's time to go to bed?". Roman said that would not be bad, but he wants to offer me the last dance. I agreed. He put some plate with a slow rhythm, but I remember very well, and the theme, which sounded to me very much. Roman asked me to dance, we danced. Our bodies began to touch each other. I felt his already standing member on his hip, he pulled me to him, and our faces are facing ... I'm looking into his eyes, stretched her lips to his. We froze in a long kiss. Our lips and our tongues merged. Roman hugged my waist and I gently pressed his neck.
For two minutes we were kissing him passionately. And when I was ready to do everything that I and he wants to, I gently pulled away from him, and without ceasing to look into his eyes, sank to his knees in front of him, he unzipped his pants, prispustila his pants and ... seeing his huge protruding member slightly taken aback , looked into his eyes and then forgetting his doubts dipped it gently his mouth ... My gentle palm lightly stroked his hips, and my mouth slid over his hot and humid member ... Roman tried to breathe, but when you make a qualitative and very nice blowjob, it is hardly possible. I heard him nozzles. I started to drive with one hand on his groin, pat it gently squeezing the root of his penis. At the same time my lips slid from the head of the penis to its base: I have slightly opened her mouth to his cock expanded it himself, when already the whole head was in my mouth, I opened it to the wider to just slid over the penis, and only reaching the end, when the term was already all in my mouth, I clenched jaws tighter and made the reverse movement, tightly hugging her mouth member.
I then looked at with interest Romance, plant matter how he baldeet from my blowjob, then translated his view of his phallus, with all the passion and tenderness caressing his lips and tongue. In between ingestion member: I spent the tongue on the lower part, from the head to the testicles, swallowing whole egg into his mouth. All this time I periodically raised his languid and tender look at the Roman eyes. And he was not seen fake fire in his eyes, he did not expect such a nice blowjob supernatural. Roman then gently put his hand on my head, lightly stroking the ears, then spread them apart, unable to think like him to behave, or stick my head on the penis, or give me control of the member. Yes, I myself felt that such a first-class blow job I'm doing for the first time.
The current situation: a pleasant evening, wine, nice and handsome guy, and a very beautiful and delicious dick - I just moved. My passion and desire to be a girl to multiply the attractiveness and charm of Roman, his courtesy, good manners and courtesy to me. I felt that the novel is about to finish.
I began to change the tempo, then accelerating, then slowing the movement of his mouth on the boy. He suddenly grabbed my head frantically, probably so I would not have pulled out (as if I had not wanted him to cum in my mouth). I head jerky movements back and forth, gently gripping jaws member, wherein when his cock was in my mouth, I will gently spent on it tongue began to stimulate its eruption. Roman groaned loudly. I moved slightly, but was still sitting on his knees, put his hands on his hips, mouth moving over his cock. I moved the mouth intense, stimulating the rapid eruption. And Roman began to shiver, I realized that he was about to finish. I pushed her mouth at the same time handle nadrachivaya his penis. And a powerful flow of sperm ... threw me in the face. The main part of the sperm hit me in the mouth, as well as on the cheeks, eyes, and hair. But what got me on the lips, I do not spit, but instead became smoktat, the taste of his sperm I liked, I began to relish even lick members of the Roma. My lips were all in the semen, but it was so delicious, I became even more sought to suck cock. I did not miss a single drop of his spermochki. I began to lick his penis, with almost everything he had finished, it was in my mouth. I really liked the taste of his sperm. I was like obsessed, how I was doing blowjob, it gave me great pleasure, I did not want to keep up with his penis. I wanted to suck it more and more.
Then Romka weariness lay on the bed with his body entirely. I'm a little recoiling from its members, I lay down beside him, put her head on his chest, and his right hand on his hip, gently massaging his groin and testicles. I kissed him on the neck, sucking his nipples. His cock was instantly excited. I was the shrimp on the edge of the bed and took a member Romka entirely in the mouth, and then, realizing that he wants me in the ass, but I and most have really wanted to experience this beautiful and beloved by my dick in his ass. Romka got up on my knees, and stood behind me, he put his hands on my hips, and they seemed to flinch before his strength. I felt his hips as a strong man seizes me. His hands gripped my hips. I'm the one hand helped send his cock into my ass. I brought it to my hole.
It remains only to let his cock. I am most relaxed. Arched back, raised his head, and ... I felt like a member of the Roman comes into my already wet ass ... I began to moan. I was very pleased, I sagged very sexy, not only to please the Roman, I was very pleased and bend under this man. I am a very impressive and sexy curved. He wags his ass on his penis, rubbing rolls of groin Romka. Change of pace, then accelerating, then slowing down, turning his head and looking at how it works Romka. I wanted to make it to the limit. And I did it! (Imagine the front of a classroom, "girl", which is very erotic writhing back, hips, pelvis everyone on your penis, which is wholly owned by the rhythm and your member).
Roman so excited by this that broke down and clutched his arms around my waist. He began intensively to stick his cock my ass. I started to moan loudly ... He started to fuck me. That is what I wanted. I led him, he could not resist my sexual caresses. It is foolhardy to compress my waist with his strong hands, quick movements began to fuck my ass. I began to moan even louder: "ah-ah-ah-ah ... how I feel good ..." The novel of this already snorted. Member so quickly moved into my hole, it was very hot, I was losing my mind, I did not even notice that finished in front of him. I did not want to stop. I put her hands on the back of the bed and moaned Romka was moving very fast, my hole pinned ... "Oh, yes! Madeleine as I feel good, I love you! "- And with these words he immediately pulled out a member of my ass and powerful flow of his spermochki hit me right between the buttocks. She ran down my crotch. When sperm touched the hole, she even felt a slight coolness. Still, after such intense sex! My holes had to be a little chill. I ran a finger along the perineum, and to collect all spermochku caressed her with a minute hole. I felt like Roman tongue touched my ass. He kissed my cheeks, and even licked my hole a couple of times - I felt so good, his tongue was so cool and gentle.
I rolled over, got up on his knees, Roman was in the same position, he hugged me tenderly hugging my back, waist and neck. I gently kissed him on the mouth, as if thanking him for such a lovely evening. I leaned my head on his shoulder. Roman hands caressed my back and neck. I hugged him. We went without breaking the embrace. And ... I think I fell asleep when Roman woke up, he smiled slightly and roll all night in memory, this magnificent night, the table was a note:
"Honey, you're already awake. Thank you for this unforgettable evening, and for this great night. You were very gallant a man, and very charming as a lover in bed. I'll be you. You gave me a lot last night. I was with you very well, easily and naturally. I was pleased to be a woman for you. I found in your room some food, I made you a sandwich, they are in the kitchen. And you can lie in bed a little bit. After last night, you proved that you are a champion!
Kiss tenderly, Madeleine. "