Intoxicated with happiness. Part 1

New Year - a holiday favorite of my family. Play fun music, whirling snow outside the window, that this time unexpected, as previous years it was warm and rainy, in the house of a joyful atmosphere. I had a wonderful mood: children running around the house with a colorful multi-colored rain in the hands of them rushed our dog, a cat lazily watched the fun by lying on the mantelpiece. The kitchen smelled of Olivier, chicken in the oven and tangerines. My husband was watching TV and sometimes mischievous look accompanied me from the bustle of the Christmas tree. This time he bought new toys, and children happy hung them on the tree. We are waiting for guests, my good friend had come with her husband very soon. I was full of anticipation, but not the holiday with children, champagne and a TV that was hidden behind the veil of children's sleep and was in the basement of our house.

From my thoughts distracted by the doorbell: Jesse came and Alan. Children and the dog ran shrieking to them. I hugged his beloved friend and winked cheerfully Alan. He told me many-valued smile.

- How are you, darling?

- In general, all is well, Amy - Jesse turned away in embarrassment

- Something is wrong? - I was worried

- Details and then tell you. - Jesse clearly gave me to understand that this conversation aside. Here husband defuse the situation.

- Come into the living room; Alan Bring things in your room.

As these people often have been, we have allocated a separate room, and they knew very well where will be located the next few days. Jesse Brad and the children went into the living room, and I went to the kitchen to check if the chicken is ready.

- Jesse, help me?

- Now ... A friend came to me.

- Well, what's your news? - My face took preoccupied look.

- Wait, I'm not sure I want anyone to speak their assumptions.

- You ofigela, you're my girlfriend !?

- I'm sorry, I'm just very insecure.

- Okay, you want - do you say ... help here.

We got out of the oven and fragrant ruddy meat, and spread on a platter.

- Children and who wants to help me bring all the dishes on the table?


The boy was always taller and stronger sister, and, despite the fact that they were twins, always overtook her at short distances.

- Mama, Mama, I'm here! - We were pricked in their breathless child

- Well, honey, Bring the dish ..

Until we set the table, men were playing pool, something animatedly talking. When everything was ready, they all sat down at the table, and went to the gala dinner.

By one o'clock I took the kids to bed, and because they are tired, sorting presents, jumping and running around the house, this case was carried out quickly. The dog stayed with them, snoring peacefully at the feet of my daughter. Pre incorporating radio nanny, I closed the door and headed for the bathroom. The door was locked, but when I tried the handle, she heard the voice of Jess - she asked me to wait a bit and opened the door after a few moments.

- So, let's start? The children are asleep ... My eyes were mischievous glint.

- Wait a minute ... Uh, I think I'm pregnant. - She whispered anxiously.

- Zai, well, do not worry, it's easy to check. - I've always had a couple of tests left. I opened my locker and got one. A few minutes later confirmed the assumption.

- Congratulations, honey! - I was so happy for her friend.

- Wow ... this is so unexpected, but today we are ...

- Tshshshsh ... I think they will do it very carefully ..

And I remembered how it was with me. Large bed, my naked body and have little visible tummy. Brad and Alan ... I sit on top of Breda, and his cock penetrated into my bosom, skillfully making his way to the most sensitive point ... My moan is muffled Alan kiss ..

- Tshshshshsh ... baby, we just started ..

- More I can not, please, faster !!

- No, dear ... Feel it all. Brad lifted me and put even more pressure on your count ...

- AAAA !!! - Cry with a groan escaped my lips ... but was replaced by a member of Alan. I licked his head, slowly introduced it in his mouth and a full-length, accelerating the pace began to suck. At this time, my husband, speeding up the pace, sharply, but gently skewer my pussy on his count, gently holding my hips. Then Alan got on his knees behind me and took the lubricant (my ass has a feature that bitch hurt badly each time, so I always keep grease from the analgesic effect); copiously lubricated anus and simultaneously kissing my neck, he slowly entered my dick in my tight hole, which, though with pain and reluctance, but succumbed to the strong masculine.

- Oooohh! - A groan of pain mixed with pleasure ... and I felt complete contentment - was planted in the 2 members simultaneously. The men gave me a few seconds to get used to covering my body with kisses. Brad surface of the fingers, my clit. And Alan was beginning to slow motion, bringing me a little pain, mixed with a wild desire. And they both skewer me on their units, I feel like they rub on a thin stenochku, bringing me to the istupleniya bliss. Faster and faster ... the abdomen is filled with all the harbinger of the explosion, the clitoris fills with blood ... increases the pace ... I feel that men accelerated their movements became harder ... there is an explosion is heard in me, and I finish with a shout . Bred by spasms pours his sperm into my womb. Alan sharply sticks his penis and pours his sperm on my back ...

- This is for you to be happy ... for a double penetration twins ..