Grandma's neighbor. Continued.

I came home, a bite and immediately fell asleep. No wonder, after what happened! I woke up at nine o'clock in the evening, and besides fuck Irina again, I do not want to. Especially my dick was ready to burst with excitement, despite the day discharge. I helped my grandmother around the house, bathed, dressed, and saying that I was going to the club, in fact, of course, went to my grandmother's neighbor.

Irina sat on the same bench where it all started. I walked over to her, sat down beside her, stroked her cheek, and not uttering not a word, we began to kiss.
- I've been waiting for you, you thought you did not come! Looking up from my lips, said Ira.
- How could I neither come all the time, I just did that, I thought of you! Then I bent down to her ear, gently bite, and whispered: I want you.
- I love you too want Ira said, and we once again entwined in a kiss. At the same time I ran my hand under her robe, under which, of course, did not have panties and began to fondle her mokrenkuyu pussy, fingering swollen clit and poking their fingers in the pussy. From this Irina arched back, her breath quickened noticeably. She undid my jeans and pulled out of them for a long time already risen, dick, and immediately planted her mouth on him. With one hand, I have also continued podrachivat Irina pussy, and another put on her head, and began to set the pace. At that moment I felt like a king. Imagine a young guy sucks a grown woman, and even sucks, and he did little fuck in the mouth. Yes plus to another, it is the teacher that everyone always think they are white and fluffy. From such a spectacle, I was about to finish, but this time I wanted to do it in the pussy. I tore Ira from her business and kissed passionately on the lips, and lifting the robe, put it on my count. She started me a ride. Her pussy spanked on my balls and ass on my stomach, how nice it was to listen to these flip flops, which are already mixed with quite a loud groan Irene. We were so passionate about our occupation, which had completely forgotten that all this was happening on the street, and any person passing by the house, we could see the glory of God, it did not happen. After seven minutes of our race, we finished at the same time. Ira leaned back at me, dropped the hem of his robe, and so we sat for another ten minutes. Just kissing and telling each other various pleasant words. At the same time, I did not come out of the womb of Irene. Then we got up and went into the house.

Ira took off her robe on the go, and wagging his ass when he reached the couch, lay on his back and spread his thighs, thereby inviting me. From this, I have already felt hot, as if I had never seen her naked for the first time to fuck her, though, is not just for today visited her. I quickly took off his clothes, freeing already standing member, and walked right up to the couch. First I would like to plant immediately Irina on the eggs, but then I remembered the smell of her cunt, the taste of her juices, and unable to restrain himself and fell down to her lips. So I caressed her somewhere twenty minutes, Ira writhed and moaned sweetly. I wanted to bring her to orgasm, it caresses your tongue, but my dick was so stressful that was, already hurt in the groin. Then, I was not thinking, I turned 180 degrees and laid down on Irina. My cock was at her face, and her pisya at my level. In short position 69. She took my boyfriend and I have continued his work. To quickly get the pleasure peak for which we caressed each other, I in addition to being licked lips sex and began at a rapid pace, hand rub the clitoris Irinin. At the same time, I moved her hips, that is, out so that no IRA made me a blowjob, I fucked her in the mouth. That slowing down, then speeding up the pace, thereby waiting for orgasm Irene, so I could finish at any time. And now, after another 15 minutes, I felt that the IRA starts to cum. Yeah, still is not used to feel, twitched it so much that I at some point, even frightened, but not for a moment let go of her hips out of his hands, and did not stop, rammed his tongue her pussy. And at the same time he began to fill in her mouth their sememes