Our Pervan night

We met by chance, but maybe not. Probably because it has pleased fate. That evening I decided to cut off her hair. Become a brunette with a penalty, and were you want to go to the bar and see me. We had known before, but have not seen each other. And here, it's like an explosion. She was born a new universe, we saw each other. You're 37 years old, you are married and have two wonderful children. And I'm 25 years old, married the son grows. But neither you nor I are happily married. And here it is. You saw not only a friend, but the woman in me. Maybe then everything began to turn between us.
The end of April was rather warm and I went in the same costume, the benefit could afford it. You're sitting with friends about something said when I came in. It is a pity that you did not see myself in that moment. You fell out of reality like, and I'm with you. I saw not only a friend, but also a man. Apparently when I realized one hundred and we all will be. There is a passion to be sex. It will be something that will burn us down. And here again we meet people and talk again about something. But none of us could not remember what we talked about.
We looked at each other do not understand why we have been so long blind. But here is the evening and it's time to go home, but that is .... I see that you do not want to let me go, and I myself do not want to leave you. What to do? Quite simply we are going to walk around Moscow. Night. Boulevard Ring. Quiet. But I'm tired and you're tired. We know what the outcome of this night. But who of us decide to offer to leave. Dropped me.
-We can go to I. If you want it.
-I yes. And you?
- And I want ... then you go ....
And here we are in one room. One of. I was shaking with passion and excitement. I do not know you, but I want to. And I can not help it, you playfully slapped me on the ass is sent to the shower, and I am ready to bed. As I washed you pour me a martini, cognac and myself. Do you take me out of the shower with a towel gently wipe the droplets of water discharged into the bed, and promised to return soon. I drink martinis and listening to the rustling of water. And I understand that all mokrenkaya you have not done anything, and I CURRENT.
But here you go. Tanned, slender despite his age you are beautiful. You come to me and tenderly kiss. Oh yeah. It's fine. Your lips are soft and gentle, they are hot and passionate. Gradually, you go down with his lips to his chest. You play with my nipples, then tickle their language, then gently bite. Your hands glide over the body falling through the crack. Palchikov you caress the clitoris and I'm going crazy with passion. I pray you, "please ... do not make me wait," but you go on this sweet torture. Now to your language Palchikov added. Oh, how sweet ....
Tongue you have me, and your fingers go down lower and lower, and here they are already at the entrance to the ass. But I'm scared, I've never tried it. But you comfort me and say that you'll be gentle and careful. Your body is already swollen and just asks me. And my girl wants to take a finger dipped in the juice of my ass and gently kneads slips inside. Oh, yes, and at this point you enter into me .... But it is so sweet it's so nice. And unusual. But then you start to move all the energetic and vigorous. It swells. You stop to rest.
And I turn you down and gets on top. Now I control the strength and depth of penetration. You like it and you're entering the second finger. I was a tidal wave. I'm screaming and squirming, I struggle in the throes of orgasm. But you're still not finished, and I will offer you what you wanted. His ass. She's a virgin and without blemish. You turn me on the belly and you put a pillow. Your penis, it's so big for me, but you're not afraid to persuade and relax. That you put his head to the door, and she suddenly slipped easily into me.
Oh yeah. I'm beginning to like this, you are gentle and careful, but I feel that you can not hold back any longer ... you end. I think this is an eternity. But you went limp. Whisper sweet words in your ear ... .. without leaving me you turn me on drums. And sweet to fall asleep, and I'm behind you.
In the dream, he fell out of me. But in the morning he is again ready for feats. I accept him, gently at first tongue on the head. Then on the bridle, and finally I swallow it whole. It is hot and sweet. You whisper something in his sleep. Your hands glide over my body, gently kneaded his chest, caressing her nipples. And you wake up, you put your hands on my head and set the rhythm, it turns me on even more. It swells, it begins to pulsate and this jet pierces through me. I drink your nectar to the bottom and it is sweet as chocolate and exhilarating, like a cup of coffee. Are you awake. And what will happen next no one has yet znae