The story of my girl

This story will be printed in full and told my girlfriend Lika. All of her stories, and mine, too, is the full truth (probably why they are not as long).

Hello! I am a girl Andrew. He has an older sister (which he mentioned in the story) and younger. And I have only an older brother who is 6 years older than me. He was handsome, tall (it's in our genes). He always met with the same girl, but he had it never had sex. My brother's name is Maxim way.

My room was in the corner of the room next Maxima. Parents left for two weeks and instructed me Maxim. He certainly said it would be great to follow me. Days went well. One night I could not sleep and decided to visit Max. I went into his room, but he did not see me. What I saw amazed me. Max sat on a chair in front of computer. His cock stood up and he pulled it out of shorts and jerked off. And the monitor could see a naked girl, she masturbated. That brother of pussy flowed sperm, then I do not know. The next evening, I decided to also try, as my aunt in porn. I sat down, took off her panties and began awkwardly massaging pussy. And suddenly the room went ... Maxim, but I also have not noticed. He crept up from behind and put his hands on my shoulders. Then one of his hands down on my pussy (on May bastard !!!) and he himself became her masturbate.

Maxim: No, no. It should not, and that's it.

He again ironed my pussy. Then he called me on the bed. We have laid down. He did not release his hand from my recording. Puss became wet. I was very pleased. Then he took my hand and placed it on his risen member. It was nice and firm. I stroked and stroked. Until then he did not say, so I turned around. He got on top and began to stroke his cock my pussy. And so he began to gradually insert your dick into my pussy. That's how I lost my virginity. But the truth is, when the blood flowed from my recording, I thought it was a monthly and not scared.

All the while !!!