The incarnation of reality

I'll start with the fact that as a child I was often mistaken for a girl because of the great gray-green eyes, long eyelashes and full lips. Since the beginning of puberty, and went to the growth of hair under the arms, on the legs and in the groin, I did not like and irritated. Therefore, even in adolescence, I tried to constantly monitor the body and shaved hair. Of course, I was drawn to the girls, but most of all I liked "play" with myself. The fact that I have beautiful legs, and from looking at them in the mirror I'm very excited. House, when there were no parents, I smeared the whole body cream, my mother wore a swimsuit, socks, shoes, lipstick, eyelashes and long spun near the mirror. Then, aroused to the limit, and dancing to the music, I jerked off myself in the mirror. I loved it and I literally went crazy ....
As the years passed, there was a wealth of sexual experiences with women, but secret desires still excited the imagination. Being married, I went home to change clothes in a woman, when no one was there. With pleasure, anointing the whole body cream Baby Oil, I deliberately wore black LYCRA stockings on elastics, shoes wife's high heels, lace panties shorts so that my sexual rolls are peeping, wore a bra kakoy-nibud top and proceeded to make-up . Near the mirror, I was a long time since He studied apply makeup correctly. Fortunately, my wife a large selection of expensive cosmetics. Because eye color me more goes korichnevy color of shadows and lipsticks. Imposing elaborate shadow, pointing arrow, I proceeded to the lashes. They and so thick and long, and when they make up, the volume is doubled. Then I dealt a little bit of foundation, blush tint and carefully powdered face. Approaching the mirror, he looked at me very sexy tlochka that I wanted to fuck. Pin emphasized the harmony of legs and figurines. Though I and 30, but the figure of more female than male. The sleek tummy, waist and sloping shoulders. From the body of the oil still shiny and very exciting. So, long before the mirror, I spun in different poses to the music and brought themselves to the limit. After pulling off a little shorts, he sat on a chair, lifted up legs in stockings and introduced alternately one, then two and then three fingers into the anus. The pace gradually quickened, looking in the mirror, as in pink wet hole goes completely three fingers. The culmination was the moment, as I stood in the back of the knees and prognuv, I imagined that I fucks mature man. At the same time I nadrachival currently rocking to the beat of a member. Conchal his hand and immediately drank all the sperm. I like to drink sperm. Then I looked at myself in the mirror and saw ottrahanuyu bitch with traces of semen on the tongue, lips and chin. I became uneasy because I have such inclinations with all my well-being and prosperity.
Thoughts about sex with one or two adult men over forty, I did not leave to one tucked case. I work as a top manager in a successful company. The building where our offices - administrative and on the floors there are still many different organizations. In one of these organizations work my friend. He was in his forties, but we often communicate together and drink on holidays and without. Every Friday we have a tradition to celebrate the end of the working week. So, once in a conversation, after another bottle of vodka, I began to hint to him that life is one, and want to try a lot and gently began to sum up the theme of transsexuals. The discussion dragged on, but I realized that he, drunk anyway, if the boy-girl is sweetly, then he can, and have sinned ... After that, I did not leave the idea that he took possession of me. As time went on. Life, work. As usual the Friday sittings. So, in February this year, after spending the whole night in the insomnia of his fantasies, I decided.
During the day, during the lunch break, I went home. Well, the house is 15 minutes away by car. Once home (his wife at work, the child is at school) I made myself an enema. It resulted in the order of the nails on the hands and feet by painting them with varnish. Shaved body and its well-rosettes, I began to collect the necessary accessories in the bag. Took all the same black fishnet shorts, LYCRA stockings flesh-colored, beautiful black bra, leather mini skirt MANGO with zippers on the sides and a short black sweater knitted rough (in my opinion, too, MANGO, the wife of a bunch of expensive belongings). Throw in a bag hidden black velvet stilettos that through familiar girlfriend crook bought an expensive product, because I 42nd size shoes wife with her 39th me, to put it mildly, presses. I chose the right lipstick, mascara, etc. and I was about to leave when he remembered that he forgot to take the wig. In the wardrobe of his wife's 4-D wig, but I'm talking more than just black "square". Because she wears them very rarely, the percentage to be exposed I was minimal. Arriving at work, I started to constantly look at the clock. 17:00 Time passed very slowly ...
But that's all. The working week is over. Passing through the corridor to the Vital (the name of my friend), we quickly began to discuss what will take. Citing poor health, I identified myself champagne and chocolates. Vitaly, as usual, a couple of bottles of vodka and zhrachku. Sent by courier, we collapsed on the couch in the conference room and smoked. Courier brought everything quickly and, realizing what he should have nothing else went home. We were drinking and chatting about this and that. Suddenly a knock at the door. Who else brought there? And it brought Andrey Pavlovich. Andrey Pavlovich worked with Vitali and was deputy marketing department. Damn, the situation is complicated because the Andrey Pavlovich because of his physique drank nemerenno. Having brought a couple of bottles and zakuson with him, he, as I understand it, is placed a long drink. After a couple of hours of drinking, drinking a little more than half a bottle of champagne, I realized that I will have to resolve a situation.
- Want a surprise? - I asked already fairly tipsy colleagues.
- In the sense of? What more surprise? You drove heifers? - With a twinkle in his eyes he asked Andrey Pavlovich.
- No. Just I argued with one on a good amount that can change into a calf, and I have no one finds out. But you, as my colleagues have to help. Dibs on three ...- I lied.
- And what to do? - I said Vitaly wondering.
- Yes, in principle, nothing. Take pictures a bit and continue to drink - I quipped and quickly went to the office for my gear and a digital camera.
Returning back, I saw that colleagues continue something his bet without paying any attention to me.
I went into another room, shut the door on the inside of the key and began to dress. Put on shorts, pulled them higher, to slices ass fell out, buckled member, put the chain on his ankles, pulled on stockings, skirt unzipped halfway to be seen and stockings and body. He put on a bra and realized that he had forgotten to take condoms with water, but it was too late. Shod shoes. Wow! Yes, there is a stud 10 cm. Several uncomfortable, but nothing, not cross because the run. Then I put on a sweater and began to paint. Brown lipstick gloss cast tonaki, blush. He imposes a brown shade, almost summed up the arrow and struck expensive mascara to the eyelashes. He wore a wig and walked away from the mirror. God, do I like this so much, whether it was really so, but the light bulbs at me looked appetizing slut with perfect legs in stockings of corporal and round ass. I was shaking with excitement and emotions from their reaction to it. Powdered face and a snub nose, I went into the conference room. The boys froze my slack-jawed. It seemed that all the hops went off at the same moment. I began to feel uncomfortable, her hands began to sweat, and I realized ... that it is necessary to take into their own hands. As if nothing had happened, I went to the table, silently drank a glass of champagne, he gave Vitaly camera and sat opposite on a leather sofa.
- Well, that stare? Take photos faster, and I somehow awkward feel. Faster would change - slukavil I pointedly laid his legs.
Andrey Pavlovich frantically lit and vpyalilsya in his glasses at me.
- How to photograph? - I said Vitaly ofigevshy.
I crossed her legs to the other side, slightly arched back. Then we go ... I tried different poluotkrovennye and candid poses, the skirt accidentally DELAY, then get up on the couch in the knee-elbow position with clearly protruding ass, then I turn around to his back. And Vitaly still filming and had already begun to suggest, as the leg to put as back bend. In the end, I hinted that it had enough and asked for my camera down to see how things turned out. It turned out, as it turned out, not bad. Getting up from the couch and making it clear that happy with the result and the win in the bag, I went to the table and sat down in his place. He poured himself a glass I drank in silence, saying that champagne was over, all thanks, bye. Vitaly somewhere just left, saying nothing over, and he asked me not to leave yet. Andrey Pavlovich has lit a cigarette which in a row and became close to me all considered.
- And you did ... Good tlochka ... It is a pity that it is not true ... - Lingering, he said.
- And what should be real? So, where now I get it? Previously, it was necessary. Okay, it is necessary to change .. - I drawled.
- Yes, stop! - Andrey Pavlovich grabbed my arm.
My body was still feverish. Legs trembling. He pulled me over and sat on his lap. My thighs were bare above the stockings, and he began to stroke uncertainly my feet. The hand slowly stroked and examined calves and knees crept under her skirt. I started breathing heavily and looking at him. He's my eyes did not look, but only higher and higher crawled under her skirt and has reached the panties, but then went Vitali with two bottles of champagne and even a bottle of vodka.
- ABOUT! Yes, you do not lose time here! - He blurted out, closing the door with a key.
I immediately got up and walked away.
- Yes, okay, sit down, - he said Vitaly came to the table.
He quickly opened the bottle and poured me a glass. Flood Statement and Andrey Pavlovich hundred vodka, offered a toast to the successful metamorphosis of life. We smile and drank. Then Vitali took me by the elbow and led to the couch. I was deliberately wiggling her hips to Andrey Pavlovich has seen better roundness of my forms. The peasants something already pretty drunk, I thought. Vitali sat me down on the sofa and sat down beside him. He hugged me by the shoulders, heavy breathing fumes into my face, whispered:
- Show me what you can ... More
And climbed tongue in my mouth. I did not resist. Yielding to forward to it, we began to kiss passionately. I could feel the heat coming from it, and knew that he liked me. Vitaly started to touch me all. His hand lifted my skirt and began to squeeze rolls. I turned over sideways to Andrey Pavlovich, so that he could watch the best of my thighs and ass. Then I slowly began to unbutton his pants and belt Vitali. Climbing into his intimate place, I discovered that a fighter breaks out of the heats. Pulling down the panties, I began to drive his hand on the trunk of Vitali member. Corner of my eye I saw that Andrey Pavlovich smokes nervously and rubbing his hump on the pants. Oh, you pervert! All you just pussy on the fall of morals, and as soon as an opportunity - to the same. Thrusting Vitaly hand, I dropped her face to his cock. God, I've never done it, but the desire was overwhelming. A member of his pulsing head covered in grease. Silently I take in your mouth and close my eyes in pleasure. God, what he's hot ... My saliva mixed with his grease do trunk slippery. I suck, smacking and sucking deeper and deeper member Vitaly. A member of his large and difficult to put into his mouth, but I'm not holding back. Massaging his testicles. Vitaly starts panting and moaning. Askew see that Andrey Pavlovich has unbuttoned his pants and did rides his horse. Hmm, an instrument he is smaller and thinner than Vitali. I close my eyes and accelerate. Vitaly starts to help, pressing his hand on my head. After a time I decide to change the posture. Not letting a member out of his mouth, I go down on my knees on the floor, sticking out his ass towards Andrei Pavlovich. Mouth of Vitaly penis size starts to hurt. I slow down the pace. Suddenly I hear back some commotion. I raise my eyes and see that the eyes of Vitali makes some signs in the direction of Andrei Pavlovich. Op, I feel that the zipper on her skirt unbuttoned to the end and my skirt Zadran, exposing ass in lacy shorts. I pretend that nothing is happening, and I continue to suck, not removing a member Vitaly. Andrei Pavlovich, prankster, a member begins to crawl on my thighs in stockings and grope my ass. I moaned softly and sticking out your ass, most having caved.
Andrey Pavlovich begins to pull shorts to my knees ... Oh, my dick is a stake and it prevents him to do ... Well, everything took off. What is he doing? Asshole, it is necessary, first moisten ... His cock was trying to break into my virgin hole, but nothing happens. I protrude member Vitaly mouth, spit on his fingers and toes start to otmanikyurennymi lubricate the hole itself. Vitaly started his cock in my mouth again, and I feel that I was a fucked in the mouth. Andrey Pavlovich realized what was happening, took my hand and started to penetrate me with his finger. I am uncomfortable, I can not place the legs - shorts in the way. And he did not let up, spits, and has already entered two fingers. At this point, Vitaly groaned ends up in my mouth. The devil, the sperm shoots very deeply, and I almost choked. Swallowing of the death of, I understand that the taste is different from mine - a cloying. Member protrudes from his mouth and lick it with his tongue. Cum flowing on my chin. I wipe it again a member and start to suck. Drooling with the remnants of sperm are drawn out of my mouth.
"It looks very sexy"- I said about myself.
I am learning an instrument closer to Vitaly. Impressive. Large, 15 cm ... to raise my eyes and watch Vitali from under the bangs. A fine stallion. He smiles at me and trying to get up. I pull away and offer to Andrei Pavlovich change posture. He nods to me, podrachivaya his penis. I sit down on the sofa for the next person who wants to. Andrey Pavlovich throws me to the back of the sofa, takes off shorts and lifts my legs up. Wow, how things are going! ... I look at Vitali. He catches my eye as he poured himself a glass of vodka and says Pavlovich:
- Pavlovich, and Come ask a slut this hot weather! Suction makes it exceptional. Let us now see how it is hollowed! ...
Andrey Pavlovich masturbate a little, he begins to penetrate a member in me. Oh my God! I feel within yourself is what all life dreamed of !!! Member penetrates slowly. My legs battened down to the shoulders. I was strong winds. All. Has entered. Andrey Pavlovich begins gently to do translational motion returnable. He asks me if I hurt. I turn my head and rolls her eyes. Covering his penis with one hand, I second hand leaning on the sofa, I start slowly podmahivat. Stone spontaneously breaks out of me. I'm cool. I fuck. Andrey Pavlovich begins to accelerate. Podmahivat stronger. I began to moan and a snack from the pain and the buzz her full lips. I look in his eyes Pavlovich. He, like a male puffs and throws in my direction obscenity ....
- Oh, you bitch! Oh, you little slut! Now fuck you uncle. Now you poimeyut as litter, as the last whore!
I see that it gets it, and start podmahivat stronger and stronger. Sofa Hodor walks. I am broken on cry. I looked distracted look at Vitali. He is sitting and fingering. I want to suck again. I want lots and lots of members ... I understand that the reason I now have to leave .... I looked at the clock. Pavlovich fucks me for 10 minutes. I'm hot .... very hot. Anus squelching ... Out of the mouth of Andrei Pavlovich pulled out a roar. I understand that it will not have time to pull out his dick, but his hands trying to pull away. Part of the sperm stays inside, part fills my razdolblennuyu hole outside. God, what a thrill. Andrey Pavlovich wipes member of my thighs and departs. I have some more time lying and no power to move. The legs were shaking from the strain. From holes I feel like coming out sperm. I close my eyes. Class! I was raped. I like it. I get up. I pull down her skirt. The men drank in silence vodyaru and not taking his eyes off me. I am leaving in the next room.
I look in the mirror. God, what am I damn. Thighs, slender legs on my sperm flows. Chin pulled together slightly dried up sperm Vitali. Navozhu makeup. Podpudrivayus. Corrects wig, stockings. I go out. I try to be calm and confident. I went over to the table and sat down, crossing his legs. My boys offer a toast to me. Flirty agree. Drinking. Vitaly sits closer and begins to climb again, kissing and groping. I gut-wrenching. Zhemannichayu. I smoke. I do a few deep whiffs. Good. Led a little.
- Want more? - I ask.
Vitaly, how savage continues to pester me. But I do not need this. I want to bring them both to the critical point. I finish with champagne throat. I get up and go to the couch. I lay down and I start with a "play"As it constantly do at home. All stroke itself. And only then I noticed that from the computer speakers sounds Arabic music. In my opinion, Didyulya. Exactly. I began to stroke himself. Legs, thighs, buttocks. All in languor squirm. Unzips the skirt. I begin to drive a finger on the anus. Gradually I begin to masturbate. I moan. I looked at the peasants. Those in shock. I lick the neck of the bottle and put to the hole. I am trying to enter. It is difficult, but gives in. Stoney. Sosa turns thumbs. I keep an eye on the boys. From time to time I close my eyes in the languor. The neck has become. All writhing ... lost in time ... I look at the clock ... Damn, already after ten ... I hear they both get up and go to me. We could not resist.
Vitaly removes my hand from the bottle and starts repeating this himself. Andrey Pavlovich down his penis to face me. In time with the music, shaking ass, I start sucking dick in Palycha. It lasted a long time. Bottle on a half neck did not want to go, as he tried Vitali. We see it bothered him, and he pulled it out of my hole. Putting me on the couch with cancer, Vitaly unceremoniously began to drive his big cock in my ass is well developed. There was no pain. There was only the heat inside. Andrey Pavlovich fucked me in the mouth. Time lost count.
Colleagues were pretty drunk and did not intend to finish. I would like, podmahivala, podmahivala so that member Vitaly flew out a few times, but then found himself without much trouble inside. My ass was covered in grease, and constantly heard the sniffles. Andrey Pavlovich dirty foul language from time to time putting out a member of my mouth, and I beat him in the face. For a member of drool stretched and grease. A member was covered in glitter and lipstick. I moaned and agree that "whore, litter, whore, dirty cheap whore". And Andrey Pavlovich still persisted and asked to repeat it ... In the end, Pavlovich finished on my face and bang. Sperm flowed me in the face, I moaned and beat her ass to the beat of the stomach Vitali when he drives the me his penis. Through time, Vitaly turned me to her, put her back on the sofa, put his feet to face and I began to have me in this position. I'm tired podmahivat and she could barely audible moan.
In the eyes swam circles. Very tired, I began to masturbate himself, to somehow speed up the process. We see this more excited Vitali, because we finished almost simultaneously. Vitali sat on the couch and passed out. Andrey Pavlovich also peacefully nozzles on the other side of the sofa. All semen on bent legs, I went into the room where my things are. Wiping his face, thighs and ass wipes, I started to change.
I looked at the clock. Wow! 2:40. And I came to them in about eight. Nice amused. And what to say of the house. After all, sober as glass. I have to say was a business trip for a fixed. Mobile I had already disabled. What happened next? Interest Ask. March I had fun.
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