WoW Contrary curse

Natasha was sitting in the dining room of the Guild and sadly recalled the strong arms of her husband remained in the other world. Since it is the will of the incomprehensible event transpired in a world very similar to the game Worldofwarcraft, she constantly thought of his favorite abandoned somewhere. She's incredibly strong like a man, but not just any. With such problems were not. Blood Elf, and even magessa. Either the local hero would consider it an honor to become related with it. And given her beauty and sex appeal to her partner, it would be even happiness. But she loved only one person. The one who was now not with her. And he jerked as it is not clear who carried away "BOB" oh. Himself transfer it almost did not remember. Just flash before my eyes and now she is in a round room, with the chair and tables around. Then it turned out that she is now migrant. There were tests to own than ever, and the result - Arcane. Now she could beat the entire detachments of enemies with his "magic arrows" and "Grad". Often, she splashed her unrealized sexual energy in their manna then spells have a truly devastating. The history of the settlers, she learned quickly. It turns out that in this world, it was not the only migrant, but one of the few owning magic. Usually the aliens from Earth became knights, paladins, shamans, and even arrows. A particularly believers became priests. All skills, depending on the strength, agility, and even belief in a god or gods worked fine. And the magicians among the newcomers were a rarity. Therefore, it is not the first jammed grooms from the same persons. However, the love for her husband was considerably stronger than their persuasion. When it tried to catch and rape ... In the morning, this place found only withered body pierced by hundreds of "arrows" and "hail". Since then, Natasha passed it by. She escaped masturbation and girls. I had to be bisexual and have fun with one of the dark elves, paladin. And then another, and the draenei robber. The girls now often visited her, but still - still she would present her husband's penis. The room tsokaya hooves, Alik ran, followed by marching sedately walked Eleniel. Natasha called her just Eley, and it looks like this Ale already used. In any case, no discontent no longer expressed.
- Natasha, we go to Dong Morgue. Are you with us? - Asked Ale
- Of course. Better than here on the wall of boredom climb. True dwarves me again try to make a drunkard. Especially Gudrob - Natasha said with a wry grin. Gudrob drunkard tried it more than once, of course, with an eye to drag into bed. But Natasha was immune to alcohol. It seemed that many do not drink, not even being drunk per gram. And these are the three girlfriends went to the Dwarven region Dun-Morgue, where foothill shorties once again erupted into civil war.

The night was dark and cloudy. Natasha, defended his watch went to bed. Sleep came quickly. She dreamed of her beloved husband. He gently kissed her whole body. At first his lips walked Natasha's face, then went down on his neck and shoulders. Then he sucked alternately left and right nipples. Kiss on the stomach caused her to tense up. She was too excited. I tried to give up a dream and start to masturbate, but he did not let her do it, and he dove to her flowing cave. His long tongue stuck in her pussy. Natasha drawl sighed and hugged the glory of his head. But he began to lick her lips stronger and attack the cat tongue. But then Natasha realized that this was not a dream. She obviously hugged someone's head and someone was licking her pussy. Very awoke she sat up on the bed. Her left hand rested on his head ... a big black wolf. Wolf did not stop their activities and a delight magesse. Unable to hold back any longer Natasha moaned drawl. Orgasm lasted quite a decent time. Natasha lost track of minutes. When she woke up the wolf stood over her. His cock almost touching the lips of Natasha. Unable to tolerate such abuse of a Natasha threw a blow in the stomach of a wolf. With her right hand broke down "magic arrows" and at high speed flew into a wolf.

Dodge them was impossible, but the wolf and did not dodge. His eyes sparkled and "antimagic field" enveloped him. All the shells coming into contact with the field just disappeared. Here Natasha felt fear. "Antimagichesikm field" possessed only powerful mages Nature and Astral. This meant that now she has a very strong opponent. Although ... He did not kill her in her sleep. But watch him could not see or could? Then watch, or rather dead hour. Natasha mentally reached for Alyx. She slept peacefully. So much for the experienced robber, ready to any difficulties in the campaign. But, oddly, no one else except the wolf did not feel close. This meant that it was not a wolf, and the magician Changeling. One of the branches of the magicians of life and nature. Natasha just could not hold back tears. Are all these three years she lived to die here and now. From canines unknown changeling? Meanwhile, the wolf came to Natasha and licked her face. It was so unexpected that even Natasha stopped crying. She looked into his eyes and saw the wolf wise gaze directed at her. Wolf opened his mouth and out with barking sounds flowed human speech
- Do not cry, kitten, I'm close and I love you still - the wolf said. Natasha seemed to hit on the head with a cudgel. "Kitten", so called her only to her husband. But because he ... Is he here? Had they would be together again? Natasha could not believe his luck. The wolf, in the meantime, laid his head on her lap. Wave transformation momentarily enveloped him and left a good man. Togo whose appearance gave Natasha a rest the last three years. She loved her husband, its Slavushku. Unable to cope with the excitement she roared again. Thank hugged her and stroked her back began to calm. But hysteria is not passed, and he just gagged her with a kiss. Natasha was in seventh heaven of happiness and bliss. Quickly jumping she took off her dress and was only in underwear, stockings and gloves. Mig and underwear flew aside. Glory was overturned on his back, and Natasha astride him, has introduced a long-awaited and favorite cock in her pussy. Several movements and shook her orgasm. Here already and Slava came around and embraced gently laid her on her back. And then he entered her again and became strong blows will drive his "hero" in the cave of his beloved wife, for which he went much further than the end of the world. After a few minutes of fame watered Natasha womb with his hot sperm. Kissed her, he said: "You can not imagine how happy I am. If not for the curse ... "Natasha looked at him.
- What curse? - She asked - I do not see any trace of the curse in your aura
- It is impossible to see. It is not imposed on me but on all nations of the worgen. - Said Slava, and then answer the unasked question said - Yes, I worgen. But then you were a man, and here the blood elf ... Thank stopped because the soft lips of his wife gagged his mouth. Natasha got "cancer" and said: "Slavushka, do what I dream for three years" "Three years - Slava hemmed by introducing a member in the ass wife - I'm about fifteen years of dreaming." And then it was not up to talking. Finally awakened and El Alik, vengeance caressed each other, looking at the act of love, and the merger of two halves. But the body of Glory features again distorted and dotrahival Natasha has black wolf. Sensing the change member in the ass, Natasha pulled him and knocking the wolf to the ground, her arms around his lips a member. Glory is no longer held back and began to finish. Natasha sucked enthusiastically and eagerly swallowing cum and sucking the last drops of her beloved husband. Then she rose, beautiful and desirable, reached out and said: "I hope you'll never leave me?" "No," - barked the wolf. Natasha continued: "A curse ... Let remains. It is so nice to fuck with the wolf, especially knowing that this is your husband "