All my sex one day. September 1, 2008

Readers may recall that I promised to tell you about the three days of sex, which fall during the first half of September. I have received many letters with different dates. Many people have asked - why is this gap? To satisfy their curiosity to say that during this period I had a birthday party and I are 18 years old with all its consequences. However, this date no one has called. It was named the date of 1, 2 and 7 September. In this story, I will briefly describe the first of September.
8.00 - woke up from what was in my pussy dick. Brother fucked me sleepy, lying on its side. I cum in pussy.
8.45 - Igor came, each brother. And I sucked him. I cum in pussy. After that, he and his brother left.
9.30 - Anton came for me and took me out of town, where I met 17 people guys from my former class. I fuck with all the guys to 20.00.
Pose, in which I fucked during this time, and the number of guys to fuck me:
- I suck, kneeling in turn to all the guys. Come On Face.
- I was put in a circle after the group blowjob and pissing me all over the face and body, washing away the semen.
- two guys fucked in the pussy at the same time.
- two of them made a blowjob and gave one in the ass.
- I gave in the ass and pussy at the same time.
- I fucked in the pussy, leaning against the wall at turn 5 guys.
- 9 people at a time Ssali my mouth. I was forced to drink all.
- I put the cancer and otebal all 17 guys at a time in the ass.
- We collected sperm arising from the priests in the cup, and ordered a drink.
- I fucked the throat 4 guy ended up on the hair.
- I fucked 3 guys at the same time: in the pussy, ass and mouth. When someone came, he took his place next
- I was crawling on the floor from a guy to a guy. It sucks all the 17 members. We finish in the mouth.
- me pissing all 17 guys.
All these guys filmed on video.
20.15 - brought me home, where I immediately made a blowjob to his brother.
21.00 - until I washed in the bathroom, went brother and otebal in the ass.
23.00 - I went to bed to his brother, and we fucked for an hour. During this time he fucked my pussy and throat. Both times finished on the face.
00.15 - I went to bed. Sperm I was not allowed to wash up in the morning.