Marina is going on a date

For some time now, Nina noticed that her older sister, Marina has become a strange. She found out that Marina found Vasya from next door. At first, this was preceded by numerous of dating beauty treatments before a mirror, ordinary girls, but recently has become a Marina before a date to spend much more time in the bathroom than in front of a mirror. Nina noticed that before you go to the bathroom, Marina takes with him a sack of red rubber with a long hose ending in a white plastic tip. The same tip was on the rubber bulb, which my mother once did Nina enema itself. To the question "what is it?", Addressed to Marina, she answered "none of your business" or something like that. Nina decided that this subject is forbidden character, but she did not fit in my head that Marina makes herself an enema. Despite her young age, Nina knew what sex was, but had no idea what to sex may need an enema.
Somehow, looking at the bathroom door, Nina saw the gap between the boards, and decided that it can be adapted for spying for my sister. With the help of a nail found Nina to pick open a hole in which it was possible to observe a large part of the bathroom.
When Marina in preparation for the next meeting, went to the bathroom, with a mug Esmarch in hand, everything was ready. As soon as her sister slammed the door and the bolt clicked, Nina crept barefoot to her cunt and clung to her eye.
Marina has already filled the red rubber bag with water from the tap. When the bag side swollen, she hung it to the bar for shower curtains, and then lowered into the bath tube, and wait for the smooth trickle of water, closed a little tap. Taking out a jar of Vaseline, Marina lubricated tip and put the hose on the edge of the tub. Remembering how my mother prepared herself an enema formulation, Nina felt very excited, her heart pounding at high speeds. Meanwhile, Marina took off her robe, took off her panties and sat on the toilet, it is out of sight. By the sounds of Nina realized that Marina wrote. Empty the bladder, the girl got up and flushed the toilet. Reappeared in sight of Nina, Marina took off her bra, scored on a finger of the Vaseline jar and a little bent forward, began to lubricate the anus itself. However, she stood with her back to the door, and Nina saw almost entirely her crotch. Lubricate properly she took the hose with a tip, and bending more habitual movement, brought him into his anus. By opening the tap on the hose, she slowly sank to the knees almost touching the floor and began to breast-mouth breathing noisy, drowning out the rumbling of water coming into her gut.
From where Nina saw that side rubber clubs were gradually fall off. Marina sometimes turned his head to see how much water is left. When the bag is almost empty, she reached out, closed the tap and pulled out the tip of the ass. Getting up from the floor, Marina put on the tip edge of the sink and looked at his belly, which is slightly increased. It's a bit like near a bathtub, then she sat down on a box and began to massage the lower abdomen, periodically reducing and pushing the hips. According to her breathing and moans Nina realized that Marina is experiencing a strong pleasure, such as that obtained by masturbation. Marina, meanwhile, uttered a faint cry, no longer move his legs and sat on the toilet.
Nina looked up from the slot and hurried to his room, thinking that will not see anything more interesting. A few minutes later, he heard the noise of flushing water in the toilet, then Nina heard her sister takes a shower. Marina soon slipped out of the bathroom and slipped into his room. From there, she went dressed as always in a short skirt and orange topic. Her stomach seemed to be perfectly flat. Throwing a quick reference about the behavior of her sister in her absence Marina slammed the door.
Listen to subside and the steps, trying to stop shaking hands, Nina went into his sister's room and began to methodically search for red bag enema. Judging by the usual length of visits, Nina had enough time to experience the sensations delivered by enema. Enema device to find a chest of drawers, wrapped in newspaper. Inside the circle was a bit damp, the tip was washed thoroughly. Nina carefully bundle and laid all on the floor. Move the tap, she decided that she will cope. Taking the cup, Nina went into the bathroom. Vaseline was in the locker, where it just took Marina. Imitating his sister, Nina mug filled with water and hung to the bar. Fearing for his intestines, she poured a little water, and the circle did not look so great. Opening the tap, Nina swung a little water and smear Vaseline tip. She put it on the edge of the tub, the girl lifted her skirt, removed her panties and began to gently lubricate your anus. Wiped off the fingers of Vaseline, Nina took the tip, and, stooping, he began to push it into your anus. Sensations from the introduction of the tip did not seem to her some special, she knew slightly rotate the tip, and soon he came into her ass up to the end. Nina opened the tap and felt the cold coming from the water. It seemed to her that her abdomen spilled a cool river, nice a cooling abdomen. Given the hot weather it was extremely nice. After looking at the mug, Nina discovered with surprise that the water was over. Closing the tap, she decided that for the first time, perhaps, will suffice. Pulling the tip and wiped his napkin, Nina poured the remains of the water and it was decided to wipe the inside of the cup, but suddenly her stomach started cramping. Realizing that she did not suffer long, the girl sat on the toilet, and released a jet of water. Empty the bowel, she remembered that Marina, holding an enema, massaging his stomach.
Having decided to try it, she refilled the cup and inserting the tip into the ass, opened the tap. Pouring the contents of a mug, Nina pulled the tip, put it in a bath of water to flow out and sat on the toilet, began to massage the abdomen itself, imitating Marina. Gradually, her hands sank lower and lower, until it got to the clitoris. After a few minutes of intense rubbing it experienced rapid orgasm. Having satisfied himself, Nina released into the toilet water jet together with a lot of feces. Squeeze the last trickles, she washed himself anus and began to destroy the traces of their fun: washed and wiped the inside of the cup, washed and wiped the tip of the napkin, turned the entire device, again he wrapped it in newspaper and put in its place. Soon after, Nina was able to buy the device for themselves enema and began regularly to make yourself an enema, which received a lot of fun; however, that's another story.
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