Alice blissfully stretched out on the couch. Finally, the move ended. Repair, and then placement of furniture and cleaning, day by day dirt and chalk: all that is left behind. Today she woke up early, had breakfast and mechanically washed, and then sat down with a work that certainly namusoryat and after their departure will again gather lumps of plaster and the rest of the dirt that certainly settles around. But the workers did not appear. Alice was waiting for them half asleep, sitting in the soft leather chair and then suddenly came to her that:
- They sewed, and no more will come - she happily exclaimed to herself and rather smiled.
All day she was arranging all kinds of vases and other souvenirs that navezla of a plurality of travel. Only twice she was detached from his work, the first time for lunch, the second on the doorbell.
- Liska - shouted from the doorway and ran to hug her neighbor, friend, and, once, the mistress Mila - well, what? Ordeal ended?
- Yes. Come, - Alice smiled, closing the door behind her friend.
They had not seen for more than two months, Mila went to the resort with her boyfriend glory. Frankly, even a little jealous of Alice Mielke, because they were the same age, both nineteen, and has already found a friend of a wealthy businessman. A young, muscular, but not pumped, but in addition more and excellent sense of humor. And while Alice herself was from a wealthy family, which could allow her daughter to live in a separate two-bedroom apartment, she still wanted to be confident in the future. And do not count with the parents.
Alice unbearably wanted to find her prince. Preferably on a white horse, the German-made, independent and successful, for example, such as Stanislav. Milk is still more a desire to inflame it, talking about the inflexible firmness of her boyfriend. Especially since all of the same friend Alice had heard stories of the most outspoken about the life of a young couple a bed and impressive dimensions Slavin dignity, songs of praise that flowed from Milcah, in abundance.
- Well, show me, - said the guest, rushing pripryzhku in the rooms - well, you still grow roots and grow roots - she commented on his research ALISIN apartments.
- Moscow was not built, - joked the girl.
- Listen, what are you going to do tonight?
- I do not know - Alice thought - probably make out some boxes and go to bed.
- So I do not wonder - frowned Milka, - come to me today .... Slavik away on business of the company, and I want human warmth and affection - she clearly winked.
- Well, you give - Alice was genuinely surprised - you just kind of insatiable, and he stopped to meet you?
- Not-e, satisfies, yet how, but it is one thing, but you is quite another, with each of you this in different ways, and both are very good, you come?
Alice thought. Not later than a few months ago, they decided to end their lesbian relationship. More precisely Mila suggested that in her life there was a guy. Alice is left alone. Of course during that time she had a couple of guys, and even the other girl, but it was all wrong. Milka was for her one and only. Perhaps because it was she who had her first sexual partner, perhaps for some other reason.
- Well, so - impatient guest poking around the door jamb finger that betrayed her excitement.
- Perhaps I shall come, - said Alice hesitantly, - let's see how the rest of the boxes with the analysis.
- No, - Milka felt that Alice doubts and decided to put the squeeze on her friend - say "yes."
- Mila ...
- Yes, Mila - prompted a response guest.
Alice nodded reluctantly. Milk was also active during the time that they were together, Alice realized that it is useless to argue with. Moreover, to argue that the girl did not want to.
- Yes, Mila, - he said Alice smiled and hunted.
- Well done, - said Milka and was carried away as quickly as it had appeared.
In the evening, Alice went to a neighbor in a dressing gown and slippers, the benefit they lived on the same staircase. Reasoning that time the meeting will not be complete without alcohol, she picked up a bottle of good red wine. Bell sang a funny trill and a few seconds later Milka has invited Alice sweeping gesture to him. Her dark red hair barely touching the bare shoulders, but pristine beauty of the body not covered with no clothes beckoning.
Alice trembled as the first time and entered.
They sat on the sofa, talking, drinking wine, and then, just be drunk, started kissing. Soft, not the lush, but they are not less desirable lips girlfriend Alice rocked in the brain memories of the time they once spent together and she began to be excited. Light touch of sweet lips forced the girl to tremble with excitement, and the first normal kiss broke all boundaries, as has happened more than once.
Their lips have merged in a long passionate kiss, and Alice's hands dropped to a small but very beautiful breasts girlfriend, Milka is not philosophizing especially immediately began to pull at the clitoris, and his Alice. Lips girls separated and both sighed simultaneously. They crossed glances, and Milka threw at her friend. It is easily poured a girl on his back and began to cover the face with kisses Alice, while moving her hips between her legs, as do the men. Her pubis decorated her short Trimmed rubbed on the clean-shaven pubis his mistress, and Alice began to flow.
Instinctively, she spread her legs as far as it allowed the stretching and arched, giving his whole body Mielke. A friend is more accelerated movement of his hips and rubbed furiously on the labia Alice, raising it to the peak of bliss.
Groan announced that she came, but did not want to stop, press down on the shoulders of a friend. Mila understood the silent desire and slid down, stuck to ALISIN crotch. Her skillful lips easily drawn into a portion of the flesh of a girl and a nimble tongue was raging inside the guest body like a flame. He then rushed into her bowels, then began to play with a small hump clitoris.
Alice made her friend off for a moment and touched his fingers wet with saliva and juice labia. She spread them apart and sank into himself. Her hand in the blink of an eye became wet and girl smearing this moisture your nipples began to pinch them. Milka smiled slyly and sank just three fingers into the vagina girlfriend, causing her to lift a basin above the sofa. And as soon as it has achieved the desired, her tongue ran to the hole anus. Lisa moaned again. Her body have not received such a skillful caresses and now she felt the approach of the second orgasm.
Meanwhile, Milka, pretty fool slaver entrance to the rectum, has launched to the middle finger and began to diligently move his hands, simulating friction. Alice in response breathed heavily. Her body shook from self intrusions into her, but it was not enough, and then stuck to the clitoris Milka girl, little bit of it. Alice huddled unconscious orgasm.
- What you are today is juicy - commented Milka - but it is necessary to have a conscience, and I also want!
Alice replied, a slight smile, trying to catch his breath.
But it did not take long, and so she got up on her friend, and she slowly, as if reluctantly parted legs. Alice got on all fours and, helping himself to her fingers began to play with a friend mokrenkaya sponges. She knew that the real pleasure Milka gets only from light and delicate touch. Her tongue skillfully collecting moisture, no longer understand someone.
- Decayed back ... - Milka asked and gasped from a sharp pleasant sensation. Alice bit her clit girlfriend and bent, when her hips lay two hands. They impacted her ass, and hot head of the penis pressed on the vaginal entrance.
Lisa ... wanted to scream, but Milka anticipating it, pressed her head to his crotch and filled her open mouth girlfriend. Member easily entered into the wet girl and began to scurry along the vagina, it is easy to fill. Long and thick, he bored a Woman, reaching most secret depths of her body. The most the girl seemed to be a couple of hits, and he will come out of her throat, and its length would be enough, that would be good fuck Milka. But pubis men clung to her buttocks, and she felt his scrotum touched the place where her clitoris was. She tried to get used to the feeling of the giant within you, and perhaps she would have got it, but the guy almost pulled out of it a member, and then drove back to its full length. Alice darkened eyes.
His hands were tightly clenched pelvis girl, not allowing it to move, and the term has continued its movement. He quickly slipped inside it is almost leaving her body, then re-filling it up to the uterus. He shakes the deep blows Alice felt Milka demanding presses her head to her labia. She began to lick her friend, periodically whether the moaning, or whining.
Wide palm Man with a distinctive slap landed on his right buttock and the girl almost immediately Alice felt frantically contracting vagina girlfriend start to expire juice into her mouth. Milkin legs tightly squeezed Alice's head, and his hands going into her face in the crotch, do not stop calling. However, Alice was not going to do that. He was happy to drink a drop of orgasm of his mistress.
Girl for the first time having sex because the three of us and tried to remember every moment of unusual sexual intercourse, every sensation that appears in her body. She felt the growing warmth in the place to which man recently slapped her. Amazing taste Milkin discharge reigned in his mouth. And this idyll lasted if ...
Member left her body, and now crawl on the crotch, spreading labia apart. Alice even more excited by his unexpected gentle touch and bent as she could, putting your body pleasant caresses. Her hole oozing juice and was now at the mercy of a Man. He easily gathered moisture on the penis and ...
Alice felt a huge cock ran into her ass hole. She clenched her muscles with all the force he could muster her sphincter, but wet and slippery ring muscles could not hold pressure. Member penetrated into it, overcoming resistance.
- What you need - the first time ever the voice sounded pleased Man - but you'd better relax, and that's going to hurt ...
She wanted to send him to escape from the monster, but in addition to her tenacious male fingers holding and Milka, with all his weight. After all, her legs continued to compress the head of a girl who just moaned. It was very painful, Alice thought that now her ass just burst. And then she decided that the pain should be reduced, if it is to relax and allow the member to get inside. So she did.
Milka same understanding suffering girlfriend, let her head and fell on top of her, hugged his arms around the waist. Her fingers slid between his mistress and began to caress the legs Alice, who has ceased to resist. More Minute girl suffered from torn her feelings, but the pain has merged with the unexpected pleasure which gave her fingers and her own friends. And then…
She did not even imagine that such things happen, what could happen to her, that all those orgasms that she had earlier had an orgasm. This new explosion had just insane strength. It lasted interminably long, and when it was over, Alice is so exhausted that almost could not move.
- Well, how - Milka asked, looking up from ALISIN ass that lick before.
On her lips flowed the sperm guy.
- Deep ... so deep - Alice whispered thickly - and so divine ..., - she added after a pause, and then felt a girlfriend clung to her.
Alice turned slightly and kissed him on the lips Mila, but the forces have not remained, and she fell into a sweet slumber.