Hedgehog dusk, in the clinic is almost nobody left, and I was going to go home. Suddenly the door opened. When I turned around, I saw our chief physician. He entered and closed the door with a key.
- What are you doing?
He did not answer, she came to me and took my hand.
- I've been watching you. Since you moved up in our clinic. I really like you. Day and night I think only of you. I know that we can not be with each other, but at least Give me this time.
With one hand he put his arm around my waist and the other hand stroked my cheek. I wanted to protest, but the surprise of what is happening, I could not find the words. Taking advantage of my confusion, he bent down and kissed me on the lips. Something trembled in me. I was already married and realized the absurdity of the situation, but not prevented. Vyacheslav Anatolievich I know only from the good side. He was a good family man and very responsible. In the women's team to all our peasants wash up bones, but did not say anything about it such. In spite of his high-ranking position, between us, we all called him glory. He was 28 years old.
He put his hand under my hair, took her neck and began to gently massage. For me a pleasant ride the waves of pleasure. Apparently I rolled my eyes from the pleasure and glory of this notice. He pressed his lips to me. He had a soft, moist lips. It was a feeling that his lips were completely absorbed my. Tip of the tongue he touched my lips. His right hand, he put me on the buttocks. Through the thin material of his robe, I felt what his hot hands. I've already missed the time and now she could not stop. All my insides burned with fire, and told only one thing - take me, I'm yours. He unbuttoned my coat out of which he has opened my lacy outfit.
- You are adorable! - He said, and touched my breasts.
My nipples are already standing even more tense. Not undoing her bra he freed my breasts that he immediately embraced his hands. It was so nice. Poslyunyavil thumb and index finger of his right hand he took my nipple. I can not describe the bliss that came over me. He tugged at it, twisting, delayed not stop kissing me on the neck. I began podkashivatsya legs when he was biting my neck, sending shivers all over my body. He turned me over his back and put it on a high couch. I did not know what it can be to wait, I have never had anal sex and so I was scared. But he knelt and kissed my cheeks, holding my hands. Then he pulled my wet thong aside, without removing them, and douse my pussy hot breath. Because I broke groan. His hot breath makes me hitherto unprecedented bliss. Pridvinuvshis, close to my pussy, he began to drive his tongue up and down, licking her with all, what my soaked panties. Pushing hands widened my buttocks, he began to involve itself in my lips and played with them plunging his tongue. I were tears of happiness. I have not held back from me rend scream.
Then he switched to my clit and did the same. I could no longer say anything, and just lying lips and clenched teeth. his language did all sorts of shapes around my clitoris causing shivers in me. He had a large hooked nose, and when he caressed my clitoris lips, his nose with his breath tickled my lips. It was delicious. I could not hold back any longer and sticking his ass in a hint of glory for the continuation. But it was not there. He slowly began to introduce his fingers into the vagina to me. First one, then just three. I found all of my G-spot and began to massage her all the more pressing to the pubic bone. I oozed like a fountain with its chaotic movements of the fingers inside me. Accompanying all this smacking sounds made by my vagina, I was brought to the madness. Then Slava began cranking out their fingers inside me. I took a breath and involuntarily began to push. My vagina and decreased by an even greater friction ...
The explosion that I experienced is impossible to describe in words. Daylights, dizziness and lack of air in the lungs. Well, I was lying on the couch. Juices, istorgshiesya of me seemed pushed Slavin hand from me. Finally, I catch my breath and turned over on his back. I would like to thank this person for, for all this. His pants could not hide what lay behind them. I knelt down and rubbed his groin. His beat shiver. Unbuttoned his pants tight swimming trunks broke OH. It was a handsome fifteen centimeters tall unspoiled circumcision. Vienna around his trunk convulsively twitching in rhythm with him. It was a fascinating spectacle. I gently put her arms around his hand and began to draw off the skin from the head. It was revealed slowly, as if reluctantly, exposing my eyes my head all covered with the released grease. I gently licked the tip of the head so as to lick a drop of jam from the corner of his mouth. Glory groaned. Then I folded bow lips and pulled it as tight-fitting underwear on the head of his penis. I felt a twitch veins in my mouth. Hand I took up the very foundation member, and began to produce his mouth in parts, not though. On the head, I stopped and began to play language. I drove them in a clockwise and counter-clockwise. Tickle the small hole in the head. Hand I took his balls and toyed with their rolling without forgetting traversed tongue along the barrel. Then I felt like it fell on the eve of the eruption of the scrotum. I grabbed the penis and began to make the longitudinal motion of substituting his mouth under his head. Substituting bridle under the tongue as if I made a bridge on which will drain the sperm. But what happened was far from my idea. The first flow of sperm hit me right in the throat, the second hit me on the cheek, the third eye, and then she ran down the language to me. It was hot and tastes tart, but pleasant. I licked and sucked all of the head, and then with itself.
His cock began to fall and twitch from the blood flow. Glory does not stand on his feet, he leaned on the couch. The absence of his sighs with all this could be explained only by the fact that he had filched breath. From all this, I started up again and finally took off his shirt. Now I clung to his chest and began to nibble his nipples. He could not speak with emotion. He took my hair in his hands and tugged them. I, meanwhile, went down lower and lower to the groin where I was in for a surprise in the form of rising handsome to me to a meeting. Again he was ready to fight. But now the glory did not give him to play. He got up from the couch and put me on the stomach. I was waiting for the continuation of sticking out the ass. He gently parted the buttocks and began to strike his handsome to me. The heat emanating from it stirred up my whole body. Finally, his head came in contact with my lips and began to slowly enter me. The feeling that I came through and fills it was indescribable. His head is pulled right up to the neck and stopped there. He began flowing movements back and forth, and I began to moan. All this he reinforced the fact that with one hand took me by the chest and the other reached for the pubic area. And all this he caressed. I had a feeling that he's around me and within me. He quickened his pace so that his cock flew and flew out of me like a piston in a cylinder at high revs. So that his cock was beating me in the neck. I screamed.
He stopped and brought out my dick, with smacking sound, and flipped me on my back. Now I could see with my own eyes. He sent his cock hand to me in the vagina because it is too high up on the ... Bullies voltage. When introduced, the member began to rub against the pubic bone from the inside, you enter me into unconsciousness. Glory took my feet in his hands and pulled his groin, so that when it moves his testicles began to beat on me. I have not held back and screaming in what was urine. And then he gave me all the things that held so far. Our moan merged into one. He collapsed panting on me. Remembering that time, I still run shivers with excitement.